Success Mindset


It’s not really about whether or not you feel like it, if you wanna make it as an entrepreneur.

I know from what people say to me that often they assume I’m always switched on, always motivated, always inspired and always have something to say.

But here’s the truth:

I’m just as likely as the next person to not FEEL like doing what needs to be done in my business at times. Right now for example, honestly, I’m tired and I can’t be bothered. I’ve had WAY less sleep than normal this week (I do well on 5-6 hours a night; I’ve been sleeping 3 hours a night) and I’ve reached that point where it feels a lot easier to sit here and kind of blankly gaze at the computer than what it feels to write this blog, or indeed do anything I have ahead of me today.

The best / worst part is that it’s not even 7am right now!! And sure, maybe I *should* or *could* have slept in, but whatever – I didn’t, I’m here, I’m at my laptop, and this is the time I’ve designated to work. I have a flight coming up this afternoon; I can nap then, I can go to bed earlier tonight etc, etc, but even without that stuff ahead of me for today the POINT is that the reason I consistently churn out so much content and am everywhere, all the time, is because I choose to follow through, no matter what, and do the work.

It’s not like you get to a certain point of financial or otherwise success and all of a sudden you’re just magically motivated every freaking day. You can be COMPLETELY doing what you love in your business, by design and on your terms and you can STILL WAKE UP AND BE HUMAN SOME DAYS.

I know!! It’s RIDICULOUS!

There are plenty of days where I’ve no good REASON to be tired or not into it, but yet I find myself feeling flat, or uninspired, or questioning whether what I’m trying to say has any point to it.

And yet I follow through, and I do the work.

I write my message.
I do my sales activity.
I speak with my clients.
I show up on social media.
I do the big picture ‘behind the scenes’ stuff in my business.
I do the work.

The way I do this is two-fold:

1. I think about the RESULT I want to achieve, and I focus on whether or not I want that rather than whether or not I feel like doing the work to get there. Since my goals and dreams are set in alignment with WHAT I REALLY DO WANT, I ALWAYS want the result and so I ALWAYS do the work!

2. I remind myself that I actually do ENJOY the work and feel uplifted, proud of myself, happy, alive, as though I’m living with purpose, once I get over my initial cry-baby feelings about it and get on with it. After all: what sort of day is going to make me feel proud of myself and happy, one where I sit on my ass or do meaningless bullcrap ’cause I got tired, or one where I roll up my sleeves and get on with it ’cause I have a purpose?

Let me give you a tip:

The life you’re going to love is the one where you roll up your sleeves and get on with it ’cause you have a purpose!

And here is the other thing (and just on a side note right now I’ve been writing this for less than 10 minutes and the ACTION of writing it even though I totally didn’t want to is already lifting my mood; see!!) –

I did it this way for years, long before I had created a business where I could truly say I get to wake up each day and do what I love. Also, long before I was making MONEY or actually anything like on top of things in my business, or even my life!!

When I KNEW I wasn’t in alignment in my business I got up each day and did the work …

When I was over 100k in debt I got up each day and did the work …

When idea after idea kept flat-lining I got up each day and did the work …

When I was pregnant and living in hospital for 20 weeks off and on I got up each day and did the work …

When I was full-blown insomniac after the breakdown of my first marriage, and literally averaged 0-1 hours sleep a night for 3 years straight, I got up each day and did the work …

When I was still seeing clients DOUBLE full-time hours (sometimes 20 clients a day!) back in my hometown as a personal trainer, before my online business took off, I got up each day and did the work.

The #1 thing I have done over the past nearly 9 years online, and the 6 years prior to that in business offline as a PT, is I did the work, day in and day out, whether or not it was working, whether or not I felt like it, whether or not I ‘knew my passion and what I really wanted’, whether or not I was so freaking exhausted I could have cried at any time anywhere, or just lay down on the street and passed out, whether or not I had weddings, funerals, social events, ANYTHING.

I am someone who does the FREAKING work.

I am someone who does not say die.

I am someone who lives a PURPOSE-BASED LIFE in which I decide what I’ll DO each day based on what I desire and believe can be mine, not based on whether my freakin’ ENERGY or FOCUS or KNOW-HOW or VALIDATION ‘allows’ me to.

I have ALWAYS done the extra hustle. Every freaking day for nearly 20 years I’ve done the EXTRA work to create the extra income, to get myself out there, to pitch myself, to follow up, to have another crack, to CREATE the result I want.

I CREATE my energy.
I CREATE focus.
I CREATE my own guarantees and validation.
I FIGURE THE F**K out what I need to do.
And I NEVER – ever – EVER – stop swinging.

So when I’m tired, and I can’t be bothered?

I don’t GIVE a flying rat’s ass about my own boo-hoo nonsense.

I simply ask myself:

Do I want the result, or don’t I?

And I ALWAYS want the freakin’ result, of a life I create by design, on purpose, and with complete.daily.focus. on getting to where I want to go.

So when people message me –

And they tell me –

They’re working full-time still.
Or they’ve got young kids.
Or they’re not sure what the next step is.
Or something didn’t work.
Or whatever REASON they have for not doing the work.

And they think maybe I’m going to EMPATHISE with their lack of progress based on their bullcrap excuses for why they couldn’t, why they didn’t, why they tried but it failed and therefore – wahhh! – they can’t bring themselves to go back into the fray –

All I can think is honey?

I GET it.
I GET that you don’t wanna and that it is so freaking hard.
I GET that you’re exhausted and not sure.
I GET that you’ve been knocked down 100+ times and that it’s gonna happen again and you don’t know if you can handle it.
I GET what it’s like to not be able to pay your bills, to worry if you’re going to be okay.

I GET that this life ain’t for everyone.

But neither is success.

And that’s about the long and short of it.

Do the freaking work.

Or get the f*ck out of the game.