Do you want to know why you seem to keep reinventing the wheel, and you can’t manage to just settle down and improve what you’ve already done?

It’s to do with the fact that progress, and growth, for you, is not about defining a container.

It’s not about then scaling that container. Locking in ideas, or things, and making that you, or even your thing. At least not if it requires any part of YOUR spirit ongoing, for it to scale.

You will outgrow every club you ever make. You will tire of every movement you ever create a container around. You will become bored with every mission or purpose statement you form. You will move on from ALL of it, discard it like dead skin cells and wonder why you would ever have thought you would want to stick with THAT.

You will NEVER outgrow the work.

You will never ever outgrow the WORK. The message which was NOT DESIGNED TO BE CONTAINED. You know this. So why do you continue to try and contain it? And why do you start convincing yourself (again!) that the answer to all your woes and ‘not there yet’s’ is to decide a STRUCTURE or a THING or a MOVEMENT or a MISSION or an OFFER or a DEFINITION,

that you can then lean on and relax into and ground with, and finally feel you are free to BE, now that you got THAT figured out,


When the only thing you will ever be able to lean on and relax into and ground with –

is that you decided that from here on out you are now simply free to be,

with what IS.

Yes. I know that to do so is scary. Annoying, even! Frustrating in that it means you are committing to a journey, a lifetime, of continual adjustment. Continual ebbs and flows. Continual need to be in discernment about what is, in order to then be with it! But honestly –


I think not.

I think –

you have taken what would actually be your most natural and GENUINELY relaxed and free state,

and you’ve put IT into a container, a container of being ‘too hard work’. Too much to think about, to have to ‘get it right’ for the entire rest of your life! Exhausting!

So you’ve told yourself you just need to figure out ‘the’ offer. ‘The’ wording. ‘The’ vision. ‘The’ movement. ‘The’ wording. ‘The’ thing you will be known for or be. But all of THIS is the thing you will never get right! Because it is only ever right WHEN it is right. And then.you.grow.

The thing you can’t outgrow is you just being you, and whatever that means in the now.

Quick thing about the now??

It’s right here. Stop trying to be somewhere else. And stop trying to contain this moment so you don’t have to live the next.