“You’re losing a lot of your close followers, Kat”

“I just can’t buy from someone like you”

“I’m appalled at your posts lately, and how you’re shaming / mocking people”

“You’re just trying to get engagement by polarising people”

“You posted a photo with her because she is more popular than you and it would help you get more attention so more people can see you push your agenda”

“You’re trying to influence people with false facts!”

“You’re showing your privilege, just because you don’t want to be INCONVENIENCED”.

“You’re just being so flippant, you’re showing who you really are and how much you don’t care!”


and on.

and on.

Actually, as I mentioned to a VIP client on a 1:1 call this morning, it’s really not that common of a thing that I get any sort of ‘hate’.

Considering the size of my overall following, and how apparently polarising / controversial / in your face I am, I think a lot of people would expect me to have a lot more hate online or pushback than what I do, when the truth is? It’s really not a thing. Well, it’s only very RARELY a thing, and usually when I find myself somehow inadvertently or directly messaging on something that connects in some way to American politics or culture. Which basically means anything to do with the current state of the world haha.

So yeah – I don’t walk around talking or thinking or hearing from ‘haters’, and I really don’t even consider it. Now and then though, I manage to stir up some shit and all of a sudden a lil wave of people earnestly shaking their fists at me like angry hairy villagers comes at me, and at some point eventually I peer out of my bubble for long enough (monocle on, is how I see this visual) in order to sort of notice it.

Today I feel like writing about it.

And about laying down some stuff to helpfully move you along if you’re not sure whether or not you like me or whether or not you care to remain in the presence of somebody who does not think | breathe | move | believe | operate exactly like you, to the dot point, in all ways.

Before I get any comments around why I am giving the idea of ‘haters’ attention, the reason is literally – because I feel like writing about it. My rule is simple. Let the message be the message. Never question the message. Be responsible to the damn message. Let the message out no matter what you feel about it. Move da fuck on with your day. The End!

Also – it’s a pretty Kindergarten level understanding of manifestation if you think that talking about something always automatically creates more of it

And – I don’t actually remotely see this as something negative or bad or contractive to talk about anyways. Really this is a conversation about ALIGNMENT.

Actually I quite enjoy all those sort of comments and conversations, because I love a good slashing of the word knives, witty repartee, and so on, and I’ll admit I do find it a hilarious reminder of the absolute ridiculousness of people who live from reactivity and have zero understanding of how to connect to core. It also makes me grateful for my own intellect, and the intellect and groundedness and truth of those who I am close to, and surround myself with

A follow on reason to the above is, I know that when I share my thoughts and beliefs around this sort of thing it is always INSANELY helpful / useful to people in my community who are either STILL not fully being all of them, not yet relaxing into letting whatever comes out come out, in part because they are scared of getting their head ripped off or being perceived as BAD, stupid, whatever –

or who ARE doing the thing of just being whoever they are, but are not yet quite dropped in on how to roll with any pushback.

The comments above are all examples of ones I’ve received in the last few days, mostly as a follow on of the post I put up about ‘it’s not just a mask’. A follow on to the actual post as well as to how I’ve responded in comments, where I’ve done so. Mostly I just message whatever pops out of me, and then I continue merrily along on my way and don’t even remember to go look at comments. On occasion they catch my attention and I answer, but really I could not give a fuck whether or not I engage with all my comments.

I’m the freakin’ headline act baby, I deliver the show, I AM the show, my job is to let the performance out I don’t then come down off the stage and answer every comment or opinion. Except on the odd occasion when I feel like it.

Here are some thoughts,

and by the way, these thoughts are relevant to UNDERSTANDING WHAT PURPOSE AND SOUL AND GOD LED MESSAGING AND EMPIRE CREATION is all about.

To doing biz and life and you from motherfreakin’ flow baby!

Let’s begin.

99 Reasons Why You Should Quit Following Me Now, Leave, Get Out, and Tell All Your Friends, Too!

1) “You’re losing a lot of your close followers, Kat”

Aka: I’m probably going to say something to infuriate or sadden or upset you at some point anyway, so you should just leave now.

Of course this would NEVER happen because you got as trigger happy as the road runner on speed and just started zooming your face off all over the place without paying any attention to, or, it has to be said, without having the intellect or ABILITY to be able to understand my actual message.

Never! Who would suggest such a thing! Clearly I am just here to rant and rave about stuff for the fun of it, I would never commit to only EVER posting what I actually believe in and stand for, no matter what, and then just doing it. Never!

I’m sure it’s not at all possible that I truly value the message and what I am God and soul led to share above what anybody thinks of me!

Not at all …

#KatThought: it is literally not possible for me to lose close followers. Like … this possibility does not exist. Because my actual close followers see me, get me, know who I am at my core and that my highest value ahead of God / soul is being of service via my message. The know that everything I write / share / etc, whether or not they personally agree with it, is something I absolutely believe and that comes from a place of love and deep deep desire to connect people back to their own deepest truth.

Also – they do not require me to have the same beliefs about life, in all possible regards, as them. They are in my space because I am being all of ME, and it empowers and remembers them to be all of THEM.

If you want to leave because I have offended / upset / triggered TF outta you, cool. Go, with my blessing. Namafuckingste. But don’t throw down at me with your 5 year old level (insult to 5 year olds, sorry) threat that I am losing all my closest followers. HAHAHAH. If you leave because of this sort of shit, you never knew me. You just liked my message when it validated your own feel good fuzzies about who and what you believe you were born to be. But you’re unwilling to actually go deep, operate from core, or see beyond the surface of how you are told and conditioned to think.

This is also why you are not anywhere near as great as what you could be at building a following or making money. Because baby you just don’t have CORE. And it shows. Messy like, and not in the good way.

2) “I just can’t buy from someone like you”

Aka: I need my mentors to validate and affirm every single thing I think, all the time.

#KatThought: Yeah … nah. That’s, like … not a thing. Personally I don’t believe it should be a thing. It is certainly not a thing I am capable of offering! I wouldn’t know how if I tried. What I TEACH, and live and breathe, is to be all that you are, from the core, screw what anybody has to think about it or whether it rocks the boat. Not because I, and those few truly badass souls who show up like me, need to polarise or rock boats and shit. But because that tends to be a natural byproduct of being all of you.

So … um … you want me to do that so long as it fits in with your marshmallow rainbow idea of playing NICE? So long as it doesn’t poke at your uncertainties or discomforts, and call you forward to considering a deeper truth, a way of seeing things beyond how you are being spoon fed to see them?

No can do.

Spoon feeding mentors who will helpfully aeroplane into your gaping wide gob the same insipid sugary bullshit that the media and your government and most of your Dormouse-esque friends will offer you are a time a dozen. Go get angry together! Get fired up! Yell about the meanies like me who question things, see beyond the surface, do their own research! IF YOU YELL LOUDER THAT MAKES IT REAL.

And for the love of God, get outta my space. I got no spoons to feed you with baby. Might smack you with one though!

3) “I’m appalled at your posts lately, and how you’re shaming / mocking people”

*weary head shake and sigh*

Is this because Aussies live and breathe a bit of shit-giving as part of their way of showing love, prompting others to learn and grow, or just to have fun? Sorry, you know I love my international folks and many of you have got balls and backbone, but a lot of you are run to Mummy snowflake types the second the languaging doesn’t fit your idea of talking NICE. Let’s just remember true kindness, love, care for others doesn’t always sound prim and proper and NICE. You are so unable to actually take something for where it came from. You see someone who is grounded in their core, and unshakeable from their truth, as being nasty or shaming, etc. It’s ridiculous.

I’m literally never here to mock or shame anybody. If you feel that, that’s your perception. Which you are certainly entitled to. I’d take that entitlement elsewhere, ’cause you KNOW I’m just gonna keep rubbing on those triggers. The reality you MAY eventually see is that everthing I do comes from soul, my deepest ‘beyond my own human shit’ truth, and heart.

If people want to get offended, as they so often easily do, just because I am one of the few people out there who is strong enough to stand in my truth and not be swayed by doing what is considered socially or politically correct, then so be it.

I would consider why you found yourself in my space anyway, and what being ACTUALLY true to you from core would look like. I’d also consider that the point of social media or indeed LIFE is not to encourage conversation / existence that is basically led by a mess of faceless zombie clones because everybody is too scared to deviate from the accepted or government led reality.

I’d suggest going beyond your trigger reactivity, and looking into what it would really mean to have a society in which everybody is too afraid to speak their full truth, and whether standing against conversations around difference of beliefs or understanding of how the world works is truly something that aligns for you.

There is too much overly precious, be careful what you say behaviour going on out there. The world really could use some desnowflaking about now!

Don’t like it, want the zombies, love the zombies, need the zombies? COOL. They err’where baby. Start by looking in the mirror. But get outta here, you might accidentally become full human if you don’t!

^^ btw. This is about life, not current world sitch. Although both, obviously.

4) “You’re just trying to get engagement by polarising people”

Yes. You should leave because all I try and do is stir shit up, so I can get likes.


Actually I had a multi-million dollar per year business before I was even active on Instagram … and with minimal overall engagement and likes compared with the typical person out there who knows how to post for engagement. I make the money I make and have the soul following I do, because I decided to. I keep deciding. I then carry on being true to God and my message, that’s it.

I literally never post to polarise, or for engagement. I don’t think that much. I just post whatever TF comes through me. I am usually startled when things do blow up. Because I was just la-di-dahing along in my bubble and truly didn’t even consider how people would react.

As I teach my clients and students – I post what comes through me, regardless of my own or others possible discomfort, and then I move on with my life.

Might I suggest that just because YOU think the point of social media is to try and engineer reactions from people, that that doesn’t mean that’s what everybody else is doing.

I actually believe in my art and crazy enough to know that the right people will be magnetized to me no matter how little I ever concern myself for where they’re coming from. Indeed you might say that’s my strategy.

5) “You posted a photo with Amanda Frances because she is more popular than you and it would help you get more attention so more people can see you push your agenda”

BAHAHAHAHAH, this is the funniest one I’ve had in ages. I actually belly chuckled. Rolling my eyes at the same time. How TF does someone make that sort of a leap, like wutttttttt? I guess it’s an insight into how this particular commentor’s mind works.

So yeah, watch out. If you’re a private client of mine for years like Amanda was, and then you become one of my best friends, I might POST PHOTOS WITH YOU ON MY INSTAGRAM, SO THAT THEN WHEN I POST MY NEXT POLARISING POST I PICK UP SOME OF YOUR AUDIENCE.

I mean, I certainly played the long game on that one, what with building the relationship for 4+ years before I acted and all, but you know – gotta keep on eye on me for that.

Further #KatThought: Who in God’s good name would even think of the idea of posting pics with someone in order to someone leverage engagement on their next post? Omg. Oh, that’s right – people who do not understand where aligned success and soul actually begins, or ends. People who are trying to get people to pay them or follow them, rather than be a messenger ahead and above ALL outcomes. So yeah … fair few peeps there.

I’m still laughing about this one days later.

6) “You’re trying to influence people with false facts!”

Yep, you should leave right now because I may assume at some point you are incapable of thinking for yourself (well, I mean, you may prove that without me having to think it hehe), and so I will TRY TO SWAY YOU TO THINK LIKE ME.


#KatThought – I don’t want you to be like me, besides, you’d suck at it. I am the best at it. The position has been FILLED, by me, Katrina Ruth, to be Katrina Ruth, so, um, you can be you I guess. Soz. Note: I have zero interest ever in influencing people to think or believe like me. This is like the polarisation / engagement thing. I am literally never concerning myself with these things. The only thing I want to influence people to do is to be, from the core, all that THEY were meant to be. And as far as what I post … it’s always about the message, and that is it.

7) “You’re showing your privilege, just because you don’t want to be INCONVENIENCED”.

Hm, yes, you should unsub and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TOO because I am a privileged asshole sitting in her castle on the Gold Coast just trying to stir shit up and tell people how to think, and also I sleep on 8 piled up goose-feathered mattresses and don’t deign to come down and talk to ANYBODY. Plus I have cherries fed to me daily by unmasked men, too!

Orrrrr –

How ’bout these apples:

#KatThought: Ha. I literally am on record a million times over talking about how much I love purposeful pain, inconvenience, discipline beyond my comfort zone, and so on. I LIVE for that shit. I could not give a shit about inconvenience. Anything I post is a reflection of a deeper truth, often one alluded to and not paint-by-numbers spelled out in the post. I get that some people NEED the paint-by-numbers in order to even begin to understand my point, and that maybe you are one of them, and want to demand I explain myself, forthwith, but actually I wasn’t talking to you anyway.

I only ever talk to those who are meant to hear. And I’m not a debate participant, I’m a messenger / artist, so nah, not going to come down and help you join dots love. I’m busy up here on the stage!

8)) You don’t care about people / you are being so flippant / you’re a meanie!

Yeah, I mean, I guess it’s not possible that I’ve made well into my second batch of 8 figures online, and have thousands and thousands of people all around the world who repeat buy my shit because it heals them back into who they always were, and NEVER have they found a mentor who so continually empowers them to be ALL of them, and I guess it’s also not possible that every person who knows me IRL refers to me as being one of the kindest and most humble and caring people they know because, uh –

I don’t care about people.

#KatThoughts – I can’t even even, but allow me to try –

I’m not being at all flippant. If I felt that way, I’d ignore you. Also if I ignore you, that doesn’t mean I feel that way, I may just be in my zone, being me.

I would suggest you go actually pay attention to the messaging in my posts before judging them, if you do wish to analyse them. Which I’d probably recommend not doing, because your thinking is just not on a wavelength that is a match for mine. Again – you have completely missed the point. My primary care and concern is ALWAYS and ONLY a) follow God / soul, and b) what is best for people / humanity. Triggering people who want to be spoon-fed by the media with posts is something that I am conscious will continue to occur by virtue of me just being me.

I would recommend you go deeper, for your own sake and for others. And also perhaps training yourself out of being so damn reactive. It’s kind of low vibe.

Reasons 9 through 99)

I’m gonna keep on being me, all of me, and I’m gonna say WHATEVER I am led to say, however I am led to say it, to wake you TF up back to being who you were actually born to be, from core.

First and foremost and ONLY ever messaging / unleashing my art for the sole purpose of … messaging / unleashing my art.

I could not give a shiny red monkeys ass if you leave and take all of your friends, even though I still want everyone to love me and think I’m amazing. So yeah, it’s not that I don’t care. It’s that I care MORE about giving my life to what it was given to me for, and that’s what I contracted to years ago.

If I thought me speaking my truth would lead to NOBODY liking me ever again, and me losing all my money, possessions, business, everything, I’d still do it. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Unlike most of the people out there trying to do God knows what on the ‘net, I actually chose years ago that I would let the message out, no matter what, daily, forever, even if I never made another cent again, AND I MEANT IT.

I still mean it.

So, take whatever you feel you can from me, starting with yourself. I have God and my truth, which means I have everything.

Please direct all complaints to wedontgiveafuck@thekatrinaruthshow.com/

Which is to say – wecaremoreaboutsoulsomushmush. @thekatrinaruthshow.com

Also –

I love ya

Whether or not you’re supposed to play life with me.

That’s all!