Screw Realistic. You Want This, or Not?

One of the toughest journeys you can go through as an entrepreneur is the journey of transitioning from doing ‘work’ to doing the real work you were called to do in the world. Following that tug from the heart – or soul; the one that’s always been there, always pulled at you, always COMMANDED you, really, but yet you’ve for so long ignored.

Do you remember, what it was like, when you first felt that pull?


The feeling of certainty and excitement and fear and also THRILL?

To think –

That you –

Might be able to one day do THAT?

How fucking INCREDIBLE it would be!!

But then of course your logical mind kicked in, if not right away then shortly after, and like a stern headmistress in a long skirt, a tightly buttoned blouse, a tighter-still bun atop a head of gleamingly clean hair, peering at you over glasses at JUST the right angle waved its long finger in your face and told you quite firmly NO.

“No you can’t do that. What on EARTH are you thinking?! Come now child – back to class. Back to reality. Back to living life as one is SUPPOSED to.”

And so, naturally, because you’re only human and as such – particularly in years gone by – you assume that if anybody else even SUGGESTS with great confidence that ‘this is how life works’ they must be right, back you went.

Back to reality.

Back to doing what is more REALISTIC in order to make money, build a business, SURVIVE.

The thing I find most sad, about all of this, is not the general concept of giving in to the normal life. It’s the reality that even most of those who are supposedly paving their own way, as artists, creators, leaders, entrepreneurs, are still giving in.

Don’t get me wrong … it’s WONDERFUL that you’ve escaped the clutches of the 9-5. Wonderful that you’re able to make money and some sort of a difference by creating and crafting and learning and doing your OWN stuff.

But let me just ask you … is the stuff that you’re doing actually the stuff you MOST want to be doing?

Or are you still dancing around the edges of your calling (if even that!) … doing something close enough, but not QUITE what you really believe in or are so passionate about … not fully sharing with the world what it is even that’s most transformed and impacted you … not releasing the message you want to shake the WORLD with or the art that burns deep within every cell of your being … because, hey! –

People just want you to sell them solutions. Tell them how to do stuff. Give them the STRATEGY. And you can’t make money from the jumpled weird MESS that is your passion … can you?

Can I tell you?

You can make money doing what you love.

You can make money doing what you love.

You can make money doing what you love.

YOU can make money doing what you love.

You can make money DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.

You can make SERIOUS FUCKING MONEY doing what you love.

Yes, you.

And when you see people say that you can’t, or it’s not that simple, or that passion and true art, sharing your true message has to be put aside or on hold while you focus on what sells, and that it’s NOT THAT SIMPLE, it is a choice as to whether or not you want to buy into that bullshit.

It’s a CHOICE to make money doing what you’re passionate about.

It’s a CHOICE to set intentions to create the dream business and dream life you crave.

It’s a CHOICE to follow your path, from the heart, where every day you get to wake up KNOWING that even if the day goes here, and there, and upside down higgledy-piggledy EVERYWHERE, that when all is said and down you are doing what you were BORN to do.

Still figuring it out … of course; and that’s never done!

Still learning and growing … and why would you ever stop?

Still finding that some things work, somet things don’t, and so WHAT because you’re acting, creating, leading, living, BREATHING from being who you were actually called to be.

Who you for so long wanted to be.

And who you’ve always known you had to be.

But if you’re not there yet, and no matter how close you may well be, can I ask you something?

How does it feel, to know that you’re STILL not giving it a proper shot?

And when are you going to decide to be DONE with allowing fear and ‘what if’ to rule you?

Plain and simple, you either have something pulling at your soul to do; or you don’t.

And if you do then let me tell you, categorically:


That feeling will NOT lessen over time. You can’t squash it down. And no matter how much money or so-called success you might attain following a ‘safer’ path it simply won’t MATTER to you.

But what will happen over time is your belief in yourself will falter, even more than it perhaps does now.

It will start to feel like a bigger and scarier leap.

For some people this will mean they kill their dreams forever.

For others perhaps getting to a point of realising that everything they thought had to be done first doesn’t actually fucking matter will motivate them to then just bloody well DO it.

Whichever camp you fall into, is there really ANY actual real reason for you to not act on something you know will never go away and that you LONG to do?

Remember – as to whether or not it will work – belief is a choice. Faith is a choice. Trust is a choice. Living the life you were CALLED for is a CHOICE; it’s not going to happen just because it’s what you were born to do. Living your destiny is a fucking choice honey!

So with that in mind, really –

How much longer would you like to keep NOT saying yes to your OWN SOUL?

So here’s where I am at, and why I feel qualified to speak / yell / become enraged with passion and the desire to see YOU live your calling and share your true message:

For years. YEARS. I resisted doing the work I was truly called to do.

What I wanted to do, since ALWAYS, was inspire, motivate and empower others to ALSO know they could have it all, on their terms, now. Live the dream, baby! In business AND life. I wanted to talk about mindset, and success, and belief, and CHOICE! About chasing your destiny and your path from the heart WHOLE-heartedly, and refusing to accept anything but the life you were called for.

Over and over again, in my journals, and to my mentors (and really, anyone who would listen), I spoke about this.

But what I DID do, instead?

I was a fitness chick. Who made a difference. And some money (a lot actually). And DID talk about mindset and living your dreams, but mainly about fat loss, food, training and emotional eating.

Good stuff. Great, even! Work I am still proud of, to this day.

But not my true calling.

After that?

I was a business chick. Who made a difference. And some money (a lot actually!). And DID talk about mindset and living your dreams, but mainly about business, sales, marketing, online products, and how to get clients.

Good stuff. Great, even! Work I am still proud of, to this day.

But not my true calling.

And then at some point, not really after because it was always THERE, always pulling at me, I realised –


I can DO fitness and HELP with fitness (and still do) … I can DO business and HELP with business (and still do) … but who I AM?

I am the chick who gets you into alignment, into MAJOR asskicking action, and into cultivating the mindset of success necessarily to live the fucking life you were CALLED for.

It’s been really quite odd – and seriously cool, let’s be honest – to realise this year, that when I consider the question of whether I’m doing my best work in the world; the best work of my LIFE, the answer is yes.

I’m doing what I was BORN for dude!

I’m going ALL the way in!

My only issue of ‘stuckness’, right now? I just want to do so much more. More content. Reach more people. More impact. More income.

But I want more in the way you always want more because I’m also fucking THRILLED to be right here. I’m completely satisfied and also certain that more is COMING; I don’t even have to worry about it. All I have to do is keep showing up and shining my light bright, as I am here, as it flows through me, as I was always CALLED to do and now AM in fact doing.

And as a result of finally owning my true calling –

Unleashing my true message –

Doing so FULLY, as best as I know how and as best as I can each day –

And CONSISTENTLY showing up –

I now make over a million dollars a year –

My impact and income is growing –

I’m living my fucking dream.

I’m LIVING the life I was born for.

This happened NOT because of a strategy, or a system, or an approach. It happened, plain and simple, because I stopped hiding out, blending in, and trying to follow a plan to make things work. It happened because I decided to LET things work, based on ME JUST BEING ME.

That was a choice.

I made a choice to live the life I was dying to live.

I made a choice – in FAITH – to make money doing so.

I made a CHOICE to no longer do things that didn’t serve me, in a way that didn’t suit me.

I made a choice to leap off the fucking ledge baby.

You can make that choice as well you know.

It’s fucking BULLSHIT to tell yourself your calling doesn’t mean something, your message doesn’t matter, you have to CONFORM in order to make money or stand out.

It’s ridiculous to me that people still buy into the idea that just because something’s not been done before … or even that just because you PERSONALLY haven’t done it before … that it’s not possible or it’s not possible for you.

Success is a choice.

How you do success is a choice.

And what’s POSSIBLE is a choice.

So all we really need to know, at this point?

How much longer do you wanna keep wallowing in your story of shutting up and putting up?

And if the answer is not a freaking SECOND (and how could it be anything else?!), then seriously honey,