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About 5 or so years back, in the middle of one of the most tumultuous times of my life (the painful and also painfully never-ending pulling apart of my second marriage), a best friend and I made a decision to lock in choices about who we are,

what we expected (chose!) from life,

and how it all just WORKED.

My friend was going through a similar break-up and shift, in fact our lives were so eerily parallel that it was almost disturbing. Actually we were accused at the time of masterminding it all together, to make sure we were doing everything the same as each other! Which definitely WAS a thing in that friendship, freakily so, but none of it was ever planned.

Anyhow –

It was a mid-summers day here in Australia, I was taking a nap I think, before dinner, and I had a sudden call from my friend. Weird, because she was in LA at the time, and I knew it was about 2am there.

“Kat … Kat! This is REALLY bad. OMG”

Her voice was shaking. I’d never heard her like this before, never known her to be anything other than a very steady, very unapologetic, very BACKING of herself badass revolutionary fucking leader. As are basically all the peeps who end up close in my life!

And yet now, I could hear her – SCARED.

When she told me what had happened, I was so fucking scared as well. It was big. Shocking. DEVASTATING. And legitimately concerning as far as the possibility of very bad things happening. I started to freak out myself. I was shaking too. I felt the panic rising, it was real!

And then –

and I don’t remember which of us this was, who said it, or whether, as with most things with us back then, we both came out with the exact same thing at the exact same time, but regardless of where it came from, here is what came out –

“But wait.

WE are always okay.

We ALWAYS make the right decision.

And everything is always working out PERFECTLY for us, for the greater good of ourselves and of others”.

Suddenly, calm settled over me. I sank back against the pillows. And I felt her exhale as well.

“Oh yes. OF COURSE”.

See, a few months earlier than that, on one of our weekly ‘fame calls’ we had, calls which we’d started doing with one another to hold the two of us accountable to money and biz and all around LIFE growth, and alignment, we’d come up with a small and powerful list of PERSONAL POLICIES.

Beliefs, which we decided were just ‘how it is’.

Did you know you can choose your beliefs, and indeed impact the direction of your entire life with same? Guess what? You already are 😉

Anyhow –

Yes. We had decided beliefs that went hand in hand with becoming who we both had, prior to that, been WAITING to be.

Waiting to be good enough –
Waiting to know enough –
Waiting to be seen enough –
Waiting for the next level of income, of certainty, of soul, of life!

We had decided to stop waiting.

And we had decided that the beliefs and mindsets which, up until then, we thought were VALID in keeping us stuck ‘here’, could get to go. And that instead we would replace them with new ones, with beliefs that went hand in hand with already being ‘that girl’. The one who had realised she no longer had to get past HERE, in order to then be THERE.

Idealistic? Fantastical? Stupid? To think to yourself that simply choosing new beliefs, which then become personal policies, could change your life, and greatly assist in you being where you want to be?

Cool … you keep on choosing what’s working for ya.

But consider this:

It’s not just about a ‘nice idea’ or ‘positive thinking’ or being WISHFUL.

It’s about the very real fact that your actions follow your beliefs.
That your beliefs either close or open you to fear, and also to creativity, flow, supernatural knowledge and support.
That having beliefs to LEAN on gives you stability, access to soul, groundedness, a FOUNDATION to then create from.
And that, if you look around at what you already have in your life, it’s impossible not to acknowledge that it is ALL A PRODUCT OF WHAT YOU BELIEVE, EXPECT, AND SEE AS NORMAL!

So why not just CHANGE your normal?

Here are some of the beliefs we came up with together in that time, which I have since installed FIRMLY into my inner programming (meaning: I practiced the beliefs and also the actions that would naturally follow them, until it became automated and ‘who I am’), and which I now consider ‘personal policies’.

Reminders, when shit seems extra real, scary, or I feel as though I don’t know what to do, that THAT IS NOT THE POLICY HERE.

Hand up like a stop sign.

Thank you very much!

“I always make the right decision”

“Everything is always working out perfectly for me, for the greater good of myself and of others”

“I always know what to do, and how to do it. I take soul-led action with ease, it happens naturally!”

“It’s normal for me to always have extra (money / time / space / insert what you want)”

I can always access and hear from God, soul, higher self

“I do what I know I need to do, I do it right away”

“I am always taken care of”

“More and more money flows to me effortlessly each day, from multiple places, often out of nowhere and as if by magic!”

My soulmate clients come to ME, outta nowhere, and sign themSELVES up!”

“Everything is exactly as it’s meant to be”

“I am always taken care of”

“I am always on path”

“I am doing what I am meant to be doing, I use each moment for what it was designated, I am doing it how I am meant to be doing it”.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

And I guess where I want to bring this home is here:

Do you understand how powerful it is, to choose your beliefs?

I’ve been doing this for years. I teach it in nearly all my courses. I talk about it all the time. I believe it is FUNDAMENTAL TO YOUR SUCCESS that you have ‘personal policies’ about how you choose to think, and see the world. I do NOT believe this is in any way naive, ignoring of reality, and so on. Instead what it does is – it calms and centres and grounds you back to your core, which in turn allows you to see your way forward.

But yes, it’s also a mindset. A way of choosing to see the world.

In the end, what will be will be, and it is what it is, and that’s all it is.

But what if you’re making what ‘is’ a huge fucking problem inside of you, and thus NOT creating or moving forward in the way that the tapped in soul-led you would?

Do you think that might impact your outcomes?

Your life?

The unfolding or no of your DESTINY?

It would be ludicrous to think not.

And what if, right now, you could choose a new path, a new normal, a new way to create, move forward, impact, and receive, JUST BECAUSE YOU DECIDED TO GUARD YOUR DAMN MIND AND BELIEFS?

Would that be worth considering?

Only one way to find out 😉


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