Success/Success Mindset


A question you might like to ask yourself, at this time, is why would you NOT want to receive the signs of growth you long for, now?

Think about it –

Day after day you dream of having a bigger audience, more people who love or at LEAST like you, more money in the bank, and things just more deeply WORKING.

You write affirmations about letting yourself be seen more, about having viral content, about making ‘x’ amount of money each month, about KNOWING what you’re doing is right, and then you take action, accordingly, as best as you know how.


And it’s not that it feels like it’s NOT working, you can see that it is, it’s just …

You thought you’d be further along by now.

So, you diligently make lists, of what you could or should do, and you decide that from HERE on out you’re gonna freakin’ well DO the damn stuff on the lists, too!

it work.

But here’s the problem.

It doesn’t matter how much time or money or effort you drop into this or that or the other strategy, if you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, it simply WON’T work.


Because you don’t want it to, not really, not on a deeper level, not on a SOUL level.

You know I’m right … you FEEL the truth … even as your mind shrieks ‘why would I why would I WHY would I not WANT things to grow?!’

Well –

How about this?

Every damn day when you go to bed at night you do so with the knowledge that you DIDN’T go all in. And that’s got NOTHING to do with how much stuff you tried to DO in order to be a good marketer, a good entrepreneur, build an audience, get paid.

It’s an energy thing baby …

A SOUL thing.

And a finite knowingness, which can only be either YES –

Or NO –

As to whether or not, today, you showed UP.

Can I ask you something?

When was the last time you REALLY fucking showed up, shone your light, let your TRUE power show?

I don’t just mean with a single impactful blog post or livestream or piece of art or content …

I mean in that way where it’s undeniable that you truly GAVE what you needed to GIVE, and in doing so you INSTANTLY received everything you needed to receive.

There’s a certain type of feeling you get …

Which is IMPOSSIBLE to attain any other way …

When you truly RELEASE as you’re meant to.

It’s a feeling of absolute contentedness and fulfilment, and with it comes PEACE, the kind of peace and knowing that of COURSE everything is just as it should be, and perfect, for money and for growth and for ALL the things, and that there is nothing you need to do –

Ever –

At all –

Maybe FOR ever –


When you unleash in a way that causes you to slip into this place, it could be 6am in the morning still, and yet you’ll feel, quite simply, done. You’ll have zero sense of pressure or urgency to complete ANYTHING else.

This is not so handy –

Just on a side note –

If you’re still then trying to follow a list –

Of things that you told yourself you must do, for, y’know, results and shit!

But the good news is –

Your soul knows that the list doesn’t matter. IT NEVER DID. So it’s TRUE that there is nothing else you need to do for the day, or perhaps ever, or at least until once more you feel your art knocking at the door OF your soul, and asking, to be let out.

Let’s get real here, about what it takes to be heard, to be seen, to make an IMPACT, and to make millions and millions of fabulous dollars –

It is NOT being a good or even a great marketer, although no doubt you WILL be, and the artist, the creator, the revolutionary leader, the MESSENGER inside of you is already a natural of that.

It is NOT having a great strategy, a system, putting ‘wheels on the thing’, or building the perfect fucking funnel, although in RETROSPECT, when you GET there, you’ll realise, huh – I guess I DO have my own kind of ‘system’, look at that!

It is NOT, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO, it is NOT making or thinking about or crafting or in ANY way following a PLAN for growth, a PLAN for more money, a PLAN to be bigger, and seen, and paid.

It is ONLY one thing, and that is this:


Do you REALLY think that even the best SYSTEM or PLAN in the world can be more powerful than the magnetic FORCEFIELD of you standing IN your power, and showing up and creating from THAT place?!

FUCK your system.
FUCK your growth plan.
FUCK your careful strategy or analysis of what is ‘working’ right now.
FUCK anything that is not, quite simply, you –

Taking AS MUCH SPACE AS IS NEEDED, and WHATEVER is needed, DAILY, to go deep deep DEEP within, until the world around you fades away, was perhaps never even there to begin with, and it is just you –

And your soul –

Dancing –

Twirling –

Playing –

And making | creating | allowing, well –

Whatever it is that is to be made, created or allowed, today.

But how will you ever know –

What that TRUE powerful work was to be –

If instead of making space and taking time and giving yourself what is NEEDED, DAILY, to let it out –

You’re anxiously trying to build a fucking list, or find the perfect thing to get people to buy?


You will not.


It will not grow.
They will not buy.
And YOU will become even MORE deeply restless and also (let’s just admit it!) BORED, then what you already are.

Take a look around …

EVERY time it’s worked like magic fucking unicorn flow has been when you FOLLOWED the magical fucking unicorn flow.

EVERYBODY who you follow or deeply admire or aspire to in some way be like is shining their LIGHT and following THEIR flow, and saying FUCK YOU to the system and the rules, NOT because they are an aggressive rebel but just ’cause they know that the FOCUS must be on what is inside of them.

These are the reasons you admire or follow them …

This is what your heart knows is the way for YOU …

You don’t feel awe-inspired and transported away by the pretty fucking website or perfect little Facebook ad or carefully constructed SOULLESS funnel and launchy-launch shit out there, so why do you think that THAT stuff is what you need to do?

What you need is what you’ve always needed –

Go within.
Fucking STAY there.
And let whatever is IN there –


You don’t have a list growth or money-making problem.

You have a problem of not going all in, and of doing business and life in a way which not only DOESN’T FUCKING WORK, but also?

Bores the crap out of you.

Time to get back to the madness gorgeous.


And go write your own God damn story.