It can be complete today

God has not designed you to be continually pursuing more, and He did not give you a spirit of fear to imagine that if only you would JUST reach that next stage then freedom would be yours today.

It’s a lie that you could breathe easy if only you would catch up, if only you could make up for all the lost time, if only you would somehow compel yourself to get on top of all the stuff you think makes you shameful,

not enough,
or simply
a mess.

The message is clear and the message is true, yet ultimately? The message is up to YOU to accept.

And the message is this:

You can be complete today.

Today can be the day you say “I’m done God. I’m done pursuing anything other than you. I am done trying to get just that little bit further along, or thinking I need to get a BIG bit further along. I am done chasing a reality of being the girl who does it all and has it all together and is an Instagram-certified QUEEN in every possibly way the world says it should be, and from this day forward?

I’ll rest complete in you.

I will TRUST you when you say that YOU will take the reigns from here when I give them to you, that YOU will complete the work begun in me, and that it is not up to me to try and finish in my own will or way what begun with my faith in you and my choice to say I give my LIFE to you.

When I said I give my life,
I now make it clear that I meant and mean every part of that life.

How I do business.
How my finances are received and dealt with.
My choices in my personal life.
Even how I keep my home.

I am done!
And I will now REST in you as you show me,
a better way.

In Jesus Name I pray,

Did you pray that prayer with me today? Realise it was an invitation right a we got to the end and now gonna go back up the page and pray it now? Actually mean it either way? Because if yes?

Know this:

God has heard your prayers.

And if you are His child – meaning you have believed in and accepted His son Jesus, acknowledged that you can’t do this thing alone, and consciously CHOSEN to turn from your own ways and follow Him – HE IS GOING TO TAKE WHAT YOU GIVE HIM and oh my GOSH will He take good care of it. His plans for you are beyond your wildest imaginings! And they are plans for hope and a GOOD good future. Jeremiah 29:11. He also says He WILL complete the work begun in us when we accept Christ. Meaning – He will sculpt us in to the best possible version of us on earth, whilst preparing an eternal home for us in our true home; heaven! Philippians 1:6 / 3:20.

If you are not His child – you can pray your acceptance, belief and following of Jesus now and receive the immediate gift of salvation on offer to all of us through His sacrifice on the cross!

“Dear Lord Jesus. I believe you are the son of God, and that you died and rose again and that you did so in sacrifice for my sons. I admit I am a sinner and I can’t do this thing alone. I now choose to turn from my own ways and will and to follow and love you all the days of my life. Please come into my heart Jesus. I am now yours! In your name Lord Jesus,

And now here is the thing which we all need to hear. Know. Remember. And LIVE by. As a new Christian or one decades along in her journey, you still have a mind, a body, emotions, your will, and as such it is a DAILY thing to surrender all of that to God and let Him reign in and through your spirit.

Jesus INSTRUCTS us in Matthew 11:28-30 to rest in Him.

The Bible makes it clear over and over again that we are to live by the Holy Spirit in our spirit, and not by our flesh (soul and body). The book of Galatians is a great read on this topic! Also Zechariah 4:6.

We are also told to let tomorrow take care of itself, because there’s enough to concern ourselves with today. Matthew 6:34.

All of which is to say –

Sister! Woman of God! Woman who has CHOSEN a different Kingdom and a different way!

When you going to actually stop playing with an idea that it’s STILL ON YOU? That you’d be worthy of fully resting in God and all He has in store for you if only you weren’t such a hot mess? If only you didn’t still have such and such no-good habit or behaviour hidden away? If only you didn’t have a LITERAL mess in whichever areas of your business or life?!

Satan just LOVES to get his hooks into a woman like you, don’t you see?

One who is called in such a big way.
One with such a true ANOINTING.
One who truly has big big things to do in the world through GOD, and who knows God is preparing her even now.

The devil will tell you that in order to be all that God has shown you you are, you need to PROVE yourself. You need to do things PERFECTLY. You need to demonstrate SELF-SUFFICIENCY. You need to exemplify military level efficiency in all that you do, and that while we’re at it the ‘all that YOU should do’ bit is more than EVERYBODY, ’cause aren’t you born for more?

He will hammer you in shame til you just about crumple as he tells you that if you were really that person then everything you’ve done thus far would be polished, perfect, completed down to the final dot of the final ‘i’, and that you shouldn’t even lift your head when there are still so many things you said you were going to do by now that you’re not!

When you feel sad or lonely or flat he will whisper to you that this is all you’re ever gonna get, that if the things you’ve dreamt of and which God has shown you were really for you they’d be here by now, and that if there is to be ANY chance of you actually achieving them then it’s on YOU.

He will come to you in your thoughts, your mind, your emotion, and through whichever latest boss babe you saw on the internet, or some Taylor Swift lyrics, or WHATEVER works for YOU, and he will CONTINUALLY DIRECT YOU BACK TO YOU.

YOU are the problem.
YOU need to fix it.
YOU need to be your own solution.
If you were REALLY serious about living for God then YOU would be doing more, pushing more, out there proving it more, and that you can hardly expect God to show up for you when you don’t do EVERY POSSIBLE THING A GIRL COULD DO TO SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF.

and other thoughts,
are the lies he reserves for the independent gal who has spent her whole life fighting to prove she is enough and who is indeed gifted with a high amount of creativity, ability, and drive.

He will take your areas of weakness and insecurity and twist a knife in them to make them even more real and even more so something that you DO need to sort out, and then he will take your areas of strength in God, and the good gifts God has given you in your character, your outlook, and also supernaturally through His Spirit, and he will pervert them to use them against you.

Meaning that if you are highly creative he will tell you that your worth is inherent to your creativity, and you should be creating all the time or ELSE, then follow it up with a dash of ‘what you created isn’t even as good as anyone else’s anyway’.

If you have been gifted with drive, focus, intelligence, motivation, he will tell you that you must ALWAYS be driven, that you should ALWAYS know everything, that a moment of respite or pause is you dropping the ball, and that you should never ever skip a beat.

Should I go on?
Will I?

I’m only talking about what I know because it’s what I lived outside of God, and what I would even NOW be living if I chose to listen to the lies the devil STILL tries to come at me with.

That, coupled with what God is revealing to me,
and always does,
even as I write right now.

The thing with being human is that until we depart THIS earth our humanness remains.

We will continue to wake up in our flesh and we must continue to CHOOSE to put on Christ each day. (Romans 13:14). We must put on the WHOLE armour of God (Ephesians 6). We must say NO to the devil and the things he says to us which we can very easily believe are TRUTH if we don’t run repeatedly to God and say I CHOOSE THE SPIRIT LORD. Not my way and not my flesh but YOURS.


We need to come BOLDLY into His presence and state who we are and what we are in Him.

We are EQUIPPED by His Spirit. (Hebrews 13:21)
We are EMPOWERED supernaturally with His grace. Yes grace is a power source by the Spirit and in Christ! It is HOW we do things. (2 Timothy 2:1)
We HAVE the full inheritance of being His child. (Ephesians 1:11).


We need to sit up straight, CHOOSE to turn to God, and decide that enough is enough the MOMENT we feel deflated, sad, desolate, or as though it is TRUE that we either are missing out, are going to miss out, or are simply not doing enough to be enough.


I find this as difficult as you do in my human! You have to remember that as humans we are accustomed to listening to our soul (mind, body, emotions). We are born into a world in which what we feel, what we think, and what we want, is real.

This is why we must must must choose Christ daily. And honestly – keep it simple.

You don’t have to know everything I just shared here to know this:

the very moment you find yourself trapped in overwhelm or despair or even the SLIGHTEST bit of consideration as to whether maybe you really are on a path to nowhere, you simply say no.




And I’ll be having what God says.


Simply start to say who you are.

Thank you Lord that I am your daughter.
Thank you Lord that you love me.
THANK you that you have a good plan for me.
And thank you that you are working it out EVEN NOW.

Ask Him to show you what’s next.

And trust that by His Spirit,
he will.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Let’s take a journey, shall we,
and let’s begin now

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