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There is zero possible chance that you’re going to look back on the life you created and say “gee whiz, I’m so glad that I spent decades reacting and responding to the worlds continual demands of me, in order to build all of this”.

Okay fine, let’s be honest, there’s probably zero chance you’ll ever actually use the expression ‘gee whiz’ in any context haha. But you get my point, don’t you?

The business and life you see inside of you, the one you KNOW it’s about and has to be, the one you dream of and long for where you let go EVEN more, create and allow EVEN more, drop into full surrender and oh oh oh YES – receiving –

that business is not built as a result of you dancing to the tune the world lays out for you.

That LIFE is not created because you repeatedly push back on your OWN needs and deepest soul requirements and truths.

And as for the true work you’re here to do, the soul work, the YOU work, the YES work, the work that comes from a place which transcends you in all YOUR will and knowledge and strength, well –

that work simply can’t exist, when you seek to eek it out in the tiny little bitsy pieces of time or space or YOU-ness between everything else.

You SAY that you know what you came here to do, and what it’s meant to be about! You SAY that even though you don’t perhaps have full clarity yet, you do know and FEEL it.

You SAY that you’re going to do what it takes, pave your own way, answer the call!

You SAY this will be your year, your month, your week.

You SAY you’re willing to be true to you and back yourself, go all in on what you see inside of you!

You say these things, and you mean it, too! It’s not as though you’re lying. And even though you can’t possibly know all the ins and outs of what it would ‘actually’ take, you do feel willing. More so than that –


Which is really what it’s all about, isn’t it? That knowing. That unshakeable. Will not go away. Perpetually always was and always WILL be there knowing.

That you have to.

That you must.

That you can’t NOT.

That if you CONTINUE to not, you will also continue to not fully be able to breathe!

But yet …



What IS that ‘yet’ about?

Do you really want to live your whole life like this? Of course you don’t! A more relevant question – are you actually going to yank that stop chain and QUIT living your life like this?

You have no more time left to live the wrong life gorgeous. The big hand is ticking, and it’s pointing to NOW; same way it always has been. But YET –

you say these things,

and you continue to not live these things.

NOT because you don’t mean it, and not even because you don’t believe!

Because you don’t choose it.

And then again –

you don’t choose it.

And then you wake up one more time, and what’s that now? Hang on, lemme just check my notes and memory here. Oh, that’s right –


Here is what is most ridiculous of all –

It’s a simple switch flick. At ANY point now (now!) you can just decide –

I’m done.

I’m done with waking up and throwing myself into another race of a day responding to everything and everyone except the deepest ME.

I’m done living my life for the world and not for GOD.

I’m done saying yes to all and sundry, because it’s ‘just this one thing’, or ‘it will only take a minute!’, and then whoops –

there went my life.

It’s a choice you can’t NOT make, and yet you continue to not freaking make!

Wanna know the worst and most horrible and wonderful part of all?

You decide to push the world away, and guess what happens?


You put your hand up to time, you become unshakeable in your boundaries around putting TRUE first things first, you ignore, turn away, completely do NOT make time for anything except for whatever THIS moment is meant to be for, and guess what happens?

Time opens up.

Space expands.

Everything slows down.

The anxiety or overwhelm around all that there is that ‘has’ to be done just … fades.

And bit by bit?

You drop.

And drop.

And drop.

And then fall completely, until you never stop falling, into that FLOW baby. Ridin’ the current of being fully you and allowing what was meant to come THROUGH. I’m in it now, do you feel me?

But yet.

I had so much to do today.

I had no time for this!

I wasn’t feeling it, either!

I was so busy! So distracted! So conscious of all my responsibilities, and things to keep up with!


that I knew I never had time not to first stop until everything that was meant to come first was complete.

And in saying yes to what I had no time or space or clarity around, often none at all,

I unlocked the keys to the Kingdom,

an alternate life in which you are IN the dance with life itself,

and everything responds to YOU,

not the other way around.

But sure.

By all means.

I get it.

You’re already booked out for this next decade, that soul work soul life soul you YES life is gonna have to wait.

I mean, I just wonder, don’t you?

What would happen if you made everything else wait instead.

That’s all!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


What do you just wish it could be gorgeous?

In business, in money, in life, in SOUL work, in you?

^^ whatever it is? It’s a signpost. A blueprint. The WAY. And it’s on you to say YES to that, and then let life step up FOR you (which it will, but always!!) …


To not. And to continue on in this do and push and dot-joinin’ paradigm you got going on.

So …

Let’s FINALLY GET YOU to where you always knew it would end up –

Rich From Your Soul Work:

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We begin Monday June 28th! Join me for 11 Days LIVE, as we connect back to your core, drop ALL agenda and strategy, and realise that your pathway to rich, seen, known is and always has been to

I have no idea what the biggest shift for you will be during this time.

But I do know this –

It’s the most crazy cheap thing I’ve put out there in a LONG while.

My logical mind is telling me to MINIMUM 5x that. But, I’m doing what I can’t not. Following soul guidance. As I always do, in the end! And that’s a big part of ‘how’ I ended up here.

This work will wake your soul from a place deeper than what you’ve even KNOWN to ask for.

Join now and you’ll receive immediate access to your pre-work which is my Soul Activation Workbook.  

This as been created to specifically look at and ACTIVATE everything that is under the surface deep within you, parts of you that are waiting and ready to be acknowledged and unleashed.

The specific prompts I have included in the workbook cover areas such as self worth, abundance, identity, selling from soul, intention setting, vision creation, deep self belief, plus more!

These exercises are designed to work on a soul and cellular level which means we get to look at things we may not have known were there, powerful aspects of ourselves that through bringing to the forefront we are activating and saying yes to.

The Soul Activation Workbook is incredibly powerful and empowering work to begin our time together in Rich From Your Soul Work.

Let’s do this work beautiful. Let’s rip the damn bandaid. And let’s get you RICH FOR YOUR SOUL WORK.

The way it was always meant to be:

and to apply.