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The more you ask yourself why you don’t yet have what you want, and you try over and over again to figure it out, to uncover your ‘blocks’ or to establish the very bestest of all methods you should follow to get it, the more you drag it the fuck out and bit by bit guarantee it STILL AIN’T HAPPENING.

If you keep going this way, perpetually seeking the magical way which is the ‘right’ way, always weighing up should I do this or that, and what about what that person over there is doing, should I try that now, while at the same time repeatedly telling your nearest and dearest how much you don’t like that you’re not there yet / how hard it is / how unfair it is / how over it you are, and so on, guess what?

Not only is it still not gonna be happening it may very well NEVER happen. In fact it WILL never happen if you don’t snap out of it and give yourself a talking to and the talking to is this:

It’s time to go straight to the end goal baby, and fast-track this bitch.

No more questioning.

No more wondering.

No more worrying about the right or best way.

And no more asking yourself why it is you don’t actually want the thing even though of course you want the thing!

Look, I get that all of these can be useful techniques for inner excavation and investigation.

There are times I recommend exactly this sort of inner work! But that’s as a one off sort of a thang, a ‘let’s just kickstart shit here’, see if there’s anything under the hood worth looking at, clearing, or knowing about, before we get ourselves on the road, and ideally that is then IT.

Lemme ask you something –

Do you go on a long ass road trip and stop every few metres to check your oil and water and make sure your engine looks ship-shape? It’d be weird if you did. Once you’re on the road you’re on the damn road. Destination locked in and all systems GO! Sure, maybe some roadblocks or bumps come up along the way and so you pause to assess them or decide the best course of action, but for the most part it’s eyes on the prize and you’re rolling.

If you were continually stopping to talk about how you’re not yet there, or about where you were before, or to check for engine ‘blocks’ or resistances that might still be stopping you from getting there, well, you couldn’t very well expect to bloody get there, could you?

So why then, when it comes to setting your sights on what you want in life, and ALLOWING it to happen, do you think it’s any different?

Who told you that the way to get somewhere was to CONTINUALLY try and figure out why you’re not there? Not me! Maybe you’re not there because you never actually get on the road, lock in that end goal, and stop thinking about being anywhere except there!

Maybe it’s time to pull yourself up, huh? Take a bit of a look in the mirror, and give yourself a sharp talking to, or at the very least a quick slap on the cheek to wake up and realise that if you’re not VIBING with the thing then you’re not HAVING the thing, or becoming it.

See, the way to ‘get the car on the road’ and actually get there, when it comes to calling in and becoming all that we are, is simple. GO there. Go there NOT by looking for the WAY to get there but instead by simply GOING there, and letting the way be shown to you as a result of that.

In your mind’s eye –

In your heart –

In your soul –

In your emotions –

In your thoughts –

In your every belief, breath, observation –

In the way you move your damn head, the way you hold yourself –

In your energy –

In EVERY.LITTLE.BIT. of who you are –

GO there.

Get into the essence of it, the vibe, the DANCE of it. FEEL it. BECOME it. Be DISCIPLINED with practicing all of this, over and over and over again, and refusing to accept NOT feeling it fully, because even though it may not click in right away –

And you’ll feel silly –

Or disgruntled, like it’s not working –

And the temptation, the ILL-led discipline, will be to give in to feelings of defeat, and worry, and hopelessness –

If you can choose to be stronger than all of that, AND YOU CAN, and you can continue to lock it in energetically and in your feelings over and over again, diligently, relentlessly, eye on the prize down to the millisecond, and no deviation, then it WILL click in.

It just will.

It has to.


All of a sudden, and no, don’t go fucking looking for when, just keep going UNTIL, all of a sudden, you’ll realise you DO actually feel it, for real though! The physical manifestation may still not be there, but all of a sudden your certainty WILL.

A sense of peace will come over you.


Deep deep confidence and certainty.

“All is well”, you’ll think to yourself in very Louise Hay-esque fashion.

“All is PERFECT and it’s coming, it’s done, I feel it, I’m certain, and so it is”.

And you’ll turn back to what you need to do, not bothering yourself for a second about when or where or how because you now just KNOW.

Shortly after which – you will see it show up in the physical.

This is how it works, but ALWAYS.

So why doesn’t it work then, for most people, or why has it not yet worked for you?

Because you’re inconsistent with not only the work you’re guided to do but more so with the discipline of believing.

Because you try and feel it rather than insist on feeling it.

Because when you don’t then feel it you are weak and you allow the feelings you experienced which led to NOT success to continue. So you’d be a fool to think that can possibly lead to anything other then MORE not success!

Because you talk about faith but you are led by fear.

You talk about trust but you don’t practice it, not with any sort of consistency at least.

Because you allow your thinking brain to take over.


It’s THAT simple.

The person who makes a daily habit of attending to their health and fitness no matter what is the person who will with ease look and feel great.

The person who has a daily habit of showing up for their message and soul-led sales activity is the person who will with ease build a soul-aligned audience and income.

And the person who has a daily habit of disciplining their damn mind and choosing their beliefs, emotions, energies, their inner ‘vibe’, is the person who will have it all, on their terms, and AUTOMATICALLY keep upgrading.

Success is simple, it always has been.

Wanna be the person?

Put down the fucking hood, get the damn car on the road, and go be the person.


Life is Now. Press Play.


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