Success/Success Mindset


You’re a person who always gets what she wants, that’s just how it is and how it’s always been, the idea of even discussing another option is ludicrous.


HELL to the yes.

You lock your sights on something.

You decide it’s done.

You BECOME the missile, activated.

And so it is!

This is how it’s always been how it always WILL be the only way it ever COULD be, Amen.

So why are we talking about it then? If we’ve both just agreed it’s not even a conversation?

And the answer of course is simple, obvious, and I hope painful enough for you to open your eyes back to TRUTH and do something about.

There are things right now which you want, and you don’t have.

There are things right now which you long for, and don’t have.

There are things right now which you know are ‘for you’, and yet you don’t have.

There are things right now which you pore over,

make lists or plans about,

dig in to do the research around, to figure out,

happily (or grudgingly and fearfully, as the case may be!) pay others for the expertise around,


In some cases, these things have been dreams, wishes, hopes, ‘one day’ fantasies, for YEARS. And you still.don’t.have.

The reality of this, in light of the reality of who you are and ‘how life just works’, is well –

either embarrassing,

or just plain bad math,

or both.

Look me in the eye and tell me how it is possible that you are a person who ‘always gets what she wants’, whilst simultaneously being a person who does not have what she wants!

Look yourself in the eye, and say the same.

I’m not coming along here today to try and make you feel bad. To judge you for somehow not being ‘all in’ on what’s inside of you. Or to question whether you are in fact the badass who you purport to be.

I KNOW that you are, and I’ve never questioned it. Just as I’ve never questioned that part of me either, and yet I, like you, have experienced exactly the same shit I just outlined!

Wanting, but not having.

Dreaming, but not having.

Working towards – but not having.

Frustrated and OVER – but not having!

Here’s what is true for me now. I learned, not necessarily to always be the person who instantly ‘has’, but instead to be the person who understands the dance.

Who sees it all for what it is.

Who steps back from the messy core of the matter, if a thing is not appearing in my life but yet is asking energy and time and focus and bits of my soul, and who looks at the situation for what it is.

And what it is is this:

Firstly, how to know that the ‘thing’ you dream of and wait for and work for and tear your hair out over is ACTUALLY for you?

It hasn’t gone away.

It alternately haunts and excites you.

You obsess over it or manage for a period to distract yourself from it.


So … maybe just get over the whole back and forth ‘maybe I don’t actually want this and that’s the problem!’ thing.

You want it.

Deal with it!

Secondly –

if you know you are a person who always gets what she wants, and you don’t have what you want …

some part of you believes that achieving your dream will cost you something that you don’t want to give.

Your beliefs around ‘what it takes’, don’t match ‘what you’re willing to do’.

Let me be absolutely clear:

This is not an issue of your willpower. Discipline. Willingness to ‘do the work’. Etc.

This is an alignment issue, plain and simple.

a) you get to do ALL of the ‘do’ in a way that is aligned for you. This is true for every outcome you can possibly imagine, plus the ones which are for you that you’ve not yet imagined. There is ZERO reality in which bringing your vision to life requires you to be something you’re not.

b) if you can’t see your way clear to do that for the thing-you-want-but-endlessly-don’t-have, it means exactly that. You can’t see it. It does not mean it doesn’t exist!

c) the more you are adamant that you can’tttttttttt, it’s too harddddddd, it requires you to do shit you don’t wanna do and in a way that doesn’t suit you, guess what? The more you are simply locked in a belief system that does not serve you! Possibly never has! Definitely does not NOW.

Ergo –

Your beliefs are cock-blocking your outcomes.

So, what to do?

Duh. Hasn’t that been obvious since the first line?

Change your mother-freakin’ beliefs. Change your life.

Based on personal experience,

I recommend it highly.