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I heard God say –

“it is time to be looking only through Kingdom eyes”,

and –

“ask me to give you Kingdom eyes on these things”

(you know ‘these things’ logically means all things!),

and –

“where we are going those things can’t come”,

and –

“remember not the former and consider not the old!”,

and –

“I have lifted you out of the miry clay and set you on high places. You ARE flying on eagles wings!”,

and –

“let your prayers be my voice, and your desires be the ones I have planted in you”.

There was more, and of course in God there is always more.

I could write all day with the things I have heard God say, for me and also for you, because the truth is I hear Him continually.

And the truth about that is, it’s because I seek Him continually, and I expect to be in continual revelation,

by His voice.

I am continually guided by His Spirit on all things, and despite completely folding my previous business last year because I knew it was what had to happen as I returned fully to Jesus, an additional 400k (ish) was made purely through what God led me to which was brand new and outta NOWHERE. Well, no place that was of me.

This is just one example, as daily I receive and am led by God personally; such that I no longer have to concern myself at all for a thing outside of pursuing and being intimate with Him.

I don’t mean I graduated outta being human. But I have learned to put ‘me’ aside, and remind myself daily I do not choose my flesh when I have the spirit and the old me,

is dead.

I have learned what it means to walk IN the anointing and favour of the Lord rather than AWARE of the anointing and giftings on your life and trying to do something with ’em yourself.

I have learned true rest in God, ease and flow the JESUS way, and receiving as it is divinely ordained to be.

But for all of this to be true, and my reality, and now, I had to start to declare things over me which I in no way felt, and barely believed.

I believed it as CONCEPTUALLY possible.

But I did not feel it related to ME.

I had to be brought to task over the fact that believing Gods promises CONCEPTUALLY, yet questioning whether they apply to YOU, is still questioning Gods faithfulness, and His character!

Imagine – would you question the character of God?! Yet when you say ‘maybe that doesn’t apply to ME, because I have done > insert all the things <‘ you do exactly that.

Bit by bit,

I decided to just believe God.

And to speak over myself the things HE says about me as His child, made righteous by accepting and following His son, Jesus.

I decided to be disciplined to declaring things over myself which made me squirm. Things which then VERY RAPIDLY BECAME PHYSICALLY TRUE. Just from me CHOOSING faith, and operating from it.

Things like –

“I am a prayer warrior”.

“I am a mighty woman of God”.

“I hear from God daily”.

“I walk with and by the Holy Spirit”.

“God is using me for His purposes”.

“I am anointed”

.”He sends exactly the people in who need my work”.

“I am a godly mother”.

“I am a WIFE”. (physical manifestation loading ;))


“I am a prophetic speaker and writer.”


“I am confident, certain, called, and anointed by the King, and for SUCH A TIME AS THIS!”

“I receive continual visions, dreams, revelations, and words from God”.

Can I tell you that in the past 4 weeks alone I would not even be able to count how many words from God and prophetic insights have been given to me by others, some who I know, some who I don’t? And how many more I have received directly from our Lord Himself? MANY EACH DAY

What I am saying to you is that I decided to see what God says is available for us and also RIGHT for us, as normal.

I decided to believe that His supernatural ways are my every day.

And then I disciplined myself in my seeking of Him and His word, as well as in how I use my words.

I decided to believe Proverbs 18:21, and to take it very seriously. Hebrews 11:1 and 11:3 also. Jeremiah 33:3, another favourite.

I decided to be childlike in my application.

If God said “call out to me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things of which you do not know”, I decided to take that literally.

I decided to pray most days – “God, it’s me Kat. This is me calling out to you, and asking You to show me great and mighty things of which I do not know! What do you have for me today?”

He answered me.
I decided to believe that I DO know His voice, because the Bible says so, and that I therefore could hear.

Are you getting it yet?

I simply DECIDED to believe God! And to meet Him where He tells us to. To expect a WONDERFUL plan to unfold in my life, because He told me He knows the plans He has for me, for hope and a future and to prosper me!

Could you just decide to believe today?

Could you just decide to ask God to help you with the discipline part of it that is often needed, both short and long term?

Could you just start to STATE who it is you will be in God this year, and then keep adding to that as He shows and leads you?

I know you could.

You can rush into another year if you like,
headlong and deeper into YOU if you like.
The truth is we both know that that WILL mean being consumed by worldly ways. Because YOU without GOdGod is your flesh, The natural. Sin. NO SUPERNATURAL OR FREEDOM THERE.
It just is what it is.
You can continue to make a stand, if you like, for the fact that YOU have the best of intentions and desires and are leading with love, but the truth is that if you don’t have God you have nothing. Are on borrowed time. And oh my goodness my love, you are making it SO so hard.
This is why, even when it seems it’s working, it’s draining you. There is a continual ache inside of you. And , most telling of all, you are STILL LOOKING.

Why not make this the year,
you stop looking.
And decide to be found?

Just an idea,
of course,
if you like it.

Now don’t forget –

Life is now. Press Play.


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