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You’re sad because even though you have so much going on which is good, awesome, amazing, you’re still not doing the one thing which is THE thing you’re really meant to be doing.

You struggle to focus because it’s not POSSIBLE, on a soul level, to focus on things which matter LESS when you haven’t first focused on what matters MOST.

You feel distracted, down, resentful, and as though the whole entire thing is ‘mostly sort of POINTLESS’ (even when you’re doing or contributing to things which you know are absolutely purposeful and serve), because the POINT of the thing is supposed to be you.doing.the.DAMN.thing.

You feel heavy and lost because somewhere along this journey you gave in to the worst of all lies which we as creators are told, and tell ourselves, and then if not careful end up giving our LIFE for – 

The lie that says you’re not good enough, haven’t done enough, wouldn’t do it right ANYWAY, and shouldn’t even try yet.

That in order to do your GREATEST work you first have to be further along –

More ‘proven’ –

More ‘adult’ –

More ‘PROPER’ –

And so on.

And so day after day you show up. OH, I see how you show up. You do the damn work and then some!

You create.
You message.
You unleash.
You sell.

You’re climbing freakin’ MOUNTAINS girl, and don’t think your badassery goes unnoticed, it does NOT.

The world around you is already applauding you and will ONLY continue to, and you appreciate it, sure, you do, no really, it’s just –

It’s the wrong fucking world, a product of the fact that you continue to climb the wrong fucking mountains, and that ultimately?


You can continue to tell yourself a story –

That you’re going to start, you’re just about to, this year is ABSOLUTELY the year and in fact you’re starting this month, this week even!


You’re not.

You won’t.

You’re lying.

And you know it.

So keep on doing all that shit you do, by all means.


As with each moment, each breath, each heartbeat, you commit ever further to NOT BEING YOU.

Sure, you’ve made yourself into a pretty damn good SHADOW you.

From the outside looking in, it’s so damn similar to the real thing that nobody would ever notice.

And when you die, there will be SO much good said about you. What an achiever you were! How many souls you impacted, shifted, helped!

But the thing which is the only thing you EVER really wanted?

That won’t be said.

It would barely even be known to be MENTIONED, because in the end, no matter how much YOU insisted to yourself that that was who you REALLY are and what you’re gonna become, you TREATED that highest of all soul work –


As though it were nothing.
As though you had no regard for it.
And it never,
at all.

Your fears and excuses so damn strong that you never even considered the disregard listening to them resulted in giving your TRUEST art.

And how about this –

What if?

What if, we looked at the work which is in us as its own entity, a living and breathing thing which needs to be let into the world and us only the vessel, the filter through which it is released?

Would you realise then that it’s not ABOUT you?

It’s not about the HUMAN YOU being good enough or fucking ready!

It’s about the fact that you have been given a mission.

A responsibility.

Work to DO.


And you’re not.fucking.doing it because of YOUR fears? You egotistical asshole! Your fears and insecurities shouldn’t get to dictate whether the thing within you, the thing which you were gifted but also COMMANDED to give back to the world, and allow to grow, to expand, to reach into the heavens –

Gets to live!

You are killing your art.

You are KILLING the thing within you.

And here is what else –

Even though it is its own thing, and it is supposed to be set forth into the world to do its work, when you hide it away in you, not allowing it to live, to breathe, to go out, it FESTERS WITHIN YOU.

And in turn,

It will kill you.

You may continue to walk around for a while, for decades even.

A sunken

And shrunken


A broken and lost soul, a soul boxed in and compressed and NOT ALLOWED TO DO ITS WORK.

So sure – !

Keep on keepin’ on with your high achieving.

You’re such a BADASS!

And the whole world will know your name.

Just –

The wrong fucking world.
The little bubble of one you gave yourself permission to play in.
And for the wrong fucking work and service, too.

But hey –

That’s something, right?

Well done …

What a great fucking use of a life.

When you were born for all of it.

And you chose out of any of it.

Because you didn’t have what it takes, didn’t know how, what if this, what if that?



I will.

And then take the first fucking step.

And for such a BADASS –

I’d say that’s pretty fucking incriminating, wouldn’t you?

About who you really are.

And who you never chose to be.

Just don’t forget bitch –

Life is Now. Press Play.



Life is Now. Press Play.


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