Maybe It's Just Meant to be Hard
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Maybe It’s Just Meant to be Hard

I think we spend all of this time searching for a way to make things work where it is ‘easy’, and it, well, just works.

But what if it’s just meant to be hard forEVER?

Tell me honestly: can you commit, right now, to staying the course with your business (or with any life goal) if you knew for a FACT that it was never going to ‘just be easy’?

I know I write a lot about how simple my business is, and even how easy it is, and so perhaps I’m guilty of perpetuating the idea that when I say it’s easy? It’s actually fucking easy. (I know, but stay with me here …)

See here’s the thing about easy. It’s a state of mind. It’s like how if you love going to the gym and you truly get off on doing what’s necessary to be in great shape you’d talk about how much you love it, how it fires you up, and that’s also how you FEEL but at the same time it’s true that you at times feel you’re possibly going to die or if not certainly your lungs will explode, you’ll pass out or puke or maybe all 3 at once. And that’s not even mentioning the at times torturous pain.

BUT YET YOU LOVE IT. And so the truth is … like some kind of (or an actual) masochistic weirdo you get off on that pain. And so the bigger truth is it wouldn’t really occur to you to tell someone how much it hurts, because, well, of course it fucking hurts like something 99.99% of people can’t imagine and WOULD NOT PUT THEMSELVES THROUGH but yet you LOVE IT.

So that’s what you focus on.

Yes, because it gets you to your goals but also?

Because you fucking love it!

So when people ask you what it’s like to workout you might talk about how great it makes you feel or how you love the strength and power or even how it’s fun and you might certainly mention that ‘of course you have to push yourself’, but unless someone has seen you train, or, really, been through that themselves, they will never get it.

And most people when they first experience the level of training intensity it takes to be in RIDICULOUSLY good shape go screaming for the hills or simply just don’t keep DOING IT.


In business it’s the same thing. I had this conversation over lunch yesterday with two of my inner circle ‪#‎society‬ clients. We’re here in Bali right now, surrounded by luxury – about to spend a day heading out to the rice fields and a coffee and chocolate plantation, yay – for a retreat I’m running for them. They’ve both worked with me for a year or so, give or take, and in that time have achieved incredible things in business and in terms of personal growth and determination. COURAGE is one of the key essentials to business success as God knows it takes a brave person to keep playing this game over and over again, and both these women have that in spades.

One of the things that came up is how ‘my stuff just sells so easily because it’s me’, and I have a big following, or whatever.

And at first I agreed, I mean I always talk about how easy it is to sell when you’re in alignment, how my writing is what brings in my money how all I DO really is write and speak and create and hang out with cool kickass chicks online and how it really is just so fun and EASY.

And it is … that’s how I feel. Every day I feel so God damn blessed to live this life, not just to be location free and traveling the world in fine style but to be making let’s face it a killing just by, well, writing shit that’s on my heart. Or saying it. And then helping my clients get their head in the game and their ass into alignment.

But the truth is that when I say it’s easy?

It’s fucking hard work.

At times it’s torture.

It NEVER ends.

I battle resistance DAILY in some form.

I still experience fear and self-doubt all the time!

Not ‘everything’ I launch sells, some things still flop!

Okay Kat, I hear you think. Yes yes resistance and fear and so on but at the end of the day people love you and you make great money from writing and just being you.

Yes … that’s true … and yes, the stuff that makes me the bulk of my income – aka my writing and speaking – often takes only an hour or so a a day.

Although on the other hand I guess it’s taken 8 years, over 300k invested in mentoring, over 100k in debt reached (would you put yourself through that and keep going, even if it weren’t working? I believe if the answer is hell no that whether or not YOU personally will ever have to then success will always say hell no to YOU), many years of not making money, sometimes not even affording to buy a coffee, day after day after week after month after year of continually doing the work in SPITE of this, of never saying die, never stopping believing, never letting myself crumble for more than a few minutes because I knew I had to pick myself up and just. keep. going. dealing with all the partner / friend / family shit about what the hell you’re doing with your life AND of course your own worries and guillt, doing a whole bunch of stuff that ate my soul up because I didn’t realise it COULD be based on alignment and so on and so forth …

And an hour or so a day.

So yeah I guess that’s easy

Or I guess that I FOCUS on the joy I get.

On a practical level though, time wise – I only spend an hour or so a day, maybe 2 if I’m creating paid program content, on the stuff that runs my business.

Behind the scenes for a long time I’ve talked about how the total amount of hours I put in is 20-25, and that’s been true.

Lately though I have amped up my income AND my alignment / asskickery by basically taking the gloves off with the pricing of everything from my lower-end stuff to my inner circle mastermind and by simultaneously adding in what can only be called FUCKTONS of value in a way that has just not been done before. Namely: I’ve been giving a LOT of my personal time away. The Society includes UNLIMITED access to me.

All of these new things I’ve been doing have added about 20 hours a week to my work schedule.

I stay up till 2am or so most nights, and I get up at 7am.

And how I feel about this?

Fucking amazing!


And as though business and making all this money is easy.

That’s truly how I feel and I love it – I also know that all these extra hours are a short-term thing as I find my footing with the way I’m doing business right now, and as I learn how to strip back the NON ESSENTIAL again. Everytime I uplevel in business there is a period of MAYHEM and then I learn to let go of a whole bunch of stuff I thought I had to do and just do the (new or improved) stuff that is actually making the money. So the big change right now is spending a LOT of time hanging out with my clients either individually or in groups and helping them out. What I’m starting to strip BACK in exchange for that is all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that supposedly has to be done to keep sales on online stuff rolling in. I know at some point I’ll need to sleep more … and while I’m doing maybe 40 hours a week total right now I will probably settle back on 20-25 at some point.

Often I hear people complain about not wanting to do more client work, or not wanting to have to deal with people’s constant questions and messages and so on, and I used to feel this way. But the way I see it now – and it was a CHOICE – is I can continue to have to ‘sell’ myself via doing shit that just doesn’t RESONATE with me, or I can BLOW PEOPLE AWAY WITH THE VALUE I CREATE NOW – and actively ONLY help the kinds of women I love, the natural born revolutionary fucking leaders – and create a tight-knit community who love me and will CONTINUE working with me.

Either way can work … I just choose to do the stuff in my business that I enjoy and even love, most of the time.

And I know how to look after myself behind the scenes so that i DO love it.

But yes:

It is intense, it is demanding, it is relentless and it is fucking hard work that never ever stops and if I WERE to stop then that would obviously impact my results at some point! Never mind my fulfilment. And I see THIS quite often as well, where successful entrepreneurs buy into the BS that at some point you can just STOP SERVING PEOPLE OR CREATING NEW SHIT and the money will still keep coming in.

Good luck with that one!

But also: fucking WHY, because isn’t the whole point that you’re doing what you are CALLED to do?!

So, a few facts:

Doing what you love and making money from it is so damn easy when you’re committed to it as something that you will NEVER STOP DOING.

And when I say it’s easy?

It’s torture the likes of which most people will NEVER put themselves through!


So that’s a conundrum … unless you’re on the inside where I am and you actually fucking love it so you just pinch yourself at how easy it is!!

And also: you will never be done creating.

You want to keep making money? YOU KEEP CREATING.

Day in.

Day out.


And if you were BORN for it and you’re following your heart then it is so amazing to be ABLE to do this and as the money comes in you will marvel at how easy it is … by which I mean how fucking full on it is and you never get to stop … but you don’t want to!

And if you want to keep money you also keep HELPING PEOPLE.

AND YOU LOVE IT, so it’s easy, but it is also RELENTLESS and quite simply most people aren’t willing to do it!

So I could go on and on here, you know, but you see what I’m saying:

Ease is a choice.

Loving something is a choice.

It’s TRUE when people say that, but what is not said, mostly, is that the ease is found when the WORK you do and the PAIN you put yourself through is based on what you can’t NOT do.

So … don’t hear ‘easy’ and think it doesn’t mean hard fucking work, work that at times you wonder if you can stand up against for another second even!

And … if you are not building your business based on PAIN YOU LOVE, well, why the hell not?

There’s actually no other way.

2 responses to “Maybe It’s Just Meant to be Hard”

  1. Sophie says:

    You are so spot on about it being a mindset. The funny thing is I have to consciously tell myself and set the mindset that its easy because if I tell myself that something I’m about to do is hard, I simply won’t do it and procrastinate away the opportunity. In telling myself its easy (even if its not) I can trick myself into that place of pure joy and excitement that allows me to do the hard and necessary work. I think people think of easy and hard by their literal definitions when they actually have separate entrepreneur definitions

  2. This is just great. I think at some point, easy or difficult doesn’t have anything to do with it. You just do it because you have the heart, or the passion for your business, for your vision of the future, for your goals or for your ideals.

    In fact it seems to me, if you’re even thinking the thought to yourself “this is too hard” or “I wish it were easier” then either a reframe is required, or maybe what you’re doing isn’t quite in alignment with your true self.

    So, yes sometimes it might be difficult. But you just do those things anyway because the bigger vision is too strong to let go of, and that moment of temporary difficulty is just not going to be the thing that gets in your way!