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Something you have to understand, and also drop into, if you’re ever to receive all that was always in store for you, is how deeply desired you are just BECAUSE you are.

You’re a part of creation desired and needed by life itself!

And the things you’ve learned which tell you that love – 

Adoration – 

Desire – 

Being wanted, honoured, needed –

Are all only available for you CONDITIONAL upon certain behaviours or ways of proving yourself?

These things, these learnings, these so-called ‘rules of life’, are BULLSHIT.

Not true now.

And never were.

The truth of the matter is that YOU ARRIVED PERFECT.



And with everything you need already accessible from within.

Does this mean you shouldn’t need to draw on what the outside world, including people in it, can offer you; of course not! You GET to experience all that life has to offer for you, you get to ADD to who you are through your relationships, and the things you create in life, or GIVE of your life to.

But NEED it, in order to be enough?

Need to DO any certain thing, in order to be worthy?

Need to BE a certain type of person, a perfectly sculpted and careful version of you, in order to be wanted, desired, loved?


Not this.

Never this.

The whole thing, if you think about it, is simply a process of stripping away; returning to the bare naked truth of your soul.

In every area of your life –

When you’ve finally had enough of the bullshit,

(largely perpetuated and bought into of course by your own self!),

and you’ve finally tried EVERY single way which requires you to go against your own grain and NOT be you,

and you’ve finally traveled almost to the ends of the earth in order to motherfreakin’ PROVE yourself, and be WORTHY of being wanted, accepted, seen,

you will return to you.

You will throw your hands up in the air, and with GREAT profundity and the voice of an angel, proclaim FUCK.THIS.SHIT.

NOW I’m just gonna be me.

NOW I’m just gonna say and show what I really think.

NOW they can see who I really am, and if they don’t like it then FUCK them!

Oh yes –

You’ll probably get a little angry when you reach this point.

Anger fed by the fire which has been building for so many years as you’ve FOUGHT SO VALIANTLY TO NOT BE YOU.

And what an exhausting journey THAT has been, no?!


So unfulfilling, as well, as every time you thought it was actually netting you something, getting you something, giving you enough points for the world to want and love you –

The floor fell away again.

The whole damn thing showed itself to be JUST so much nonsense.

And you realised with despair that you STILL didn’t measure up.

Goalposts moved AGAIN.

Not enough AGAIN.

Hanging on to dribs and drabs of the very medicine your soul requires to live, with desperation, and fear, and the ridiculous conditioned mindset that you BETTER MAKE SURE YOU DO IT RIGHT OR THE LITTLE YOU HAVE WILL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU.

When the whole time –

The ENTIRE time – 

For ALL of time – !

The answer was add nothing, just be you.

Trick up nothing, give in to being you.


See the areas of your life where it just works, and flows, and feels amazing, and the continual elevation of success is as natural as breathing, or if you can’t yet see this in yourself then see it in others, but SURELY you can think back to times when you did allow this, and ACKNOWLEDGE THE FOLLOWING –

It’s when you stopped trying so damn hard.

It’s when you quit the endless convoluted thinking.

It’s when you said ‘fuck that’ to the rules, the structure, the process.

It’s when you stopped caring about how you were perceived, what people think, whether you were toeing the line properly, meeting the targets of the times.

It’s when it all stripped away,

you dropped the mask,

and you decided that life ITSELF could take it or leave it but that YOU WERE JUST GONNA DO YOU.

So take a look around –

Where are you trying to measure up?

Do it right?

Meet the targets or requirements of others, of an industry, of an idea, of the world?

‘Win’ by following order, process, rules?

And where are you hiding the reality of who you’d be if you added nothing,

and just let your soul free?

The reason life has felt so difficult up til now, in so many ways, is simple:

Nobody told you that you were already wanted the entire time.

Just as you are.

And so you’ve spent the entire time trying to be everything,

EXCEPT what you are.

As you continue forward on your path, know this:

You are deeply desired by life itself.

Know it.

Trust it.

Choose it.

And just for a fun experiment –

Why not live by it?


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


Here’s the thing girlfriend.




You came here to be all of you, be all of you now.

And now?

It’s time.


10 Days with Katrina Ruth to Wake You Back Up to You. And Unleash the Game You’re Done Waiting For.

Day 1 LIVE Asskickery shooting into your soul in just a few days time!

DAILY you + me + God + soul to follow.


Is the do/not/miss time going into you that you’re soul has been hungering for and it’s it!

Here’s how it’s going down:

> 10 Days ALL new live online course with Katrina Ruth

> DAILY asskickery | activation | bulletproof coffee up the booty (that’s me)

> DAILY journal prompts | worksheets | exercises to get you going and flowing into ALL of you


> (this is crazy!) DAILY bonuses to help you implement our IDENTITY work in different areas of your business. Money. Body. Relationships. Life! Application of what we are working on out the wazoo!

> All trainings recorded and yours to keep for life in your Katrina Ruth Members Dashboard (training times will be announced day by day as we begin. Day 1 live asskickery at XXXX. Training times will vary day to day to account for students all around the world!

> Live Facebook Group with Kat and the #KatNinjas throughout

> IMMEDIATE and then DAILY and then FOREVER AFTER switch flickin’ into YOU as soon as you say yes! (That is just how this works).

What to expect, from this time together?

Every.single.thing. you’ve always known was there within.

> Certainty. Of soul, of God, of what flow requires, of, well, everything.
> Ability to always know the right decision to make, and how to make it. NO MATTER WHAT.
> Courage and abilily and inner strength to then ACT as you need to
> Ability and soul certainty walk away. Know what to walk away from. Shred and burn. Immediately and as required. Amen.
> ALWAYS ability to access flow. Message certainty. Soul guidance on what you create, unleash, how, to whom.
> Magnetism. Activated. From within. To and from your soul peeps. In all areas.
> Money certainty, where it comes from, how to inhale / exhale it, infinitely, PEACE on this.
> Peace. In general. Where it comes from. How to be IN it. How to return to it when it seems far away.
> Moving through the ‘woods’ of business, of life, of you. Recognising it. Being okay with it!
> Leaning in. Surrender. The things that go with this. How to let it be easy, happy, a joy!
> JOY. From God. From within. All THROUGH you. AS IT WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.
> Forgiveness, and grace. Where you know it comes from. How to receive it fully.
> RECEIVING. Unlocking the portals to. Opening up the floodgates. Seeing where you dial it back. Stopping that shit!
> Turning up the dial in all areas. What it means, and how.
> BEING the mofo light. Being all of it. Owning your too muchness! SWAYING with it.
> Being in the dance with God and soul and life and ALWAYS knowing your next move. ALL of that. And so much more.
> Creating. Being the artist the messenger the performer the leader the shift the YOU, who just lets it flood out. Knowing what works. Does not. How to release. Go deeper. And also? Sell TF outta that game.
> Being the leader NOW. Appointing yourself. What it means and why you’re already pre-approved.
> BIRTHRIGHT. Accessing and owning your soul blueprint. The blueprint of YOU. Of purpose. And destiny. And truth. Let’s go!

You want more?

There’s so much more.

^^ This? Is the warm-up, the first bit of what dropped through to me when I felt in to this, allowed it to come through, for you.

We will see what unfolds,
when it unfolds,
when we enter this dance,

But what this is really about, and why you know you need to be here?

You’re done with playing the game of waiting to play the damn game.

Identity, baby.


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