When I was growing up, one of the things I got it into my head to be most scared of, was the idea that at some point I would probably be persecuted for being Christian.

I don’t think this was at all a dominant message from my church, my family, or anyone, in actual fact I had a (very heavily engaged) church upbringing that was filled with joy, positivity, inclusion, fun, and yes – God

But somewhere along the way, I took it on board.

That Christians in general were gonna be persecuted.

And that I specifically was gonna be up for it BIG time at some point.

The idea of witnessing (sharing about God and Jesus) was something that was spoken of often, but (again, not sure if this was just my perception or if it WAS ‘drummed in’) seemed to be with an understanding that it would AUTOMATICALLY come hand in hand with people shunning you, looking down on you, mocking you, thinking you’re crazy, or just not wanting to listen.

And let’s not even talk about the end times stuff! We all knew and have been told the whole TIME what could be in store for us there!

So yes.

The truth is I lived, have lived, for as long as I can remember, with the idea that persecution WILL come, and is waiting at any point in time when I might choose to be too vocal about my beliefs.

I think I have spent a lot of time in the back of my mind scared of it, wanting to hide from or avoid it, and being drained to some degree by just the very idea of it… all the while living in some sort of deep down certainty that at some point it WILL come, and it will be FULL ON AND MAYBE TOO MUCH TO BEAR.

Not that I thought about it an overt way too often, but if I did I suppose my general belief or idea was that when it did come it would be violently brutal and extreme, and require massive luck or skill and of course supernatural power and support to be able to dance through, and prevail.

BUT! PREVAIL I HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN GOD WILL. And yeah, somewhere deep down I’ve also always expected that when shit gets real, God will take care of me.

Here is what I did NOT consider though, until pretty recently:

>>> Persecution is for many people, including many Christians, and also this applies to many people with ANY sort of strong or uncommon belief, something that is about the insidious and subtle day by day stuff, rather than ‘big huge stuff which happens all at once’.

Yes. Of course big huge and REALLY freaking real stuff can and DOES happen, and indeed could still happen for any human on the face of the earth.


For many of us, the ‘end times’ fears we’ve walked around with are already here.

Is this a naive statement, ignorant of just how much MORE real and crazy our world could get? No, I don’t believe so. There’s always another level to drop into… including another level of what in the actual FUCK is happening in the world. The BIBLICAL end times could be right around the corner … or it could be hundreds of years away.

As has always been the case, and always WILL be, until it’s not.

Oh, and by the way – you KNOW I’m not just talking about Christianity right now.

I am talking about being any sort of person who has something they believe in,

stand for,

KNOW in their heart,

and know the world needs to HEAR,

and NOT STANDING UP FOR IT, because you’ve been – whether by others or your own fear mind – programmed to believe that bad stuff will happen when you do. And that maybe right now you’re not ready for handling that. But that one day it will be time, and you’ll have to, and you assume that at that point in time you’ll somehow know and / or have no choice.


> You with a message
> You with spiritual and supernatural truths the world needs to hear
> You whose people / race have been persecuted for the ENTIRE FREAKING TIME
> You who have things to say and are not saying them

That time is here.
That time is here.

Look around –

Every man and their dog is being persecuted on the internet ANYWAY these days, and largely they’re not even getting that for fully standing in their truth!! Mostly what’s being fought over, war waged on, shots fired (literal or no) is based on people who are REACTING to who they think they need to be.

Look around (social media) –

It’s a reactive shit-storm

Whether on world news / realities
Conspiracy theory
Spirituality (let’s not forget this is NOT the same as the last)
Fuck, even nutrition, parenting, any sort of day to day thing never mind the BIG stuff


So my question to you is –

At what point in time do you think you might wanna actually stand the fuck up for what you really are here to stand for?

Since, whether you do or whether you don’t either way you’re liable to get your head ripped off just for poking it out these days!

Listen –

I actually don’t buy the story anymore, of living in fear of persecution. I take responsibility that I CREATED THAT. Maybe it was told to me a lot … in fact, I am sure that it DEFINITELY was, because even in recent times I have had extended family members talk about what’s coming for Christians.

Maybe you’ve had this for you, as well. In business. To do with race. To do with your leanings, viewpoints. For being a Mum. Who knows!

I know for sure I learned a LOT of that growing up. Whether or not I took more of it on board than what was really passed over to me, who knows.

Here is what I do know right now –

Yeah, anything can happen and maybe will. Yeah, REAL (and really scary) persecution is possible, and you know I don’t just mean on social media! But also, yeah – it already DOES happen. Social media, with all its amazing benefits, is just the perfect breeding ground for it.

‘kayyyyy, so obviously social media persecution has got NOTHING on stuff that can and DOES happen on the streets of the real world.

But here is my point –

On or offline, no matter how carefully you tippy-toe around the place, YOU MIGHT GET EATEN ALIVE ANYWAY.

Do it for what counts.
Do it for what counts.
Do it for what counts.
And do it NOW.

Now here is what else –

The truth of the matter is, I stand pretty damn strong in my beliefs and have done so for years.

As an entrepreneur, I’m known for not pulling any punches, and for triggering the FARK outta peeps left right and centre. Seems like sometimes my very existence pisses people off!

And that’s even before I added in a pretty strong God message.


When I EXPECTED people to hate on me in business I got it.

Nowadays … again, not trying to be naive … always aware of what is ‘possible’ … but the truth is, the stronger I stand in MY truth,

on business
on God
on life

the more the RIGHT people hear, and are thankful!

I find that the more I speak about God (and also about ANY supposedly triggering or controversial business-y thing) the more people WANT to hear what I have to say,

are thankful AF

soak it up

demand more!

The truth is that I actually opted out a while ago of living in fear of persecution.

And when I did … it (99.99% of the time) stopped being a thing.

Will it / could it / one day be? Sure. Will I CONTINUE to back myself in what I know I’m here to stand for. YES. Do I wish I had have WAITED A LITTLE LONGER TO BACK MYSELF IN BEING ALL OF ME?

To the.

And that’s what it all comes down to in the end, isn’t it?

Are you EVER going to look back, and say “gee. I really wish I had have waited a little longer to stand up for what I believe in”?


And THAT is my actual point.

Now go stick your head out the damn window and say the things you’ve been waiting to be ready to say.

Maybe somebody’s gonna rip it off. 😉

Maybe an entire generation and beyond of peeps are gonna thank you.

Either way,

You came here to be you.

I’d suggest you go do that.