6 and 7 Figure Women Reveal: What It Took to Start Making the Big Bucks!

How do you feel about your ability to make a lot of money in your business?

Be honest now – what’s your immediate response to that question? I want you to write down whatever just jumped into your mind, no matter how random it may be; no matter how much you’d rather NOT feel that way.

Let’s take it a step further (and this is where it gets REALLY confronting!) – how do you feel about your ability to make a lot of money effortlessly AND by doing what you love?

Getting a little squirmy there?

I totally understand 🙂

For years – in fact until very recently – I truly believed that making money – any money! – had to be incredibly hard work. And really, I was fine with that. I grew up watching my father work into the night day after day, often traveling or working on weekends, and very successful at what he did.

Hard work + relentlessness = success + money right? It never even occurred to me that there could be another way. But at the same it never occured to me that it might be possible to put IN that time and effort and NOT get a result.

So you can imagine how bloody ripped off I felt when after several years of diligently working on my online business and creating a massive result of $3800! Total, not per month!

Fast forward to now (roughly 3 years after that ‘when is it ever going to happen for MEEEEEE’ time in my life) and I’m blessed to be creating over 50k per month in online income, entirely from doing what I love. You can read about exactly how I got to that point over here in my business story series)

I’m very blessed. And of course the detailed story of how I got to that point is quite a long one.

But details aside, the truth is that for each of us who are now living a life we once thought too good to be true, there was at some point a turning point, a moment of clarity, a realisation that THIS was the key. Funny thing about that – the key to success is different for each and every one of us. Which makes it kind of tough to try and figure it out just by listening to one or even a handful of success stories.

But what if you were able to talk privately with not one, not three but a whole bunch of incredible and fearless wealthy women about exactly what it took for them to start making the big bucks after sometimes years of struggle and hard work.

What if I were to tell you that those women were one day in exactly the same place that you are now, wondering if they were EVER going to get there, and that not only did they get there (and then some!) but that they’re now willing to share exactly what it took with YOU?!

I can’t quite give you these amazing female entrepreneurs in person but I can sure do the next best thing – and that’s exactly why I’ve invited the most successful, inspiring, wealthy and soul-based women I know to be here today. Read their stories and be inspired, motivated, educated and empowered to know that you too can reach for the stars – and actually get there!

Denise Duffield-Thomas

deniseMoney only started flowing when I really examined and released my money blocks. I had always worked hard and read tons of personal development books – but I just couldn’t make money. A six-figure income felt like it was for “someone else”, someone “perfect”, unlike me.

I’ve since realised that income has very little to do with ambition or talent. You don’t have to have the prettiest branding or a perfect website (don’t believe me – check out some of the most financially successful entrepreneurs -some of their branding is downright UGLY)

If you’re blocked about money, you can hustle like a hamster in a cage but it will always feel hard. Work on releasing your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and negative experiences with money and you’ll start to see your talents rewarded financially. And that’s the best feeling EVER.

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a money mentor and author of “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life”.

Leonie Dawson

leonieThe most important thing in my business success is knowing that I can create a business on my own terms, in my own way. For me personally, I want to help as many people as possible WITHOUT losing out on time with my family… so I’ve created a high six figure business that sings to my heart and only takes a couple hours a day or less to manage.

Being in business has honestly been the most spiritual journey of my life. I never thought I could do this – I always just wanted to live a soulful, creative life and share my gifts. I discovered along the way that business success and following your soul purpose aren’t mutually exclusive at all.

My mantra is: MAXIMUM IMPACT, MINIMUM EFFORT. How can I help the most amount of people possible in the least amount of time? When you become so focussed on that, everything changes. It’s powerful, and it’s profitable. You become prolific, and the impact you have on the world can be profound.

– Leonie Dawson is a soul-centered biz + life mentor, and the creator of the Amazing Biz and Life Academy.


Belinda Jackson

BelindaJ-257-257I’d been in business about 18 months when I came up against a choice. With a 4 month old baby, a mortgage to pay, a growing business with a lot of potential, and a total unwillingness to hand my baby over to anyone, we had to make a bold decision. We decided that it was time for hubby to quit his job and create a lucrative lifestyle business.
In that bold move we let go of any back up plan. We decided it was make or break time for the business, and my ability to make the business uber profitable!  I HAD to make it work. The business HAD to be profitable and fund our family and lifestyle!
And I’m pleased to say that bold decision paid off and my biz has sustained our amazing life these past 8 years. Looking back I can see how that bold decision gave us both wobbly courage, but it was courage all the same. We were scared but we knew it could work. I’ve seen in my work with entrepreneurs that back up plans can often sabotage success. When you know you’ll be ok even if you don’t make it there is just not enough weight behind making a success of your dreams. I say, be BOLD and make it happen!
Belinda Jackson
Marketing Strategist, Business Coach and Guide to Entrepreneurs
Belinda is passionate about creating ripples of positive change globally. Combining marketing savvy, technology know-how and intuitive masterful coaching Belinda inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to share their big message and gifts with the world, create profitable businesses that serve many, and to lead awe inspiring lives.

Jenny Amon Fenig

jenny amon fenigThe first few years in my business I wasn’t running my business, it was running me! I had no team, no systems and not much consistent money flowing in. I went from a 6-figure corporate gal to a really frustrated entrepreneur. But as a mom to young children, I was determined NOT to go back to getting a J.O.B. I had to make my business work to achieve the freedom-based lifestyle I craved.

After the birth of my second son in 2011 and experiencing my lowest income year in my biz ($30,000), I got pissed, then I got serious and committed to breaking 6 figures in 2012. And I did. How did I do it? By adopting a CEO mindset, systematizing EVERYTHING possible, creating boundaries in my business, investing in team and high-level mentors, and making more and more valuable, high-ticket offers to my tribe and believing the right, ideal clients would step forward (they did). I also started truly embracing my brand and personality and what I lovingly call “flying my freak flag.”

One of my secrets is to ONLY work in my genius zones and delegate out the rest. It can be painful at first to hire (and pay for) team members and mentors, but it will be one of the best investments you can make in your business. You can’t grow by yourself. Dreams need teams.”

– Jenny Fenig is a marketing and soul coach and founder of the Business Adventure School.

Jennifer Longmore

Before I learned the in’s and out’s of making money online, I was exchanging time for dollars for quite a few years.  I was generating 6 figures, but….I was burnt out and knew that I had hit my glass ceiling as far as growth and income.  I knew in my bones that something had to change so that I could serve more people and get to the juicy projects that I’d always longed to do but couldn’t because I had no time.
Although I was concerned about potential fall out from my existing clients whom I adored, I knew I had to take the leap and do something radical in order to have the radical change I was longing for so that I could enjoy the time and financial freedom that I deserved.  So…..I tripled my rates, eliminated the “call me when you need me approach” and required people to enter into a 12month coaching contract with me in order to have private access, and created group programs for everyone else.
To my pleasant surprise, most people were longing for a more committed coaching relationship and I filled my private coaching practice (at the newer rate) with one email that yielded $400K in sales.  The remainder of my clients were thrilled with the group option and I yielded another $300K from filling those spots over a year.
Results?  More income and time freedom for me, along with more leverage and long term projects being completed, like spiritual retreats, books, etc.  And….happy clients that could choose the ‘home’ in my business that best suited their needs and their level of willingness to invest in themselves.
If I can do it, you can definitely create this for yourself too!-)

Jennifer Longmore, Forensic Investigator turned North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, is the internationally acclaimed host of “Soul Purpose Central,” 3-time best selling author, and creator of the popular Spiritual Leadership and Legacy Program and Heal Your Money Story Intensive. For over 15 years she has been helping people remember who they really are through over 20, 000 soul purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries.  To learn more, visit

Rebecca Hulse

croped versionBusiness is like life – If it feels heavy and contracted that choice is only going to lead to more heaviness and contraction. Business is allowed to be intuitive – choose what makes to you feel lightest. “Will this make me money?” light or heavy? It really can be that simple.

Rebecca Hulse is a Soul Cravings Expert, Speaker and Author of Love Me For Real: Self-Care You’ll Actually Do (and Want To). She helps the searchers find their unique soul cravings, blast heavy energetic limitations and create a life and business of joy at



Jessica Larsen

jessicaThree light-bulb moments that helped me start earning serious money online.

1. You are worth the money. Us ladies seem to struggle with this one more than men. At the start of my business, I would get so thrilled that I was connecting with such awesome, amazing women – many of whom became friends – that I felt bad charging them at all. Or I would charge ridiculously low rates because I felt bad for them. Cue resentment, resistance and a whole lotta icky feelings. Now I know that for me to do my best work, I need to feel valued. When I charge what I know I am worth, my output is increased, my sense of satisfaction is increased, and I feel much closer to working in my zone of genius. Working with a coach helped me a lot in this respect!
2. Saying no when my gut feels squeamish. Sometimes you can just tell that a client is going to be more trouble than they’re worth. Or you know in your heart that you don’t really believe in their project and they’d be better served elsewhere. Taking a stand and saying ‘no’ to a potential client is massively empowering, and has helped me to shape a business that I actually enjoy operating – the entire point of stepping out into the entrepreneurial world in the first place! Related: saying no when people ask you for favors. I’m absolutely all for giving to others generously and wholeheartedly, but balancing that with firm boundaries is also important. You’ve only got so much energy, make sure you use it wisely.
3. Request payment upfront. As a service provider, I used to think that the most ‘polite’ way to conduct my business was to do the work, and send it to my client with an invoice upon completion. Well, screw polite! While the vast majority of my clients are beautiful, amazing women who are prompt and generous, a few select souls have either been ridiculously tardy with payment or else short-changed me altogether. And you can never tell who it will be – a very Big and Important person once completely didn’t pay, despite being a spokesperson for ethical business practices! Now I request payment upfront, and am a whole lot happier for it.

Jessica Larsen is a recovering lawyer now happily working as a writer, editor and general wordsmith. You can find her laying down minty-fresh musings at Sparrow + Sea <> or else wrangling words into shape at Hello Wordsmith <>.

Maria Davis

MariaHeadShot-200x300Know your Why? and What is your message?  The more I became focussed on my “why” the easier it is to guide those who require guidance to your service.
Focus on the big picture, the why – why are you providing this service?   The when, how and what you have to do to get there will fall into place.  This has been a huge paradigm shift for me.  It is about the service and not the business.  How can I serve?  How do I get the message out?  How do I share my knowledge so people won’t have to be in pain?
Becoming clear about the message was foundational too.  It became very easy to share the message once I knew what it was.
Maria’s message is that everyone can Live Pain Free – sometimes bodies just need guidance.  My purpose is to guide people to live pain free in their bodies, whilst making the mind/body connection part of their everyday life.  Website

Nikki Elledge Brown

nikkiIf you want to turn your gifts into money, you’ve got to SHARE them. I know because in the first six months of my business, I worked with over 130 amazing entrepreneurs, generated almost $40,000 through one-on-one work, and (as a result) raised nearly $4,000 for Holden Uganda Foundation, my favorite non-profit on the block. None of that would’ve happened if I’d gotten stuck in the “wait…I need a real logo and a perfect website first!” trap.

Let’s break this into a ridiculously simple (Texas!) two-step process:

1. Know your value. I truly believe I was created to do this work. For the past 10 years I’ve loved studying, practicing, and teaching effective communication. As a result, my “work” feels like fun, and my clients and readers sense (and greatly appreciate!) that. You have something fun and valuable like that to offer. Get clear on it!

2. Share it. When I got my first 95 clients + 750ish subscribers, I didn’t even have a real website. Just a splash page with an opt-in box. What made the difference for me was knowing how to share my gifts with the right people in a smart, authentic way. My story proves that you don’t needto have all your ducks in a row. Once you’re clear on your value, your main job is to do a good job sharing it with the folks who need it most. (And if you’d like my help with that, click here!)

“The Communication Stylist” by day, proud military wife and toddler mom by night, Nikki Elledge Brown is a fun-loving communication expert who helps bright entrepreneurs attract their dream clients, one brilliant message at a time. 
Nikki created her free guide, The Conversational Copy Cheat Sheet, to help you write copy that sounds like YOU. Click to grab your free copy here!

Anthea Cahil

downloadMy site and my newsletters used to be all about the product.  Writing my newsletters felt icky. It was all buy, buy, buy, buy.  Then one day I came back from holidays in Bali and was inspired to write about my trip. I hit send and in that moment my business transformed. People replied instantly saying how much they loved my newsletter. No-one had ever replied before. Ever. Around the same time another friend was teasing me about my website.  “Hi Welcome to Chai Corp” Was how he described my tonne.
I joined the dots and decided to inject my personality into my brand. I created a facebook page where RealChai is a total reflection of me. All my newsletters are now personal updates and my website is now in my language and I share my story on it. I even put my story on our packaging now.
The result? I have developed a highly engaged, highly loyal audience. One newsletter per month is all I do online to generate a very tidy side income to supplement our offline business. That’s it. One newsletter. Seriously. And I LOVE writing these newsletters. They are from the heart. People feel it. I’m convinced they choose RealChai not just because it’s delicious but because they connect with me and what I stand for.  So in a nutshell, let your personality shine through every thing you do. People want a reason to choose you. Let ’em see you so they can.  The $$ will follow.
Anthea (aka the chai girl) is the founder of the much loved company RealChai.  RealChai was born in 2008 out of a desire to satisfy her own tastebuds but turned into something so much more, distributing nationally and internationally, with its first franchise up and running and two more in the pipeline.

Ellen Ercolini

Small_1732Everything changed for me and my business when I stopped trying to work with everyone.  My best tip is to get ruthlessly clear about what problem you solve, and what your solution is.  Once I, and all of my clients, stopped talking about how we can help our clients live inspired, empowered lives, and got really real about the results we were offering, as well as the real world tangible problems we solved, the money started flowing.

I feel like I used to resist being specific in how I change peoples lives, because I didn’t want to ‘loose a client’ or ‘leave someone out’ – unfortunately in my efforts to be all-inclusive, everyone who was reading my work didn’t understand what I was offering them.  Because when people read ‘everyone’ they hear ‘nobody’, they certainly don’t think ‘that’s me!’ – so in my efforts to work with everyone, no one was hiring me!

Shifting into a clear, results oriented business module has been tectonic. It’s helped me speak clearly to my ideal clients; business owners ready to revamp and reshape their current business so that they can easily get more clients and make more money.  My people hear that and think, yes that’s me! And we work together.  People who aren’t that, keep moving, and don’t clog my digital doors.  The most successful businesses are the clearest businesses, that speak to the problems they solve and the results they offer.

Ellen Ercolini is a money making expert and business coach.  She delights in helping creative business owners transform their businesses from scattered ideas to sleek services and structures that enable them to grow, get clients, and make more money. 

Andrea Travillian

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 5.43.16 PMThe biggest moment that moved my business forward was when I moved beyond the fear that I was not good enough or unique enough to compete in my market – that I had to hide the real me.  I have always had self-doubt and some nasty subconscious beliefs, but over the years have worked through them in a variety of ways.  The final attempt to figure out how I was going to be able to overcome my blocks was what pushed my business results – working with a branding coach.

Working though branding exercises and being open and honest about everything helped me narrow in on my ideal customer and at the same time get beyond the feeling that I am not unique and good enough.  Someone else got excited about the business that I could create!  As it turns out I was hiding things that I thought my audience would not want, such as my belief in clearing the emotional blocks before we start working on the money.  At the same time not showcasing my passion for building a financial life that will allow you to live your dreams today, not one focused on saving and living a life at retirement.

Success came from knowing myself and embracing that I am a financial expert that also works on emotions, energy blocks and more!

Andrea Travillian helps successful entrepreneurs continue experiencing life, but begin preparing financially for the future.   Andrea has been self-employed for 11 years, has her MBA and undergrad in finance and has been able to live her dream life because of values based money management.