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Yesterday my Gold Coast Hustle House kinda sorta ‘fell apart’.

At lunchtime we were in our bubble, conscious of what’s going on of course, and checking the news in a mostly contained and orderly or intentional fashion, and within an hour or two from lunch the cracks were starting to show.

With border closures impending and, frankly, bizarrely short cut-off times to get across said borders and back to your family, all of a sudden it was no longer feeling like a smart idea to just keep dropping in deeper to the Hustle Flow vortex which we began only a day before. Things are moving quickly here, as they are worldwide, and most would say this is a good thing.

By early evening it was clear that the ladies would each be adjusting their plans, and that we’d be finishing things here early. I assured everybody that, when the dust on this all settles, we’ll either find a way to all meet together again, or I will do individual VIP days with them or something. We’ll work it out. There’s no way anyone needs to worry about missing out on that time with me on top of worrying about everything else! Of course everybody knew to prioritise instant action to get back to their families … at the same time, of COURSE, being human and all, they were and are disappointed, frustrated, sad, to not have had the experience here with me that was planned.

As am I!! It’s so strange waking up this morning with the house now empty aside from one of my ladies and I. I feel so grateful everyone has been able to mobilise in the way they needed to – and I’m also so grateful my ex-husband managed to get a flight back here to the Gold Coast with our kids, before they got stuck down in Victoria – but I’m also disappointed. This work is amongst my favourite work to do, and it is DAMN powerful. It got cut short, and, while I can fully appreciate and also agree that it HAD to be, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel sad.


There is never any point in complaining how stormy the sea is … in taking it personally … or in pretending it’s not a thing! The landscape of life each day IS the landscape of life, and all we can do, and what we MUST do, is roll with it.

Pretending it’s not real, regardless of the REASONS the sea might be stormy, and what you think about that, is not a thang! Not a thang I’d suggest, anyhow. It is. What it is. And that is all that it is. Now, what is true FROM that, for you, and which move do ya need to make?

It’s a little difficult right now to not feel like everything is bullshit, the crazy ass moves being made by governments and people alike, the VERY bizarre choices we’ve in some cases heard come through in the media (let’s not even consider the word of mouth ones!), and the fact that everything is changing not even just daily, but often it seems by the MINUTE.

There is a lot of conflicting information.

Some rationale that seems to defy even the most extreme logic.

And I think for each of us, at least to some degree, a bit of back and forth in the mind on ‘what to do’.

Here is what I know we all definitely could benefit from doing, regardless of our current country / home / individual circumstances:

You never had stability from the world anyway. And if you thought you did, then guess what? You never understood life yet, anyway.

Last night, after decisions were made and it was clear that zero action could be taken for the rest of that evening, to get back on the road, we went to sit outdoors (properly spaced out!) at dinner at my favourite Italian restaurant. Supporting local business while we still can! Little did we know we were eating dinner out on the final night that restaurants would be allowed open here. They now close to seated diners as of midday today.

Anyway –

As we drove along, talking mostly of the news and updates, still trying to get clarity on these border closures, I said to the girls –

The thing that people are going to have to learn very fast right now, is that when you can’t get your stability from the outside world, you have to find it within.

>>> When you can’t draw stability from the outside world, you have to draw on it from within. <<<

I don’t know about you, but to me, and to my clients, this feels like a breath of air.

It’s a reminder of where UNSHAKABILITY lies, if we allow it to.

A reminder that no matter what is going on, and no matter what we think about it, we still get to choose our core.

Many people seem to genuinely think that reacting with hysteria is appropriate right now. Many of them do not realise they are reacting with hysteria. Many think they are making logical decisions. Many do not realise that not only is their INNER state controlled by the virus, whether or not they or anybody they know ever get it, their inner state is also controlled by fear. By what if. By panic. And by the mish-mash of God knows what is true news traversing their social media feed!

“Why don’t people realise how they’re reacting?! I don’t get how they can’t see it?!”, somebody said to me yesterday.

“But wondering how they don’t get it”, I said, “is like wondering why a baby doesn’t get up and walk. They don’t have the tools. They literally do NOT have the inner tools. Some will shape-shift through this and figure it out FAST. Many will crumble, in many ways”.

It is what it is.

And that is all it is.

But here is what is for me, for my clients, and for you:

You KNOW how to draw on inner strength.

You UNDERSTAND what it means to find stability within.

And, even though at times over this last several days, several weeks, you may have forgotten to breathe and connect in to you, you do also know that if you try to find your stability and calm from the world around you, rather than from within, not only are you fighting a losing battle –

you are also blocking off your ability to access the parts of you that you need most right now.

Not just for your own self, sanity, access to creative flow, ideas, certainty, and the groundedness to know what action is right for you to taken, then the strength to take it!

But for those who you are here for.

Sister. Brother. Friend. LEADER.

Take a breath.

Connect back to you.


You never depended on stability from the outside world anyway.

Did you?


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