Your only job. Ever.

All I REALLY ever wanted to do

For as long back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was inspire, motivate, educate and empower driven women like myself to do the damn thing of saying YES to the life they really wanted.

I remember writing this exact statement over and over and over again in my journal. Well, this exact one –

“All I ever want to do is write and speak and inspire, motivate, educate and empower driven badass women! Oh, and hang out with them online and in person!”

The Katrina Ruth ShowI must have written that 1000 or more times.

And I could never seem to get any clearer than that, you know? I tried! One of my coaches back in the day asked me to do some sort of clarity exercise to get ‘really’ specific on the exact work I wanted to do, what I wanted to sell and how, and after AGES trying to come up with something ‘more’ … I just kind of burst.

“But all I REALLY want to do is … !” (fill in the rest). I’d written out a bunch of other words that went with it, things I wanted my work to be about or touch on. Like values, alignment, passion, purpose, flow, fun, excitement, destiny, and so on.

I was proud of what I had to show my coach. I was CERTAIN. But I was also apprehensive. Was this enough? COULD I really do that? Was it allowed?!

Short answer, no. No it was not apparently. Not ENOUGH, not tangible enough, not specific enough, not clear enough. Not saleable enough. “You have to be delivering a definite OUTCOME”.

I’d heard this so many times in different ways, from so many people. And I would always think – but, isn’t it obvious? The outcome is the shift, the way it changes who someone is which then changes their life. And allows them to create ANYTHING! I mean … DUH. Right?!

Apparently – no. Not right!

I felt annoyed, and baffled, honestly. Was I the only person who could see that EVERYTHING hinged on training or unlocking the secrets of your mind, soul, psyche, and so on? Really?!

Fast forward. It took me a few years back and forth to really own that I did get to be everything I knew I came here to be, and ONLY THAT. Sometimes I think I am still learning how to own it! Maybe the work will never be done 😉

But eventually, I came to a realisation, both with that coach and every other person who had popped up to tell me why I couldn’t make money following my dreams, or by putting purpose first. And the realisation was this:

I don’t think YOU know better than me after all. No matter your ‘level’ or pedigree as a coach or businessperson … I don’t think YOU know better than ME, about what is right for me.

Do you wanna just take a moment with me and breathe that statement IN? YOU BITCHES DON’T KNOW BETTER THAN ME AFTER ALL! ABOUT WHAT IS RIGHT FOR ME!

NOBODY knows better than you. So stop giving your power to ANYBODY who tells you what you ‘have’ to do. People can share with you their opinion. Their experience. The way THEY see it. And probably should do so, if you paid ’em for that. But that does not make them the authority of what is best for YOUR life. And sometimes … you have to put your hand up and CONSCIOUSLY choose to opt out of what others are saying is best, because frankly that shit is fucking with you. AND it’s WRONG for YOU! How do you know that for sure? Simple, because you’re not lit up excited and fuck yes about it. And that is all you need to know.

Which brings us to this: what ARE you lit up excited and fuck yes about? What do you ‘just wanna write and speak about’ forever? Or, whatever your version of that is.

Fast forward again. Every day. Like EVERY single day. I have people message me. Or comment. Or email. And tell me they’re going through my old courses again. Or loving my new current one so much. Or whatever. And that JUST BEING IN MY SPACE HAS SHIFTED THEM. Helped them to be more of them.

It took me ages to realise – it doesn’t matter what the course is. The focus. The title. Some sold more than others, whatever. They all just mesh together in the end, and what most blew apart one person is completely different than another. I just kept creating. Did I make hundreds of courses, and continue to do so, because that’s the key to making multiple 8-figures online? Shouldn’t I be done now and just sell the ones I already made in the past?

But why would I do THAT. And nup, not the key. You know what was, and is?

All I ever wanted to do was write and speak and inspire, motivate, educate and empower badass driven women to say yes to the life they wanted and to who they were meant to be, and then to hang out with ’em on or offline.

So I just did that.

What I said and when I said it or how I sold it or what it WAS,

never mattered. Does not matter. My only job, ever?

Write. Speak. Repeat.

And you?