Find Way Because It’s Never Either Or


I don’t write every day in order to produce blogs, or social media content, or sales emails, or really, anything at all.

I don’t pour my heart out on the internet because I think it’s required for business, or to be helpful, or to make money.

I don’t rain forth a vomit spew of fire and gold and soul downloads all over you each day because I think that you need it or that I should.

I do it because I can’t not.

Because it’s a thing in me which wants to come out.

And because I’ve experimented enough, over the years, with what happens and how I feel when I don’t just get out of the way,

move aside,

and let it out, any which way it pleases.

The fact that this daily RELEASE has formulated the basis of a very successful online business,

several hundred products and courses,

paying customers in 114 countries at last count,

hundreds of thousands of people who still read or watch or participate in SOME form with said word vomit,

and the attainment in all ways of the life I used to sit and dream about in a journal a hundred or so iterations before today’s one,

is kind of by the by.

Do you get it yet?

The rule for those who are called to share what’s in them, those like you and like me, is:

Share what’s in you.

Share it no matter what.

Share it DAILY, or very close to, in some way or shape or form.

Just let it out!

Oh, and let it out how IT wants to come out.

As to where and for whom and when exactly and how and why, meh –

it really doesn’t matter.

You’ll find your way with that over time. Let the work REVEAL it to you.

And as for the fear of never doing anything ‘real’ … of your work not being tangible enough … of needing structure, order, systemisation, STRATEGY, to succeed,


I guess that depends on what ‘succeed’ means to you,

and on how boldly you’re willing to believe you get to do ALL THINGS YOUR WAY.

That’s not to say that messengers and artists and the self-proclaimed ‘crazy ones’, who can’t stop won’t stop and MUST put what’s in them first, can’t build structure.



And more.


And, more importantly, whatever you decide.

But what if the art and the randomness also unveiled to you the structure and the core? What if the all over the place bits BECAME a strategy and a foundation? Or, if that’s too complicated to concern yourself with, what if you just COMMITTED to the more ‘real’ bits you want, whatever they happen to be. What if you just DECIDED –

I will have THIS legacy piece and THIS powerful pillar and THAT last-through-the-ages structure over there!

How does an artist who can’t NOT build serious biz-niz-y growth things like that?

She decides.

She makes space for it in her day, her energy, her soul.

She sits her butt in that space.

She stays committed to her vision and her decision.

She lets the space be filled and the way be shown!

(And if she’s anything like me, she probably also decides it will just be easy and flow and fun, no matter what she first thought about it!)


it’s really all just about tethering in your outcomes.

You will GET and BECOME whatever you move yourself towards. Often times, the parts of you that you thought to be most irrelevant or messy will become a pivotal building block of the thing. But either way … you’ll build the thing because you decided to build the thing.

So stop worrying about what about you isn’t enough, or right, or like the others. And quit trying to make wrong or bad or not proper enough the parts of you that flow the most easily.

And just decide:

What do you want to build?

There is zero possibility that you saying yes to the truest expression of your soul is a block to you having what you want, and becoming who and what you’re meant to be. If you’re experiencing that right now, it’s just because you bought into a belief that it’s either / or.


It’s never either / or. That’s just not how life works. Opt out of the lies that tell you your way forward is by compressing parts of you that want to come out. And just choose it mofo all.