Success Mindset


Who are you, and where do you know you’re going?

When it’s not quite working the way that you want it to, you’re at a sticking point you just can’t seem to edge past and you find yourself gettin’ all frustrated, caught up in the how, distracted by ego, pause for a moment, and ask yourself –

“Yeah, but who am I and where do I know I’m going?”

The reality is that you don’t need to be feeling the flow, or anything, in order to get ahead, get to where you want, get into motivation, or even to create.

You can create outcomes without flow.
You can take action from meh.
You can move forward even when it feels as though the whole world is coming at you, and ‘who TF authorised this shit anyway?!’

Do you HAVE to just ‘put up’ with those funky energy states?

Of course not.

– Of course you get to choose alignment
– Of course flow is always available
– Of course you get to FEEL like the high-vibing Queen and badass you know you came here to be
– And of course you get to get to the bit where it IS all just working and fuck yes!

But who was it anyway who told you that alignment, or flow, or ‘being where you’re meant to be’ always felt like rainbows and marshmallows and unicorns?!

That’s some bullshit right there.

Unless we’re talking about the pointy bit of the Unicorn being wrenched in and out of you, soul first and ass second, and not in a good way!

In which case, sure sure – it’s always Unicorns 😉

Seriously though –

ALIGNMENT, and being on your aligned path, does not mean you’re always floating on a lollipop breeze! Alignment inherently contains the murky bits, the sticky bits, the get knocked on the sand on your face bits, and maybe your teeth punched out too! Why not?! Haha.

Get over the idea that ‘getting there’, or being the person who IS there, means you need to always be feeling it. Always be certain. Always be switched on. Or always see that things are working.

Are you kidding?! Of course they’re not freakin’ working sometimes! Of course it gets messy and murky sometimes! Of course YOU will feel like bleugh sometimes! And so on.


You are human, that is okay, it’s allowed, AND you can ALWAYS however still choose that you’re moving forward into your dreams. Whatever that moving forward looks like.

Which brings me to this:

What if, even when they’re not working, things ARE working? (Just in ways you don’t necessarily need to see or understand yet)

What if, even when you feel SO far or SO blah, you’re actually exactly where you need to be?

What if, NO matter what, ALWAYS, you are fully capable of creating any mofo outcome you choose?!

All what ifs are true.
All possibilities exist.
So it’s really just up to YOU, isn’t it? To decide:

Who you are, and where you know it is you’re meant to be.

And then FROM that place, ask yourself what your next move would be if it were all just gravy.


if you already knew EXACTLY where you were gonna end up and what you were creating and NOW becoming, because that is what you CHOSE,

and so therefore it just IS,

and your surface based emotions and bullshit, or old conditioned stories or beliefs, really can shut up and get on out of here, because YOU are just gonna be in the business of being you!

Look –

so much of you feeling off path, stuck, WORRIED about what’s working or not working or where you should or could be,

is simply you taking yourself out of the NOW,

and away from soul, away from faith, away from truth.

How do you think all of THAT impacts your ability to create, ability to receive, ability to tap in, ability to be?



So, what to do?

Whether you’re feeling it or whether you’re not, it’s easy:

Eyes on your own path.

And take the next step forward.

That’s it!

All outcomes are just a choice you tether in to and then hold. Not something you need to jump here there and every place at, taking you OFF path in order to try and get.

And all the shit you THINK you need to focus on, achieve, ‘make happen’?



What is meant to happen as a fallout of you doing the job of just being you.

But that’t very well take place if you don’t do the damn job, can it?

That’s all!

Carry on!

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play!

Kat x


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