Success Mindset

I hack jobbed my way to success

I’m happiest when I’m hack jobbing it.

I get the best results when I just make shit up, throw it against the wall, go with whatever flow is coming through me, and don’t WORRY about where it’s all going or what it means.

I’m in my genius zone when I am not working at all off a list,

in fact I’m like a mad professor in the lab just whipping shit up.

A dash of this, a splosh of that, oh sure, we can add that too, FUCK! The whole thing just blew up and burnt a hole right through the ceiling, but it’s all good, it’s all good, we can do something with that, chuck some of the falling plaster in, that’ll work too!

When I’m spin spin spinning with nary a concern for where TF I’m going or what’s in front of me is when I’m at my best. Just rolling around getting MESSY with it all, and literally not even have it occur to me that somebody’s gonna have to clean this shit up at some point!

It’s like an amazing dance,
every move leaving me breathless, giddy, craving more,

and the faster I go the faster I go the faster I go WHOOPS fell over again, don’t worry, up I get, and now I’m twirling SO fast you can’t even SEE me, and then –

Eyes wide open and heart in my throat and arms stretched out wide all of a sudden the thing that felt ALMOST off the rails,

outta control,

and somewhat pointless,



Creativity + money flow + even BIZ systems to the next level revealed,

so many of the tasks I THOUGHT I had to worry about or organise myself around somehow having now taken care of themselves.

And I wonder –

When did I forget? When did I lose track? When did I decide that in order to get to the place I see in front of me but have not yet attained, that I have to BE SOMETHING I AM NOT.

How I get there is how I got here is how I got to every ‘level’ beneath it:


When in doubt, the answer, for me, is ALWAYS:


What is the answer for YOU?

And where are you IGNORING it?

I’ve told myself so many times that I need to improve my ‘mess’, the natural way I do things is too often ‘all over the place’, and leaves me feeling like maybe I’m missing things … like maybe the ‘other kids’ are doing it better …

And in the end, even though, sure, I find benefit in sitting down for an hour here, another bit of time there, and working my way through a list, in the end the MAGIC?

It comes from letting go,
and following my own natural flow.

I can do this when I decide to.
I can do this when I make space to.
But most of all, I can and do do this when I TRUST to.

When I trust that me just being me, even with ALL the mess, is not only ‘enough’, but is also what is REQUIRED, in order for me to reach those BEYOND next levels, and then, from that place of absolute trust, I let.fucking.go.

And I wonder,

don’t you?

What would happen for you today if you let fully go,

and let YOUR motherfucking flow flow.

Quit trying to do a cleaner or neater job of being you.


And it’s also not how to release your most powerful work.

You already know this …


(deep breath)

go live it.


Life is Now. Press Play.


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