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Success Mindset


Everything you have, everything you are, everything you do, everything you are becoming and WILL Everything you have, everything you are, everything you do, everything you are becoming and WILL have or be or do or be SURROUNDED by and also feel –

Is a result of energy.

I don’t mean energy in the sense of MATTER, although obviously that’s true as well.

I’m talking about perception energy. Being-ness energy. Soul energy. FLOW energy. Basically, I’m talking about the fact that regardless of what you have as ‘proof’ you are enough, have done enough, have enough money, or whatever else it is you think that you need, your ability to enjoy your life and ACTUALLY feel all is enough and perfect just as it is, is totally, and 100%, an energy thang.

You could have millions of dollars flowing to you monthly, and still not feel enough or that you’ve proven yourself TO yourself or the world –

Or you could have NO money coming in, but feel 100% abundant and blessed.

SUCCESS, in every sense of the word, is an energy thing.

And the energy thing? Well, the awesome news on THAT is that you get to choose!

Right now, in this moment, regardless of ALL circumstance, you can literally choose –

To be enough.
To have enough.
To have done enough.
And to be safe.

This doesn’t mean you wouldn’t then still strive and push; of course you would!

The growth never continues …

And there is ALWAYS room for MORE!

It’s a beautiful contradiction, that we’re going for, and that I’m suggesting you choose into.

The contradiction of simultaneously being enough and COMPLETELY whole and happy, whilst also knowing you will NEVER stop, there is ALWAYS more, you will uplevel for the rest of your LIFE, and that nothing’s going to stop you!

And I think …

I think we, when I say we, I mean US, the high achievers, the crazy ones, the artists, the 1% within the 1% who DOES do the fucking work, I think we are scared of ALLOWING ourselves to be enough and to feel that everything truly IS perfect, right now, just as it is.

If we weren’t beating up on ourselves or shaming ourselves, WHAT WOULD DRIVE US?

If we were ENOUGH and all was amazing, then what would we DO?!

Well –

Great question.

I posted this question just yesterday, actually, on my weekly Inner Circle Hotseat Mastermind ‘stream which we do in my private client group.

“What if you were completely enough –

And you had NOTHING to prove to anybody, or yourself –

And you were fully WORTHY –

And you also knew you were SAFE, with money.

THEN what would you be doing?”

We talked about it a little, and I set it as a journaling question for later.

This morning, I dug into it myself. You can NEVER ask the right questions too often, and for me the most powerful question I’ve asked myself, probably over 1000 times in total, considering my daily decades-long journaling habit, is some version of the question of ‘what would I be doing right now if I were fully in alignment’?

These questions are along the same lines.

They’re about getting to the TRUTH. Removing ‘should’ and ‘fear’ and doubt and that all-too-frequent thing we do of taking action in order to somehow prove ourselves, or for reasons of ‘what if I don’t?’.

So, I dug in.

‘What would I be doing right now if I knew that I was good enough and also had enough and that there was nothing to prove to anybody OR to me?’

It’s funny that I always act so curious about these sort of questions, when I ask them of myself. As if I haven’t already answered AND acted on them for so long now. As if I haven’t already for years now actively and day by day turned up the dial to PURPOSE.

I have to laugh at myself sometimes, as my answers always come back to some version of exactly what they did today:

I would write.

The end.

I would do my posts and streams and content that I already do each day.
I would have fun and play.
I would do random crazy / funny stuff.
I would maybe THINK less about selling.

Hmm, okay, that last one was interesting. I asked myself – ‘would I be selling less, or selling something differently then; is that what it means?’

But no, not that.
For years now already, I only sell what I truly can’t NOT, what excites me and what I want to.
Long ago I DID the whole ‘do shit you don’t really wanna do, for people you don’t love, and in a way that doesn’t really suit you’ thing …

(Spoiler: it didn’t work. It doesn’t work. It will NEVER work. Stop doing that!)

So no problems there!

Well, then why did that come up; what did that MEAN, ‘think less about selling’?

And I wrote –

‘It’s an energy thing …’

I realised that, even though my business has made over a million dollars a year for several years now, and over SEVERAL million dollars the last few years, I still hold fear and scarcity and worry around money.

I was over 100k in debt, and broke as FUCK, for years before I broke through to where I am now.

Even when I was MAKING money, I was broke as fuck because I let it slip away … I never had anything to show for it … I FELT broke, I FELT unworthy, I FELT not good enough, I FELT like having money leftover was ‘too good to be true’, and certainly too good for ME, and so I continued to not be abundant, and to remain broke,

Broke is a feeling, remember that …

Just like abundance is.

There are multi-gajillionaires who feel broke and scared.

And there are penniless people who are totally in flow and in the now and have ZERO fear of not having enough.

I know people from both those groups of people.

And for me, what I realised this morning, with CURIOSITY, even though I admit there was a mild grumpiness about it there as well, is I still carry feelings of scarcity and ‘what if I’m not okay’, relevant to money.

We know that money work ain’t money work …

So no doubt this plays out in other areas of my life as well, the thing of not feeling enough.

I know it does, as even when I’m in PHENOMENAL fucking shape I tend to still pick on bits and think I need to be better. CAN be better, and positively wanting to improve, is different to SHOULD be better, and ‘have to’ in order to be safe or accepted.

You know?

So, how to shift the lack energy?

Firstly, acknowledge that you desire to. For me that’s a no-brainer. Either way, I am fantastic at making money, and my income increases each year, always getting easier and more effortless and flow based, too.

From a PRACTICAL sense, I am making millions of dollars each year and truly ONLY doing what I love and am passionate about at this point!!

I have the team, the systems, and the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude and way of showing up which means that if I don’t wanna do something –

I don’t.

You’d wanna hope so, after 11 years of building this life, and consciously directing my vision to that!

But what I HAVEN’T yet got, is that total feeling of being enough and feeling safe.

Money stuff from years back is lingering.

I CHOOSE to acknowledge and release that today, this post being of course my own personal journaling deep dive to explore all of that – and I trust it helps you too!! – because I know that when I FEEL wealthy, and enough, and totally perfect just as I am, I will also create and ALLOW even greater wealth, flow, happiness, etc.

Broke is a feeling.
Wealthy is a feeling.
HAPPY is a feeling.
In the NOW is a feeling.
Being ENOUGH is a feeling.
HAVING enough is a feeling.
DOING enough is a feeling.

And it’s all a fucking choice.

So, decide.
And choose.
And then what?

Well, then it’s simple.

For beliefs to become part of who you are, there are really only two main things you need to do each day:

1) Practice the beliefs daily
2) Take action based on what action you’d take if you did believe the beliefs

So, that’s my practice for now.

And my mantra to go with it, will be:

‘I am good enough, I have enough, I’ve done enough, I’m doing enough, and I am completely and fully safe, now. Everything is perfect just as it is, and I am wealthy beyond measure!’

I’ll probably shift and change that over the coming days, as I journal on it daily; as it becomes part of me.

That’s just what came up for now.

And then, from that place, well – what would I be doing today? NOT just relevant to business, but relevant to LIFE. If I fully knew and felt all of that, what would I be doing?

Turns out –


But not just DOING this, also knowing I am ALLOWED to do this and that this is exactly what I am MEANT to be doing, this and only this, in order to grow to the next level.

By this, I mean in a literal ‘right now’ sense, writing this blog for you.
And by this, I mean in each coming moment, doing whatever it is I feel called to do.

Knowing and trusting that when I follow my soul’s desires, I always make the right choices, everything IS perfect for me, and I am happy, successful, in flow and free, and also abundantly rich and SAFE.

Which could indeed be another affirmation

Your thoughts?

Remember …

Life is Now. Press Play.



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But I will say this:

You’ve always known it’s supposed to be about ALL that is inside of you. That it’s meant to COME from a place of purpose, passion, and SUPER super flow. And that if you just.freaking.trusted, and showed up FULLY from that place, you’d be living in a different reality already.


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