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Sometimes, when I wake up in the morning and the air is thick with expectation of all that I should and must do, the weight of the unanswered and un-done EVERYTHING bearing down upon me before I’ve even rolled out of bed, I reach for my phone, mind still half dreamy, and tell myself “I’ll just real quickly check in”.

A few quick replies, a few things dealt with, the biting need of ‘should’ dissipated slightly for a moment, what’s the harm?

On these sort of days, I might get up and, as I dress, start to already listen to audio messages, or send back replies, quickly delete unwanted emails so that my inbox is clear for later, and start to, without consciously admitting it to myself, begin another day of reacting.

Reacting to what the world wants of me.
Reacting to what seems needed.
Reacting to BUSY.
Reacting to should.

On these sort of days, I might manage to pull myself out of the DOING, perhaps as I drive my kids to school, sing along with them to our favourite music, or talk about their day ahead, and in that pulling out, if I would pause and notice, I’d feel my soul exhale just a little.

Perhaps you’re going to make time for me then, after all?
Sure, it’s too late to put me first, you’ve already put EVERYBODY ELSE ahead of your own core, but now, please, can it be time for us?
For unleashing?
For the message?
For art?
For dropping in to the thing which has always been the ONLY thing you actually need to do to breathe, and indeed when you DO it, without filter, or question, or in any sort of conditional way, it is also the PRECISE thing that has made you the most money,
and life.

In that moment of pulling back, disconnecting from the world, the list, the do, the should, there is hope.

Hope that if I JUST CHOOSE TO HOLD ON TO THIS, today will be a day when I be who I came here to be,

do what I actually came here to do,

and thus create what I am meant for and also what is required of me.

And, perhaps I then will, and do!

I go to the coffee shop.
I ignore the world.
I drop in.
I write.
I be THE TRUEST ME I CAN BE, and what was meant to come out DOES, today’s work done for today, which is of course the only time it CAN be done.

But still,

there is something a little different about these days when the dropping in came as an AFTERTHOUGHT, there is some sort of noticeable cloud of ‘the world already infiltrated the message today, and in doing so, me’.

Which, you might think, is not a bad thing at all.

What’s the big deal?

YOU CAN BE HUMAN, and still do art, create, let the message out.

But if you’re an entrepreneur second, and an artist / messenger / unleasher first, you’ll understand the precious little snowflakery of me saying this and you’ll fully AGREE:

The best and the truest work, the work that actually shakes people to their core, makes YOU and what comes FROM you magnetic, and allows you to receive money and all other flow the way it was always meant to be, is the WORK WHICH IS WEIGHTED ABOVE ALL ELSE.

Quite simply, it is the work you give your first blood to.

Idealistic? Overly romantic? Delusional? I DON’T CARE.

The reality which most will never back themselves enough to face, nor be strong enough to follow through on, is that the truest part of you comes from when you’re in the bubble,

not letting a single ‘nother soul trespass by,

when you go in first, as your ‘before all other work – and this includes housework, lifework, any sort of work’,


You can kid yourself, if you like, that you will a) still make time to do your soul work if you put it last, or even second, and b) that it will still COME from the deepest part of your ultimate and fully expressed sovereign beingness if you’ve first allowed the world to get at you, your list of shoulds to haunt you, your fear mind to rule you,

but we both know it’s not true.

And we both know that when you choose to live this way you will NEVER create fully what you came here to do.

So, not only will you spend your days NOT BEING OR DOING THE THING WHICH MOST MAKES YOU BREATHE,

but, considering that that thing is also the magic fucking portal to the dream life you long for,

and that being IN that thing is where you will find your path to wealth, and abundance, and receiving in all things,

you’ll also have to live with the tiresomeness of your own bloody STUPIDITY,

and the myriad of additional tasks which life continues to heap upon you which, should you manage to kick your own butt enough to DO ’em all,

will not even net you 10% of the reward or life that just doing the damn thing you came here would,

but yet will cost you 1000x!

Do you see the cycle you’re creating here, already stuck in here, and telling yourself you’re unable to pull away from here?


what are you prepared to do about it?

At some point you’re going to have to decide:

Am I willing to pull the damn emergency cord and GIVE MY LIFE FOR WHAT IT WAS GIVEN ME,

or do I actually back myself so GOD DAMN LITTLE that I just can’t bear to go even halfway into the bubble where my dream life waits?

There’s no in between gorgeous.

And there never was.

The thing is –

Nobody ever asked you to filter the work, critique the work, or decide whether the work was good enough to be let out.

You were only asked to do the work and BE the work, and considering it’s precisely what you were made for,

it really shouldn’t be this fucking hard.

Quit making it so.


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