Success Mindset


“I love that you just did what you knew you’re meant to do, and of course you feel amazing from it! Well done, I’m really proud of you! Imagine … what if we just did everything we knew we’re meant to do?!”

I was audio replying to a friend and honouring aligned action she’d taken and how, even though that action was conceivably one that required effort or sacrifice, of course she felt INCREDIBLE and high vibe as fuck from doing so.

Of course.

Because when you follow flow and what you’re being guided to do you ALWAYS feel fucking amazing and lit up from it! This is true REGARDLESS of the result said action nets you. You may have gone into the action thinking you’re doing so for a result, but when you’re IN aligned action, and even before it’s complete, you realise that actually the ‘result’, while still nice to have and of COURSE available, is just a bonus.

The reward is in the fact that you followed what’s inside of you, and did what you’re meant to do.

Do you think about that? As you go about your days, push push pushing, always seeking to figure shit out or make shit happen, always trying to choose the right move forward so you can (one day?!) GET there? Do you think about the fact that the REWARD, the emotions you actually long for and crave so deeply to feel, is in the fact that you did what you had to DO!

You can NEVER go wrong, doing what you know you’re meant to do.

This is true with business.
With money.
With fitness and health.
With relationships; all kinds.
With fun and adventure.
With spirituality.
With EVERY part of life.

While it’s always fabulous and awesome to get something you’ve long waited for or wanted, it’s only ever those things in a REAL sense if the process you used to GET there was also one of absolute flow and feeling FUCK yes incredible every step along the way.

For example:

If you get that bikini body by methods that made you feel like shit and which you’d never want or be able to sustain, even the so-called reward of having the body or the photos is hollow. There’s a drained energy to it, and also a fearful one, as you know it’s not going to last. It feels somewhat pointless, and if anything you end up feeling LESS confident and happy with yourself than before you even started!

Whereas if you change your body by tuning in to what is right and flow based and perfect for YOU, to where every step of the journey along the way is deeply satisfying and uplifting, then not only is any sort of ‘final result’ (as if there were such a thing!) TRULY rewarding, but every day on the path to that rewards you.

You get to LIVE in the outcome now, and by living in that outcome you CREATE the outcome you desire!

Makes sense, right?

But yet for whatever reason, so many people are still trying so desperately to get to where they want to go, in business and in life, by doing shit they don’t really wanna do … which feels AGAINST alignment and flow … which their soul knows is WRONG … in a way that does NOT serve them … and often by having to engage with people they don’t even really like!

And for what?

The idea that ‘one day’ it will be pay off, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts and your sacrifice, for your giving up of your LIFE, for NOT pressing fucking play on what actually matters.

Good plan …!

Putting aside the fact that you very well COULD FUCKING DIE before one day comes, and you end up LITERALLY giving your life for the wrong shit, the REALITY which we’ve just discussed is that even if you do get that thing?

The body, the money, the prestige, the validation, the success, the badass shiz, whatever it is –

You won’t fucking care.
It won’t MATTER, and / or it won’t be sustainable.
If you’re LUCKY, putting yourself through that sort of process of ridiculousness once or twice will eventually wake you up to the fact that NOTHING matters if it’s not what matters and what you deeply desire IN THIS MOMENT.

But for most people? As next level crazy (NOT good crazy!) as it is, each time they drop further into despair and hopelessness, further into NOT being happy with their life or their self, because they’ve given it for the wrong things, they somehow decide that the answer is to TRY HARDER AT NOT BEING WHO THEY REALLY ARE.

Can I suggest something to you?


Thank you!


It kinda –

Sorta –



These are some of the things I’ve been thinking about, or actually not EVEN, that’s literally just what came out when I started to write about this topic of doing what you KNOW you’re meant to do.

But here are a few things I’ve been thinking about this morning, and last night –

What if you just spoke your full truth no matter what, and in ALL situations? Where right now are you not saying what you feel or want? What is the WORST that could happen if you just did it? What is the BEST? And putting aside outcomes, what is the REALITY of how you’re blocking flow and happiness by hiding from yourself?

The truth will set you free, always, and releasing it clears the way to the next level, always.


What are you in contraction around? What are you telling yourself you SHOULD do, or SHOULD want, or SHOULD deal with, when the truth is your desire is different? Sometimes I think we can be TOO self-aware and conscious … so fucking tuned in that we’re always trying to reframe things into what some sort of textbook higher version of ourselves would want or do, and pushing to align to that instead of being honest about what our REAL higher self wants.

Let me tell you something:

You’re true higher self? She’s a playful fucking BADASS. She WANTS ALL THE THINGS. She wants to be naughty … cheeky … have fun … be SILLY, even. And she wants what her heart deeply wants, no matter how supposedly ‘spiritual’ it is. ACTUALLY, true spiritual evolution is about being true to the REAL self…

Who is that?
Are you pushing her down?
Are you trying to make her grow up, or be serious?
Are you schooling your own higher self on what’s good for her, instead of listening to her?!



Are you asking for what you want, and are you doing what you’re meant to DO?

When you manifest shit – do you notice that you always get EXACTLY what you actually asked for? Sometimes you don’t realise that that’s what you were asking for 🙂 … but SERIOUSLY, that’s how it always plays out. The exact thing you really made yourself available for is what comes through.

So, ask more specifically. Tune further in. Sit with it. Be BRAVE enough to look deeply into what it is your heart ACTUALLY desires.

And then lay that shit out, in your journal, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul, ASK.

Oh, and THEN?

Do what you know you’ve gotta fucking do.
And right away, too.
No point dilly-dallying, I know it’s scary to press play, but guess what?


Get it done.
Then and only then can you see what’s next.


What if everything was just sorted, and you didn’t have to worry?

Today I found myself saying to a friend, “well, that’s sorted now; I don’t have to worry! It’s completely done and taken care of and I can stop holding on to it!”

Right away I realised, that whether or not that’s actually true for THIS situation, fuck me –

What a God-awful limiting mindset I was in! Also kind of a God complex TOO … walking around thinking it was on ME to worry about what would happen or what I need to or want to MAKE happen, worrying about what I need to DO to SORT things.

Our job is only and EVER to tune in and in faith and from alignment ask for what we see in there, and then COME BACK TO THE MOMENT AND LIVE THE MOMENT, from alignment, and with COMPLETE detachment from any moment thereafter.

Not much point attaching –
To a moment which doesn’t exist!

So, what if you believed and knew that EVERYTHING was just sorted and you didn’t have to worry? Well, you’d be free to be here now, and live this moment now, which would VERY FUCKING LIKELY be the precise perfect thing to do in order to GET to that future moment you’ve been tryna worry about.



And finally for today, this:

Your words matter SO much. So much! The last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to tune in even deeper to my words.

I had started to notice things I was saying that were NOT serving me, such as –

“I can’t imagine …”


“I can’t believe it!”

“It would be so surreal … “, or “it is so surreal …”

“It would be too good to be true …”

I kicked my own ass on this a few weeks back, and also posted a short post about it. On how you won’t very likely get something if you can’t imagine it! Never mind the carry on effect of all those other statements.

A few new things I’ve had shown to me this week –

“My mind is blown …!” – okay, so then, like, your mind is DONE. Nothing else can come in. You’re overloaded, it’s too much! This is a great way to push away something you were maybe effectively calling in before that!

What if – “my mind is now expanded! More and more miracles are revealed to me every day!”

Or even, just – “wow!”

Even just now, writing this post, I noticed I was going to say that something was maybe not quite right.

I started to write –

“It’s so amazing!”, and I reframed it to awesome.

Because amazing, for me, feels like there is an element of awe and surprise, like “how can this be?!”. Which, once again, pushes the thing AWAY, doesn’t accept it as being real or allowed or integrated into who I now AM.

What if instead of something being ‘so amazing!’, it was just – ‘of COURSE!’

I’m NOT talking about not being grateful.

Think about this:

Do you walk around saying it’s so amazing! That you have clothes to put on your back, or food available any time you desire?

That’d be kind of weird …

When you repeatedly say something is “oh my God; so amazing!” you attach disbelief to it.

What if –

Seeing more and more money flow in every day, from purpose, and regardless of what you do or do not do, was something fabulous and which you truly appreciate AND it was also just ‘of course’?

Same concept for your body goals, love stuff, fun stuff, lifestyle, how the world shifts and opens up before you; all of it.


Then what?!


These are some of the things I’ve been thinking about this morning. I hope they gave you some powerful insights! Please share with me in the comments if so, I’d love to hear.

I’m going to go have a Thai massage and release some of the energy from 6+ hours in the tattoo chair. And no doubt download more awesome content for you while doing so, plus also manifest like a motherfucker, on stuff for me AND you!