Live Your Passion


At a certain point in your business journey you will realise you don’t want that much, you’re not as fancy of a person as you thought you might be, or thought you might HAVE to be, and in actual fact?

You’d be quite QUITE okay without any more massive income leaps at all.

‘kay, maybe this is not you and you’re dead set on the 20+ fleet of cars, mega yacht, seventeen gajillionty properties just for funsies, and 24 carat gold teeth just to make sure nobody gets any ideas of you not being SWANK.

But if you’re like me and like my clients …

what you actually want?

Is to be able to just buy / invest in / give / say yes to what you want, as and when you want it, with a few different consistently growing investment whatnots underway, most of which you genuinely get a CREATIVE thrill out of being part of, but sure, maybe one or two of which are ‘just ’cause it makes good money sense’, and at that CERTAIN point of freedom | flow | flexibility | holy shit I sort of figured out this life thang and I and doing GOOD –

It’s enough.

I mean, GOD. How COULD I? OBVIOUSLY it is never enough, will never be enough, we are the ones who were born for MORE and so we better go git on and GET it. UNCEASINGLY!


Meh. I’m good. Plus, I know my continued BEING good (and then some) is kind of taken care of and MAYBE. Just maybe. I don’t any longer feel that need to go and pursue stuff for the sake of pursuing stuff.

Plus, once upon a time it genuinely wasn’t pursuing for the sake of pursuing, was it? Once upon a time, you were genuinely SO freakin’ far from that place of having your wants – God, your NEEDS – met, that of COURSE it was pursuit. For the sake of – I KNOW I GET TO BE THERE. DO THAT. BECOME THAT. ALLOW THAT. ALL.THE.YES!

Thing is –

when you’re a driven sort of a badass as I suspect you just might be –

you don’t necessarily notice when you reached your FILLED UP AND FUCK YES point, and you actually, well –

did it.

I didn’t notice.

I did not notice the point at which I actually BECAME that bitch. Who could buy whatever she wanted and know it was an ‘of course’. Who was SAFE with money, finally. Who was on TOP of her shit. Who WAS the shit. You know – her own version of it.

And because I operate in a world of MORE and LUXE and KEEP GOING, an industry of MORE and LUXE and KEEP GOING, and also literally have positioned myself as what I always was aka one of the leaders and ‘most looked to’ within said industry –

I didn’t realise at first. That actually I kind of … had everything I really wanted. Needed. And the whole PURSUIT thing, of money, and ‘safety’ financially, and rock solid assets (or as rock solid as they can be!), well –

I’d met it.

So, I kept going. I kept pushing. I kept operating from a place of thinking “I’m not there! I gotta get there! I gotta be safe! And free!”

But I WAS. And the truth is I actually don’t WANT 20 something properties, cars, or even one boat or plane of my own. I don’t WANT seventy gajillionty purses, watches, and a closet as big as a house to put ’em in. I can’t be bothered!

Look, don’t get me wrong. My closet as it is could sleep quite a few people comfortably. I own a fuckload of property, in most people’s books. I have multiple cars. I have a lot of nice stuff. I give a lot of money, consistently. I can (and do) invest in businesses outside my own. I can (and do) start new businesses and financially lucrative creative projects of my own.

I am within the 0.00001% of the worlds population from a wealth perspective.

But I am NOT driven by MORE. Not more money or stuff, anyway.

And, if I lost it all in a heartbeat the truth is I’d feel secure. Because I motherfucking know how to make money out of thin air, take care of myself and those near and dear to me, and just create, well, anything I choose! Out of ‘nothing’. I have EVERYTHING I need inside of me.

Which was really the thing I was pursuing the whole time anyway …

If you’re NOTHING like on a page of resonating with what I’m saying, and you’re just trying to figure out if this bitch is ACTUALLY tryna make some point about being content with her millions … see ya.

Because what I am really talking about is this:

At a certain point, we did the damn thing. Of becoming SAFE. And becoming FREE with money. And finally being ABLE to have all the things you never could afford, never felt good enough for, and so on.

And then?

Well, then.

For the true born for it creator. Revolutionary. MAGIC maker. The ONE WHO WAS BORN FOR MORE AND ALWAYS KNEW SHE HAD IT INSIDE OF HER.

You just wake up and realise –

I don’t even CARE about the never fucking ending possibility of STUFF, or WEALTH, or BEING something that others admire so much.

Sure, I’m not gonna lie! I admit I want and expect I can have more than most would dream of! But I was always gonna DO that. AND, I was always gonna do it by finding a way to create and sell on my TERMS! And now that I did –

Well. I just get to create and sell on my terms.’s.own.sake.

Why is this important to write an entire mofo long ass post about?

Because some of us get distracted by the fact that once upon a time we really did have shit to pursue, to own our worth, and to feel safe and free with money. And so often, if we don’t stop and look around, long after we GOT there, we default to continuing to try and pursue more money and more stuff, because we think that’s the vibe. And because so many around us are doing such a fab job of embodying the EVER MORE thing.

But for us, the truth was actually this:

Just being me is the whole mofo vibe.

And that?

Is something I caught up with long ago.

Which means that PURSUIT, of ANYTHING? Would only now be for the sake of it being a fucking fun thing to do.