Quit thinking that the way to get to your next level is to take the you out of your business, your strategy, your structure, fuck, I dunno, your life.

Who on earth came up with this idea?! This crazy ass idea which we all seem to fall into from time to time, almost like some kind of circular rite of passage which is never fully done.

That the way to create a deeper or more effective strategy is to clean yo’self up, polish that bitch real nice, pretty her up and put a fakey-fake smile on her face.

Why not just go all in, and wax doll TF outta your ass and then just stand the freakshow in front of a camera with a hole cut out of its back and a puppet moving its arms and legs?!

(That’d be kind of cool tho)

The whole thing makes no sense.

At what point did it became the ‘rule’ that if we want to:

Grow our soulmate audience

Increase revenue

Build automated systems that are win / win for us and our peeps

Create a new project or vision we’ve been sitting on for a while

– we should trick ourselves up into something we’re not naturally!

“I just need to be a bit more structured.”

“I just need to be a bit more professional.”

“I need to get my point across better.”

“I’m not sure people really know what I do.”


All great intentions or questions, IF they are aligned. Nothing wrong with wanting whatever it is you want!

But DO you want it?

And – do you actually think, in your tiny little beautiful head, do you ACTUALLY think, that it is remotely logical that the way to create more of what you desire and are here for, or to do so in some sort of bigger / better / bolder / more badass way, is to be less you and more of what is, well, not you!

Do you?

That is some next level illogical bullshit.

Don’t worry, I’ve gone down the exact same path, and so have all of my highest earning and most successful clients. Like I said – it’s a rite of passage perhaps.

But in the end, here’s the thing –

You ALWAYS come back to just being you.

Like I said to a client this morning – “you are the gateway!”. The way to have more of what you want is to say yes to what’s IN you, what you wish for and long for, even if it feels counterproductive or as though it is going to in some way fuck your shit up as far as growth and money-makin’.

Especially then.

Because? YOU ARE THE MOFO GATEWAY. Going into what you LONG for, whilst simultaneously making choices (‘tethering in’) what you CHOOSE, and then handing it over and TRUSTING your soul-led actions will get you there, is, well, what’s gonna get you there!

Just stick with that soul-led, yeah?

As I then said to another client afterwards (so funny how these conversations always come in little waves)) –

“Quit thinking of ways to take you out of your magic”.

Now I do NOT mean by that that you should always be havin’ to front up and perform like a dancing monkey, as I’ve often written about; on and off for years! Because we all accidentally start doing THAT sometimes. No no, you get to have automation and structure and systems and whatnot, and you do not have to put pressure on yourself to perform and be you! See yesterday’s blog on exactly that.


The thing that got you here is precisely what’ll get you there. That, plus just deciding bigger and with greater certainty. That, plus perhaps just handing over the bits you definitely want done but don’t wanna do!

Even when it comes to outsourcing systems and structure and the ‘organised bits’ and so on though – don’t take the you out of it!

Give your team the tools that reflect you ONLY being you, and allow them to utilise any other aligned tools, but don’t feel you have to reflect whatever tools are ‘approved’ in your industry or space!

You do not.

And in fact it’s foolhardy to do so.

The thing is – when you speak from your soul, or just ‘do you’, the REAL you of that actual moment, not the you who you decided you should be, then it goes INTO the souls of your ideal client.

Try and add to that shit or trick it up or make it more structured or tangible or whatever?

You kill the vibe baby.

And now your true peeps can’t understand it on the energetic level they need to, and they may not even NOTICE you.

But I bet you’ll draw in a higgledy piggledy mess of other peeps who buy your stuff, some of whom are not bad and others who make you want to claw your eyes out with an environmentally friendly straw!

So, that’s a plus.

Or, basically just what everyone thinks is normal.

Which is always well within your rights to choose.


Whatchu wanna choose?