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Your whole entire job each day, ALL you need to worry about and ALL you need to do, is to wake up, remember who TF you are, repeat.

If you think about it this covers EVERYTHING, and also, before we go any further, let’s be clear that when I said worry?

I do not freaking mean worry.

It’s an expression we are USED to, a way that I hook you in to being open to listen to what I’m telling you being a ‘fix’ a ‘solve’ the hurdle you gotta leap over.

If I tell you there’s something to worry about,

your mind relaxes a little because it understands the concept that success, accomplishment, heck, even survival, depends upon having something outside of us we need to focus on … worry on … stay on top with … keep our shit together with …

whereas if I just said there’s nothing you need to do, and then went into THAT, sure, you might get it on a soul level, probably, you might be curious, MAYBE, but a part of your mind would already dismiss the whole thing as being idealistic,


‘all very well for me Kat’,

not for you.

But now that we have that clear, no, there is NO FREAKING THING YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT.

All you need to KNOW is that your entire job each day is to wake up, remember who TF you are, repeat, and that yes that covers EVERYTHING.

– If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth, naturally express my message, my soul work, the random and often raving ramblings of what’s in and through me, daily. I do this through writing, through livestreams, through my paid programs, through my interactions with clients, and more. I do it, in fact, with the very essence of who I AM, and with every breath I take.

– If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth, trust myself to know which actions to take moment by moment, to use each moment for what it was given me, to KNOW where my time and energy and focus is meant to be going and ‘fuck everything else’.

For example – right now sitting on the curb outside the Bikram yoga studio, and write write writing for just 13 or so minutes before class starts … ahh, how many classes have I sat outside or in the change rooms this last decade plus and just POURED something out for the briefest of time because my soul was calling me to and I know to say yes? Fuck, I remember sitting in the change rooms 10+ years ago in South Melbourne while the same teacher I’m about to now practice with up here on the Gold Coast was running the class! That me back then never had money to spare, was crazy in debt, wondered if she WAS crazy, never knew but yet ALWAYS knew that 10+ years on I’d be the same person doing the same stuff but yet now sitting next to my dream car rather than just off the tram, living my dream life, making FUCKLOADS of money, etc … !

^^ I FULLY CREDIT MY BUSINESS SUCCESS AND THE MONEY I MAKE TO THE FACT THAT I AM REALLY FREAKING GOOD AT USING EACH MOMENT OR POCKET OF TIME FOR WHAT IT IS MEANT TO BE USED FOR. No excuses, no exceptions, no questioning of relevancy, no looking or trying to work towards the ‘how’. Just being IN the damn thing.

– If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth, allow myself to be IN the damn thing. It’s a dance, a whirling twirling, faster faster faster now, can’t keep up, will leave you BREATHLESS and panting and away in the superflow gasping for more sort of DANCE. Do you dare to let go, and flow and leap and fly and be TAKEN into it? Or do you need every move mapped out beforehand,

so you can LEARN the dance,

THINK about the dance,

PRACTICE the dance,

and then repeat a wooden little doll version of it?

So pretty.
So polished.
What shiny apple red cheeks she has.
Look how carefully painted on her smile is, ahh – so nice!

Question –

At what point did you decide it was a good idea to let your soul be surgically removed from your body and a little wooden box with a key to turn it just so, put in?

Just asking.

– If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth, know that every outcome that has ever come in to my life and WILL ever come in to my life, is because I DECIDED.

I decided.
I decided.
I decided.



– If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth, know that if I want more, bigger, better, deeper, ALL of it, I just need to decide better. With greater (i.e. – absolute) certainty. The End! And –

– If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth, know that I also get to fulllllyyyyy surrender the ‘how’. There is no how. There never was a how! I ALLOW THE HOW TO BE SHOWN TO ME, ALWAYS, THE END.


– If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth, do not EVER take the ‘how’ that worked before and try to make it for right now. I learned that lesson already but GOOD! No thank you! I’m done.

What else?

If I am being who I am meant to be, I, Katrina Ruth:

– Am always selling
– Am GREAT at continually putting new marketing and sales offers together
– Have an endless stream of soul aligned and ease and flow to implement ideas just flow out of me
Always know what action to take
– Always know how to take it
– Always make the right decision
– Am unavailable to not make money
– Am unavailable to not have what I want and am shown in ALL areas
– Am GOING TO LEAVE MY LIFE EMPTY, and not take a single bit of what I was meant to unleash or give into the world, or see created for and around me WITH me.

I could go on and on here, ad infinitum, but I think you get my point.

The question is –

What is YOUR point? And are you willing – decided – to go get it?

Do you trust yourself to be fully you?
Do you trust that if you remove ALL rules and should and you go all in on YOU,

that you would know what it looks like day by day to be in the dance, the glorious dance of being YOU,

and that you would wake up,

remember who TF you are,


Or is the general plan here that you’re just gonna keep on posting lame ass not dropped in vaguely desperado shit on the internet and hoping it somehow builds you a business and life?

I mean –

It’s just something to think about.

As you oil your wooden doll little joints this morning before you head back out to perform like a good girl.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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As with anything, your decision should be based around your commitment to NOW become who you know you’re meant to be … to ‘fuck the how’ … to trust and have faith that when you let go, choose to surrender and trust, and let me hold that space for you and also of course lead and guide you … rather than on idea that everything has to be mapped out or considered in advance.

Your soul knows the way.
And always has.
And I am literally the best person in the world at helping you to connect in to that, with certainty.

I know you’ve always known that you have a calling –

And that you were born for more –

You have FELT things, deep inside of you, maybe since before time even began, and over time the whispers just get stronger, telling you –

It’s time

it’s time

it’s motherfucking TIME

to step up, to be all that you came here to be, to break COMPLETELY free from normal, to do something EXTRAORDINARY, to FULLY shine your light, and yes, also, of course –

to make a FUCKLOAD of money doing so, impacting ultimately MILLIONS of people with your work, and truly unleashing something powerful, beyond what even YOU can imagine …

and to go to bed every damn night KNOWING you were all of you.

Decide What You Know You Must. It’s Time. And the NEXT LEVEL IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU.

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