My entire business is fun and flow and EPIC freakin’ fire / do what I want vibes, and has been for years, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been times I’ve given in and started to once again follow ‘the rules’.

I don’t mean somebody ELSE’S rules, or ‘the industry’s’, I quit that shit at least a decade ago. Since then, the rules I’ve most been likely to fall prey to are – my own ones! And not even real ones either, more so just a gradual creeping up of ideas of how I think I should do things.

I’ve navigated going from building a blog and never having heard of online marketing (’cause it was hardly a thing that long ago!) to building a nearly million $ biz with all $99 and under products in the digital fitness space, and STILL not hearing of online marketing, even though I was doing it, to then moving into the multi 7-figure success coach / biz coach world, and all with one or two VAs, to ultimately becoming one of ‘the’ most well known women in the space and also building an epic team!

I’ve created TENS of thousands of pieces of content, written THOUSANDS of long ass blogs, produced THOUSANDS of videos, and even over ONE thousand digital offers!

I’ve had times I’ve been burnt out, run down, over ALL of it, times my personal life was falling apart and I was fighting to keep my head above water, times somebody close to me started shape-shifting into something that broke my heart, times I lost clients, times launches dive bombed like they were winning an award for it, times I stayed up all night hustling, times I ignored my kids ’cause of work, you name it.

The Katrina Ruth ShowOn occasion I STILL have times where I step outside my own values, and my true path. But it’s pretty damn rare.

And here is what I think. When I look at all I’ve done, and all I do. As I sit here in my warehouse which I bought last year for an office / HQ, and which I love so.damn.hard, I am just SO happy in my own little (well, reasonably big actually haha) writing space which I even let my team come and work at sometimes. As I CONTINUE to sell brand new courses and make and write and do new things, even when I’ve created enough to repeat sell the same thing for 77 lifetimes!

I think –

the people who don’t get it, and hate / tear down / get ragey about ‘entrepreneurs who do this or that or say this or that or only about this or that or whatever’ … well, they don’t get it. And what they do not get is this:

there is no one path which will NEVER have its pitfalls, or its occasional moments of what the fuck am I doing, or its times when you find yourself OFF path. There is no way of doing business or LIFE where you occasionally won’t find yourself outside of your values, or doing it the uphill way.

Some of the biggest breakthroughs and dropping in to a greater depth of just being ME, and letting it be SO easy fun and flow (and fire! Gotta have that fire!) are off the back of when I forgot who I was for a minute. Started buying into ideas I’d somewhere made up in my head that I had to do this, or that, or the other thing. Or, simply, and this is ‘the’ kicker for for me – stopped putting my creative flow first, and giving THAT fire as much space or time as it required.

Over and over again, I think the biggest lesson I get to learn is: go into the flow. No matter what. Do not wait for clarity. No matter what. Put this first. No matter what. Stay there till you are done. No matter what! Oh, and let it be messy / random / too much / whatever. No matter what!

But here is another lesson which has taken me a time or three to really back. Maybe ’cause I sometimes get caught up in the BS of what I THINK others think of me, or in thinking I’m doing it wrong if somebody else perceives it as too ‘whatever’.

The lesson:

The way you always saw it being is THE way.

My business (this one!) makes multiple 7-figs consistently each year. We are highly profitable, and that’s even despite various extremely strategic wealth relevant expenditures which run through this biz. I also have income (quite significant!) through several other businesses, and through investments both traditional and more ‘edgy’.

How my business runs …

like the fact that I have a larger than needed team for the online space (although they do help with the other businesses as well!)

or the fact that I produce ‘WAY’ too much content and spend ‘way’ too much time on it and why am I still doing that

or the fact that I bought a commercial building as an office / warehouse / Kat studio / whatever it is

or the fact that when things are messy and too much and ‘hurt’ I LIKE pushing myself harder, and taking even MORE on (hint: it’s one of my secrets to TIME expansion, and also how I get so much done and have so much time to spare!)

or even that I run myself into a wall from time to time (probably every 18 months or so like a broken record haha) and get SO over EVERYTHING, before ultimately coming rearing up from the ashes like a phoenix of righteous glory and going to even GREATER heights with my money | flow | fire | fun | frequency of being ME –

ALL of it is how I saw it all being. I saw the big team. I saw the continual abundance and overflow of money. I saw the expensive lifestyle. I saw the wealth through multiple companies, fingers in more pies than anybody ‘needs’. I saw the investments taking off. I saw the NEVER ending content, WAY past the point of what anybody NEEDS. I even saw the stop drop and roll fall apart bits where I ran out of steam! As Grant Cardone said to me when I visited him once in his studio – “burn out! What’s burn out? You’re not a CANDLE, get back up and keep going!”.

I LOVED it. I LOVE being so damn in the fire that I take myself TOO far at times. Not just in business. But in fitness. Love. LIFE. ‘Cause guess what happens? I STRETCH baby. I GROW. My ability to be HELD to that fire increases. And babe –


Sometimes people try to make fun of me, or worse, because – ‘she spends too much time showing up or making content’. ‘She keeps selling new stuff rather than automating her existing stuff better’. ‘She’s still organic marketing, so sad, there’s so many better ways’. ‘She has too big of a team’. ‘She spends too much money’. ‘She publicly talks about having gone too hard and started hating everything’. Or whatever.

But – I always wanted to do all that content. Before I even knew I could monetize it I just wanted y’all to show up, shut up, and listen to me. I’d do it til the day I die even if I never make another cent!

I WANT to keep selling new stuff. I happily monetize TF outta the old mind you, as well. But yeah, not gonna stop creating.

I LOVE organic marketing. It is lifeblood for me, and fun. Shut up and listen to or watch me. While I sell on repeat BTS through my paid marketing FYI

I always SAW the big team, and being surrounded (when I want ’em near me haha) by vibes of many peoples doing things I wants them to. lol.

I always SAW big spending, big outgoings. And bigger than EVER returns, and overflow. So much I can’t keep up with!

I always SAW myself sharing my mess, my lessons, and even the times I hate all of ya because I haven’t been saying yes to me.

But most of all?

I always saw this. Me raging against the part of my mind that says ‘you can’t do that’. ‘That’s too much’. ‘You don’t need to spend that’. ‘Say that’. ‘Slow down’. ‘You should NEVER hate on your business’. Because what I really saw was this:

Me RISING. And rising. And motherfucking RISING. AD.IN.FIN.IT.UM! Like the motherfucking phoenix I am. Who sheds and SHREDS shit behind her that no longer serves her. Who EMBRACES the fact that sometimes how that next level inner diamond is revealed is by head-butting EVERYTHING that was at first stopping it from being seen.





So here is what I have to say to you:

Head down and fine AF booty fucking UP.


is the way it should be.

Too much, too expensive, too inappropriate, not ‘necessary’?

So fucking what. Make more money then, breathe it in faster, run into the wind til you cry, and then take a fucking nap. It’s also not necessary to go all in on being exactly who you always saw yourself being. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna do it!

I was born for the extremes baby. And you?