At some point you may want to become the person you said you’d be. At some point you may want to realise that unless you put aside your bullshit TODAY, right now, this moment, you will NEVER BECOME THE PERSON YOU SAID YOU’D BE.

At some point you may want to kick that sweet heiny of yours into action around the fact that you’re STILL not being the person you said you’d be.

At some point you may want to quit fucking around with all your fussing around at what she or he or that bitch or amazing badass leader lady over there is doing, get your eyes on your own damn path, and BECOME THE PERSON YOU SAID YOU’D BE.

At some point you may want to quit complicating the whole damn thing, get the fuck over your ideas that it is at ALL complicated, and do the very simple and VERY basic everyday work of BECOMING THE PERSON YOU SAID YOU’D BE.

Oh, what’s that now? It’s complicated, there’s a lot to figure out or decide, you have to get clear on this or that or the other thing, you can’t be sure, you don’t know, you’re not ready, and you keep running out of time?

Okay, cool girl, cool.


And let’s get real, here is what it actually takes. Here is how EMBARRASSINGLY SIMPLE it actually is, to become everything you said you’d be and know you are MEANT to be.

>>> A small amount of time. Dedicated daily. Dedicated consistently. To doing it even though you don’t feel like it, don’t know how, and are scared. <<<


You are capable of committing to doing the big thing you’ve always wanted to do and known you one day would even though you feel nearly breathless with terror at what it would mean if you commit, put yourself out there, draw that line in the sand to tell the whole world who you now apparently are, and then it just kinda – bombs.

Or you don’t follow through.

Or curve balls end up comin’ atcha from here and there and everywhere and you truly don’t even know where to BEGIN trying to catch and deal with them.


You are capable of pressing on ANYHOW when this happens.


You are capable, no matter how much of your ‘shit’ is continually thrown up at you, either by your own fear mind or by the ‘concerned questions or wonderments of those around you’, of STILL pressing on.

You are capable of doing the work of your soul even when you FEEL like you don’t feel like it. Be a God damn soul and purpose led grown-up and have the discernment to know when your feelings are real or VALID vs a cover-up led by FEAR.
You are capable of committing to your biggest dreams even when every part of you is screaming you don’t deserve it yet, and that life couldn’t possibly be that good.
You are capable of setting your sights on the end goal, putting aside a small amount of energy and time and focus daily, and moving steadily in the direction of your fuck yes life even when the road ahead feels endless, fraught with danger and uncertainty, and part of you isn’t even sure if that’s actually what you want!

CLARITY will be revealed through action.
The ‘HOW’ will only show itself when you are already underway.
The muse will only show up when you make motherfucking space for it!

Stop complicating this shit, YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.

You said you would a decade ago, two, three, all of ’em.

You said you would every.single.yesterday that you can remember.

And now it’s today and now it’s today again and now it’s today again and yet still you’re trying to make it yesterday and that tomorrow is today.

No girl, no.

It’s very very simple:

You’re already doing the damn thing now, and bit by bit, without even barely seeing most days how it’s all unfolding, you are creating every single bit of your destiny and bringing your every dream to life, or?

You’re all fancy talk and bullshit.

But I’m sure you’ll be remembered for your kickass quotes and pretty pictures on the Internet.

So at least,

that’s somethin’.


It’s only your life.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 



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