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YOU Are a Very Wealthy Woman

You are a very

I truly believe that the fastest way to reach any goal – regardless of how complex, difficult or even ‘impossible’ to achieve it may seem – is to create an intention and an expectation that it will be yours.

In the world of online business, indeed the world of business in general, the focus is very much on DOING.

You switch on your computer to work for the day, or you head to your office, and your primary thoughts are all about the tasks that must be DONE. There are sales pages to write, programs to create, services to deliver, marketing to fine-tune, advertising to tweak, social media pages to keep up with, email to be answered, the list goes on and on and on.

And through it all, or I suppose I should say underNEATH it all, there lies the founding assumption on which all of this doing is based –

“The more I do, the more successful I must surely become.”

This alone is bad enough (and we’ll talk about why!), but then comes the belief under that, the one that keeps you forEVER doing even when you THOUGHT you should surely be done –

“I just have to find the right way”.

And like the good student you are, you continue to seek, you continue to learn, you model from the best, you dot all of your ‘i’s’ and you damn sure cross all of your ‘t’s’, and you check off EVERY little detail as you go and you get the job DONE.

And the outcome, for the VERY most part, is simple –

It doesn’t fucking work.

This is in equal parts infuriating and, I’ve found, after coming to the beliefs that I’m sharing with you in post, somewhat satisfying.

Think about it –

Do you REALLY want to succeed by following someone ELSE’S rules for how things must be done? In business OR in life? Even if you kind of LIKE the rules, it’s still that whole process of having to check IN, having to follow a LIST or a PLAN, having to adhere to SHOULDS, and therefore, by definition, having to move AWAY from your intuition and natural leanings.

And the more that you continue to choose the belief that success is about finding the right SYSTEM, the further you move away from the truths you feel deep within you. And the more you refuse to LISTEN to what your heart and soul is telling you, the harder it becomes to hear, or trust.

In short: you stop believing in magic, and you stop believing in YOU.

You assume that others know best, that there IS a process that must be followed, that you can’t just do what you want or what FEELS right.

And where perhaps once upon a time you FELT your way into your decisions, and you did what you knew you were CALLED to do even if on the surface it seemed scary or downright foolish, you now WORRY your way into your decisions. You make choices based on OTHER people’s choices, and based on the assumption that if I do it this way then it HAS to work, because LOOK! – it’s working for THEM and THEY SAID SO!

And then when it DOESN’T work, well at first you assume you didn’t do it right or that perhaps you just chose the wrong PATH, and so you go out and you try again.

Dot your i’s.

And cross your t’s.

And when it STILL doesn’t work, again, and again, and again, at some point, eventually and inevitably, you realise –

The problem must be you.

The problem, of course, is NEVER you per SE, although it certainly can be the BELIEFS you have chosen.

The problem, quite obviously, is that you are seeking external information for an outcome that must be created based on internal choice, and knowing.

YOU are a VERY wealthy woman.

Take this statement. There are several ways you can react to it –

1. That’s not true, as IF I am wealthy! I have debt and I make bad choices, and I can NEVER seem to get ahead!

This would be the standard reaction for many people. Suffice to say it is NOT a particularly self-serving response!

2. Yes! I AM a very wealthy woman.

If that’s your response, then you either ARE already ‘tangibly’ wealthy or you very soon will be. (In whatever form YOU choose to define wealthy).

3. Well, I don’t FEEL wealthy, but I believe I can and WILL be, and I’m going to GET there!

This is a better response than the first one, but it’s a belief that still reflects the fact that you don’t feel wealthy NOW and that wealth is in the future for you. The “I’m going to get there!” approach to goal attainment means that the goal generally REMAINS there. Which is to say, not here.

4. I don’t feel I AM yet wealthy, but I understand the power of my thoughts and so I am going to start AFFIRMING I am wealthy and choosing to BELIEVE it even though I do NOT yet believe! I’m going to do it daily and over and over and OVER again because I AM a wealthy woman.

And yes – you ARE a very wealthy woman.

YOU are a very wealthy woman.

You are a VERY wealthy woman.

You are a very WEALTHY woman!




It’s easy to mock this sort of approach, easy if you haven’t in fact TRIED it. And when I say tried it? I’m talking DAILY and WHOLEHEARTEDLY for at least 60 days. If you’ve done THAT – and it’s a lot harder to do than people might think – then there sure won’t be any mockery going on!

It’s easy to question the naivity behind simply ‘affirming’ your succcess and believing it can be so.

“You still have to take action!”, you might think. “That is where results are made!”

a) No, results start in the mind and the mind creates what happens OUTSIDE the mind, and

b) You WILL still take action anyway, that’s a given, and it reflects the fact that if – when! – you believe you are truly wealthy you will naturally have ACCOMPANYING beliefs about how you created such wealth. And you will find yourself taking the actions to FULFILL those beliefs.

So you can focus your energy and emotion and time and money on the ACTIONS you must take, if you like, but isn’t that what you’ve been doing anyway?

And how’d it work out for you so far?

The FASTEST way to get to your goal – any goal – is to decide you are already THERE. To continually SEE yourself there, in your mind’s eye. To regularly AFFIRM that you are there. To choose and then PRACTICE beliefs that REaffirm you are there, even if you don’t believe them yet and certainly if you don’t feel like it.

The person who sees herself as fit, lean, a machine, and refuses to see herself otherwise, well – she sooner or later becomes that person.

The person who believes she is a great mother, tends to take actions to affirm that, and so it becomes true.

The person who believes she is deserving of great and deep love, and won’t accept ANYTHING less, holds her relationships to a standard of excellence, why – excellence is hers.

And the person who believes she is wealthy – TRULY wealthy, in all senses of the word that matter to her, and BEYOND measure, and simply flat out WON’T accept any other reality, well –

SHE is a very wealthy woman.

[pq] You create your reality gorgeous. [/pq]

You get EXACTLY what you expect to get, and precisely what you intend.

So if you don’t have what you want, the answer is simple-

You can continue to worry about what you need to DO, and continue to effectively beat your head against the wall.

Or you can start worrying about who you need to be, and decide to be that person NOW.

It’s your choice. Always, your choice.


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