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What part of you still thinks it’s wrong or bad to ask for more than just enough?

What part of you right now is still walking around with the idea that EXCESS is naughty, or bad, or wrong, or just plain not needed?

Did you buy it? I guess you bought it. The part of the story in which they told you that it’s okay to SURVIVE,

to be FINE,

to keep your head above water,

sure, maybe even to do quite well, maybe even to do really really well!

But have extra just for the sake of extra?

Be literally SWIMMING in an abundant and infinite river of everything your heart desires or simply all that would – admit it! – make life feel easier, and more fun, more flow, like you could breathe.


When did you accept and sign the contract for a life of SURVIVAL.


you might be ‘surviving’ with a nice house, a great car, and what is absolutely a blessed life in which you enjoy money and other forms of flow ahead of what 98% of the world would even dare to dream of, but let’s get real here –

the only thing that MATTERS is what do YOU dream of, and when would you finally like to claim that?

If this sounds like a selfish viewpoint, then you don’t understand how receiving works.

You walk around nodding your head at the ‘philosophy’ of abundance being infinite, immeasurable, unable to ever be contained, literally endless – !

Your logical mind knows that that is a thing, and believes it!

But your heart, meanwhile, is closed off, closed off long ago to being allowed any more,

than just enough.

So what you’ve learned along the way, in order to elevate your receiving and vibe up your life, is to elevate, bit by bit, how much you view as being ‘enough’.

You’re miles ahead of where you were because you’re not someone who settles! You believe in more! And you’re willing to do the work to get it!

But that’s not exactly the same,

is it,




Try these thoughts on for size?

I now commit to asking for more than enough.

I am allowed to be more than ‘just’ okay.

I am allowed to have excess. VAST AND VAST AMOUNTS OF EXTRA.

I now commit to asking for and CLAIMING extra, JUST BECAUSE.

Because … because … because, why? Where is it going to go? And what for? And isn’t that a bit … RUDE?! And who TF do I think I am, just swanning around the place thinking I should have it all?!

And … and … and!


You are allowed to claim extra just because you are allowed to claim extra.

Yes, it will, in a practical sense, probably have to go somewhere! You’re unlikely to just stash it under your mattress! So, maybe you now get to decide to start saving vast amounts of cash … elevating your investments … or just pouring back into other business, people, communities, as you travel the world in fine style allowing your message to come through.

IT ACTUALLY DOESN’T MATTER. Your job with or without being MORE THAN JUST FINE is to remain in alignment to God and soul and do YOU.

Nobody said this required you to ‘just’ survive, nor to have to fight furiously and endlessly for every inch of improvement.


you know we are not just talking about money here, are we?

We’re talking about the concept of extra as a LIFE concept.

So maybe somewhere along the way you took it on board that you are a person who gets only drips and drops of everything.

Energy, physical and emotional.
Connectedness to God and soul.
What else?

And that if you can somehow prove that it is REQUIRED, and you work your ass off for it, then you’re allowed a little bit more.

But what if you were allowed more before you even began this journey, or did a jot of work,

just because you were allowed more?

Believe what you want.

But don’t go crying about it when the person who does less than you, with more ease and flow, and truly is just over there loving the shit outta every moment of life and who they are has more, and more,

and SO much more –

just because they asked.

That’s all.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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