Success/Success Mindset


Here is what you need to understand about getting intentions to come true:

It works if you fucking work it.

I can tell you that I’ve had shit shift RIDICULOUSLY fast when I’ve made a clean and complete commitment to it (and then done the work) but yet I also have shit I have held onto and NOT let happen for a RIDICULOUSLY long time despite in theory ‘knowing what to do’. You wanna know the key difference?

The stuff I didn’t make happen yet or that took me longer is the stuff that:

a) I didn’t FULLY ‘this is non-negotiable and there are no two ways about it’ commit to it

b) I didn’t do the fucking work.

Doing the fucking work, by the way, is largely the MINDSET work of repeatedly, daily, unwaveringly claiming ownership over what it is you’re asking for. The practical work will sort itself out, if your head is in place of KNOWING it’s going to fucking happen.

So let’s break this down, because I’m sick and tired of my own BS in certain areas and I’m sick and tired of yours as well. I see women everyday online talking about setting intentions, goals, desires, manifesting, LOA and even (gasp!) doing the work, but then I see those same women, a week a month a year later posting the same shit and clearly not much has changed.

The skeptic would say this is because manifestation is bullshit.

The skeptic is a moron, because everything you have in your life right now you fucking manifested, asked for, intended, created first in your mind’s eye and therefore RECEIVED and HAVE and ARE.

Want different results? Stop obsessing over what to DO and get really fucking obsessive over who you need to BE and what you need to create WITHIN in order to see it show up in a practical sense.

It’s pretty simple.

But yet, repeatedly, we fuck it up.

Here is why, and what to do about it.


You have a goal, a dream, a desire, you say you want it but yet you don’t have it, not because it’s not possible but because you didn’t make it a MUST and then (simply!) do the work.

For me, this big fucker of a goal is to be seriously fricking famous. Yeah yeah, I know I’m ‘well known’ within certain circles of the online marketing and female entrepreneur world. On a side note, THAT happened virtually overnight. I was UNKNOWN and made a decision to BECOME known, and to become a leader. I spoke it into reality, committed to it fully, and then started showing up accordingly.

It worked.

Within WEEKS.

But I want more. I want to be famous on the level of the greatest spiritual leaders and motivational / transformative authors, speakers, mentors of our time.

I can be.
I have what it takes.
My work is ABSOLUTELY powerful enough.
I just haven’t done it.

This is because I have never fully made it a NON-NEGOTIABLE MUST, and THAT is because of fear.

Fear that I’m not good enough to play at that level.
That I’m a nuisance to ‘serious’ players. 
That I’m not ‘grown-up’ enough. (I don’t know why this always comes up as a block, but it’s a recurring one for me!).

But the real truth is, any fear or limiting belief or whatever is bullshit and I know it. The TRUTH is I just haven’t made up my mind, decided it WILL happen, and then done the work accordingly.

This year, I’m already underway changing that. I’m getting serious about getting famous, and I know that so long as I keep reaffirming and claiming it and stay committed to it being NON-NEGOTIABLE, it will happen.


What do you need to actually finally COMMIT to, regardless of fear?

Why is it a MUST for you?

For me, it’s simply that it’s fucking time. Fear will always be there. I was born for this. Enough is enough and I’m done with my own BS about not knowing how. I’ll make it happen because I DECIDE to make it happen.



It’s easy to get geared up about setting new goals and intentions. Maybe you did some mindset work or went to a seminar or had an inspiring conversation or just gave yourself a butt-kicking and as a result you felt supremely fucking motivated and excited about making!shit!happen!

You wrote down your goals and dreams and told yourself you’d do what it TAKES!

And then you started, and, well –

It didn’t work.

And you thought that since you’d written it down, claimed ownership of it, decided you WANTED it, that it would therefore have to be drawn in, that you’d be an LOA master in no time and have it all.

Well guess what?

Intention setting is not a one-time thing.

It’s a do it every fucking day till it works thing.

Every day I write down my intentions for how much money I want to receive, for how I want to feel, for specific outcomes I desire in my business and life.

For 3 days in a row this week I wrote I want to receive $8000 additional NEW income that day (on top of what was already expected). I didn’t get it. I kept claiming the intention. Yesterday I got it.

Side note: no, it doesn’t mean I’m so lucky ’cause I got 8k bonus income in 3 days. I WRITE THESE INTENTIONS EVERY FUCKING DAY.

I USED to be inconsistent, where if things didn’t work I’d feel disheartened and lose motivation to keep doing my inner work.

That’s fucking stupid, and no different to someone who goes to the gym, weighs themselves at the end of the session, then cracks it and refuses to go back the next day if they didn’t lose weight that day.

So, I got over myself and started consistently writing out what I want every day. EVERY DAY.

And guess what? I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT.

Every day? No, but I don’t count days. I count results. And I don’t stop till I get ’em.


Want your intentions to come true? Keep claiming them till they do. Simple.

Also: when you receive a smaller or paler version of what you asked for GET EXCITED NOT DISHEARTENED. Take it as a sign of bigger things to come.


The daily intention setting and mindset work in other areas (which I could write a whole fucking book about and in fact have, several) is the MOST important work to do.

But also: do the practical fucking work. Every day.

Reality: if you don’t have a schedule and a success routine, you’re not going to succeed.

Successful people are disciplined.
They have daily rituals and habits.
They do the fucking work.
They don’t let their emotions and whether they feel inspired dictate their OUTCOMES.

I have a daily discipline of around 20 activities that get DONE, every fucking day, in my business.

It feels EASY because this is a habit. I don’t question it. When I need to add in NEW work, like for a new commitment or project I have to kick my butt to do it until it becomes habit. Largely this is about committing to just BEGINNING, and not making it about emotion.

You want to see those intentions come true, YES you have to ask for them each day but yes you also MUST be acting each day as THOUGH YOU ALREADY HAD THEM.


Look back from your future, where you have it ALL. What did you do NOW to get there.

Also: write down everything you HAVE to be getting done on a daily basis if you want to reach your business and success goals. Discipline the fuck out of your lazy ass by creating a success routine around these activities and getting them done day in and day fucking out, with no mind to how you feel about doing it before you start.

Look, here is what it comes down to, and what I remind myself of DAILY:

Success requires daily attention.

You have to know what you want.
Ask for it clearly.
Ask for it daily.
Keep asking till you get it.
You have to also assume it’s a done deal and DO THE WORK ACCORDINGLY.
To a great degree you need to be ROBOTIC about doing the work, because if you wanna get emotional about it who knows how the fuck often you’ll actually get anything done. You’ll be swayed at the drop of a hat and go crying into your Facebook feed everytime something throws you.

You have what it takes.

You CAN have it all.

You absofuckinglutely can manifest via intention setting and action the EXACT business and life of your dreams.

Really it’s about time you just got over making it so complicated, don’t you think?

Today, get serious about creating the results you want.

State what they are.
Decide you WILL get them.
Believe it’s already a done deal.
Do the work accordingly.
Repeat till it’s done, no matter what it takes, and until it takes.

Stop making it so difficult. You’re a revolutionary fucking leader, a superwoman, born to have it all.

Start acting it.