One of the things you will need to wrap your head around, if you wish to fully unleash the work you know is inside of you, is that your job is to be the damn messenger, who takes responsibility for the precious package she or he has been given.

This means doing whatever you need to do to ensure your art gets to breathe, live, THRIVE, and is carried on the waves of energy and the collective – or just shared on social media! – the way it was always meant to.

For me it’s helpful to view my art, my message, as a separate entity to ‘I’, or my ‘self’. It’s a living and breathing thing inside of me, which comes perhaps FROM me, perhaps through me, either way it is NOT me, it is something I have the duty of taking care of, which means NOT hiding away or pushing down, but instead allowing to flourish.

Viewed this way, it becomes easier to separate out ego, the ego within all artists and messengers, healers too, which says –

‘I’ am more important than this art, this message, this truth, and ‘I’, with my fears, and doubts, and worriments about whether or not I’m worthy, don’t think I can show up like that, be vulnerable like that, share my truth like that, what would people think or say?!

If you’d argue that you’re NOT trying to make yourself more important than your art, that in fact you actually think quite poorly of yourself a lot of the time and that’s why you don’t let what’s in out, then just answer me this –

Do you ever NOT say, share, create something which comes through you for any of the following reasons?

– Feeling unworthy
– Fear of what people would think, or say
– Feeling like the message or art itself is silly, boring, repetitive, or ‘everybody else has already said or done that’
– Feeling like ‘why would people want to hear or say that from ME, who am I that they’d want something I let out?!’
– Not making space or time, not only for the actual creation of the art but also for the necessary bubbling up that must come before that?

If yes, then what this means is that you are saying YOU, with your fears, doubts, uncertainties, or simply lack of prioritisation in your day to day schedule, matter more than what’s inside of you.

It’s MORE important to give in to the idea that you may not be good enough, or people wouldn’t want to hear or know about it, then what it is to DO YOUR DAMN JOB AND TAKE CARE OF THE PRECIOUS PACKAGE WHICH YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN.

THAT is some next level ego shiz-niz, isn’t it? And not in a good way!

What you have to realise is, you can CHOOSE to put your own ‘stuff’ aside, and just show up for your art.

What you have to REALISE is, that I, and indeed ANY amazing artist, messenger, leader, who you may marvel at, at how they show up, how powerful their truth is, how confident or sure of themselves they seem, or simply how consistent they are, had to CHOOSE to put my / our stuff aside, and just show up for our art.

For me to create the business and life I have, where I’ve allowed what I was given to live, and be seen and heard, and I’ve also allowed it to result in ever-increasing massive financial success, not to mention a life of purpose, passion, flow, I had to develop a practice of PUTTING MY OWN STUFF ASIDE.

This did not mean, and it does not mean –

– That I attained some sort of special superhuman confidence or badassery (I didn’t, I doubt myself SO often, and there’s times I feel like a COMPLETE fraud)
– That I somehow moved past wanting people to like me (I want EVERYONE to like and approve of me, I hate when they don’t!)
– That I think my messaging, my art is just SO freaking awesome each day (I FREQUENTLY feel like what I’m writing or saying is TOTAL drivel, not to mention that I am quite certain I just recycle the same stuff every 6 months or so … do I EVER say anything new?!)
– Or that I’m not wracked with doubt, uncertainty, fear, never mind just plain old feel like I don’t have TIME to get everything that’s in me out!

I had to make a choice.

I had to DECIDE.

I had to look to the future and acknowledge that if I didn’t start NOW, maybe I never would.

And then I had to choose to quit letting my BULLSHIT be bigger than my dreams, and acknowledge that what I had been given was a gift and it was my job to STEP ASIDE and be a worthy servant of that gift.

Day to day what that means is that I do what I need to do, to let what’s inside of me out. To do my damn job.

This means –

– Frequently canceling on, being late for, or simply not attending to things in business or life which, if I DID give my time and energy for, would result in me not having space and time to let the art flow
– Writing and creating whether I feel like it, or whether I don’t
– NEVER re-reading, proof reading, editing or in any way critiquing or trying to improve my art (my job is to be the messenger not the critic; same for you)
– Pressing publish even if it makes me feel sick (especially so!)
– ALWAYS honouring what I am guided to say or create, regardless of whether or not I think I’m good enough (I often don’t!)
– Having the damn discipline to put first things first, and in doing so accept that most other things in business and life just don’t end up getting done at ALL; this includes nearly all so-called ‘biz strategy’
– Having the foresight, and the stick-to-it-iveness to see that where my fame, fortune, fulfilment, and being in the right service would come from would be JUST THE ART, not the damn strategy
– Realising the art is the strategy, and acting accordingly, once again regardless of my own ‘stuff’
– Being disciplined enough to take care of my own needs in whatever way is needed in order to make space for that art. This means, and includes, daily HOURS spent on going within, daydreaming, meditiation, play, stillness, exploration, etc. Never making that ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, or feeling like I’m goofing off. Understanding that to be an artist I must nurture and coax out that art, or it’s just words on a page, not magic
– Believing in magic even when it feels impossible!

And SO much more besides, which I’ll no doubt think of as soon as I finish and post this!

To be this person, I have had to CHOOSE to be strong-minded and tunnel-visioned enough to block out what near to EVERYBODY has told me I should do, or is ‘just how it’s done’.

To this day, I REPEATEDLY require myself to walk away, turn away, break commitments, ignore and actively BLOCK OUT anything and anybody who would sway me from my purpose, and what I know I must do.

I have had to learn, and practice, and continue to practice, trusting in my own inner guidance.

Trusting in my own soul.

Trusting that NOBODY can know the path for me aside from me, and the ‘me’ is not the ego self or ‘I’, it is instead the higher self which I must connect to daily.

And of course do whatever is needed daily in order to allow that connection!

I think at this point in your journey, it’s time to simply acknowledge:

If you don’t go all in for what’s in you now, you may not ever.

EITHER you will press fully play, and create, be, do, all that is in you – 

Or you will continue to live a shadow life of bullshit, dipping your toes in the waters of truth but yet NEVER REALLY FEELING OR BEING IT.

There is no in between with this work.

And it is CONFRONTING and relentless, yes.

It’s not for the faint-hearted.

But in the end, it’s very very simple –

There’s no way around it.

And there is no other way to reach the peace, fulfilment, joy you crave, except to finally give in, and acknowledge –

When you say yes to your soul,

Life will say yes to you.

And the work which you came here to do?


So straighten up.
Stand up.
Square your shoulders.
And grit your teeth.



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