Quit pretending you can create your best work without being dropped TF in

My greatest regret is all the moments I have not been connected, and yet have produced or ‘created’ something anyway.

All the times I told myself I ‘just have to do this really quick’, and pushed away an urge to take my time, drop in, wait and see what unfolded, BE.

All the years I spent living under the imaginary thumb of what I thought the entrepreneur world required of me, or being a coach required of me, or building a business required of me, or being ME required of me.

And instead did not allow myself to muse, to daydream, to wonder, to WANDER around my own heart and mind, until such time I was shown.


Shown the moves to make.

The play to undertake.

The way I would ultimately STAKE,

a claim,

on the life that was always right there waiting for me, if only I allowed it to lead me,

rather than me to dictate to IT,

about how much time and space it got to have,

or indeed any,

at all.

Sometimes I think that the toughest path to walk, for the driven badass woman like you, like me, like all of us who are truly CALLED by something greater than even our own incredible human experience, is the path of being disciplined to do what we said we would do,

whilst also allowing us total freedom to be.

Sometimes when I look back, on a year, or a month, or a week, or another day which has hurtled on by, I think, well – !

You are the person who did what she said she would do in SO many ways. You pushed yourself repeatedly to do the thing because you knew you’d feel great afterwards! And you did! It worked! But as a result of all those times of ‘do it anyway ’cause I’ll feel great about it after’ –

the thing you did not do was – allow space.

Allow time.

Allow what was there beyond what I can SEE.


you will never see what is there for you beyond what you can see,

if you refuse to fucking look!

Aka: if you refuse to GO into the place where the things unseen, unknown, yet inarguably YOURS and waiting for YOU,


And the reality I must always come back to is this:

The things I have created which are wonderful, amazing, incredible, awesome, and also awe-INSPIRING –

are the things which happened when I let the in-between spaces,

dictate the course of my day,

and perhaps for a series of days,

my life.

The times when I ‘did it anyway’. ‘Pushed myself through’. Decided ‘better do it now and just get it done, and then I can ‘X’ later’ (with ‘X’ being … be, live, relax, daydream, take my time, and so on) –

are the times when I accomplished. Moved forward. Got shit DONE. And maybe even built something.

But the times when MAGIC was made, something so damn powerful and transformative that it COMPELLED people, magnetized them, caused them to drop money like it was hot (let’s not be coy about it!), and truly switch flicked their LIVES,

which are also the times when I have felt the TRUEST me, the YES me, the me who I was meant to be,

which are ALSO the times AFTER the allowing of which I somehow just get all the OTHER shit done, and it feels like nothing, nothing at all!

These are the times when I TOOK the time, as much time as was needed, ALL the time, and just –

went in.

Stayed there.

Until what needed to come through did.


And in the end, it was as simple and impossible to ignore as this:

Every single thing I have done from a place of not being connected in took longer, was less effective, left me with a mediocre energy if any, and resulted in me STILL feeling as though I’d done nothing. REGARDLESS of outcome. It’s the stuff I look back on and think, meh – wouldn’t have really mattered if I didn’t.

It’s the same for you. You can’t be a called for it born for it dropped in to something INFINITELY greater than you messenger | creator | transmitter –

and also create your best work without being dropped the fuck in.

That makes no sense. Stop lying to yourself and pretending otherwise.

And as we lead into this new year –

Why don’t you stop trying to pretend it’s not true.

And go do what you gotta do to ACTUALLY be you.


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