If you’re not doing what you’re meant to be doing with your days you’re going to be exhausted, drained of energy in every way, and struggle to motivate yourself to even start.

Every day will become a furthering of a cycle in which once again you are NOT the person, you do NOT do the damn thing, you FAIL to press play on what’s inside of you, you FIGHT endlessly against the part of you that tells you to just do SOMETHING, because deep down?

You know that it’s only about ONE thing. THE thing. The thing which, if you would give yourself over to it day,

after day,
after day,

would not only take you with certainty in the ABSOLUTE direction of your dreams, but would also fuel you from within in a way that all the caffeine in the world can’t manage.

You are DESIGNED to stoke the fire that exists within you. This is literally what you came here to do! This is the ACTUAL secret of life, and in many ways – the only one, because everything you value, everything you’re here to create, everything you’re here to impact or serve with, to lead or be led by, everything everything ALL of it works best flows best IS best when it is with that fire lit.

This means:

If you know you’re meant to write, then WRITE. Write first, write always, write before everything else, write the thing you are writing, write until the writing is extinguished from your soul for that period, and then when the fire starts burning again WRITE AGAIN. Your obsession is a good thing. FEED it.

And if you know you’re meant to speak, heal and lead and move people with your words, then by God woman, do it. Pour forth a never-ending torrent as though your life depended upon it, and also the lives of those meant to hear and receive, because IT DOES AND THEY DO. Your need to unleash is a good thing. FEED it.

And if you know you are meant to go to war, to fight and kill and bleed and sweat and never.say.die. until your mission is complete, for a day or for a lifetime, then DO NOT WAIT AND DO NOT DELAY. Go to war and do not return until you’ve won your prey. Your need to not stop until you are done is a good thing. FEED it.

And if you know you are meant to stand for a way of living, a way of building community, or a country, or a culture, or a relationship, or a family, or a life, which is absolutely against the grain and absolutely in the impossible or not appropriate basket for most people and absolutely MANIACAL in the sense of ‘who the fuck expects that’ but yet YOU do, then STAND FOR IT STAND FOR IT STAND FOR IT AND NEVER BOW. Your insistence on living for what’s inside of you is a good thing. FEED it.

And if you know you are meant to be free. To follow what is inside of you and COMPLETE.THE.QUEST, then know this:

Your desire to be free and to live life on your terms is your birthright. FEED IT.

And refuse to fucking adapt for anything.

This is YOUR world. YOU run this thing. YOU being steadfast in who and what you are and what you require is a good thing. FEED IT LIKE THE KING | QUEEN | WARRIOR YOU ARE, and most of all TRUST –

that this is good.

And know,

that it is.