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Success Stories


For a very long time, far longer than what I really realised it was going on at that time, I held myself back from making the big bucks in business because I believed that who I was, inherently, was not enough.

I felt as though it was true and certified fact that if I wanted to be really well known, a leader, one of the top most successful female entrepreneurs, then I was going to have to change SO much about me.

I had insecurities about my message as well, and whether people really wanted to even hear me rabbit on and on about living purposefully, finding flow, pressing play, never mind actually BUY stuff on the deep inner work like this … from me … but a bigger block for me was just –


I wasn’t pretty and polished like the other women entrepreneurs, certainly not like the ones who were KNOWN, and successful.

I still feel like I’m not, just on a side note … I feel like most high-level women in business have some kind of ‘code’ that I don’t have which allows them to ALWAYS be well presented and sleek and shiny and dressed stunningly. Their hair always looks good!!

Me, I am mostly still the gym chick, just now I have nice nails and a ginormous closet full of designer bags and shoes and clothes … which I mostly never wear aside from photoshoot days!!

Obviously I don’t let this stop me now, but back then –

I truly thought I needed to get my shit together in terms of how I show up as a WOMAN in order to make it, and also in order to be accepted.

It just seemed like everything about me was so homemade, you know?

My website was a hack job, a glorious mess of mis-matching colours and vibes ’cause I tended to change my mind about what look I wanted as soon as it was nearly done, resulting in a continual crossover of ideas ….

My sales pages were DIY, I could never seem to get that POLISHED look everyone else had, my testimonials when I used ’em were just kind of slopped onto the page and the whole thing looked like it had been thrown together with no fucks given even when I DID really try to get it looking schmick …

My body was NEVER quite good enough in my own eyes to do a nice photoshoot, and besides, I was a nervous wreck in general about being on camera and REALLY REALLY HATED IT …

I just didn’t seem to have that whole ‘how to be a real woman’ thing down!

And for a very long time, I bought into my own idea … perpetuated to a degree by friends and mentors I called in at the time … that all of this needed to be dealt with in order for me to really be seen, known, and make serious money.

Do you ever feel that way? As though you know deep down you’re born for it and OBVIOUSLY gonna get there, but that there is SO MUCH WRONG ABOUT YOU which you have to fix first?

I don’t have to tell ya –

It’s not a fun feeling.

It’s heavy and contractive.

And it’s also not TRUE.

Lemme point out a few things you may not notice or know about me, or perhaps you forgive me for them, thinking “oh, but that’s Kat – she can get away with that! She can do what she wants!”

– My team just finished redoing my website according to the look I wanted. This involved ripping apart a VERY expensive and schmick and ‘celebrity branded’ site which I invested in last year. Yes I did indeed start paying for fancy branding somewhere WAY after already making multi-7-figs / year … and then I did indeed and DO continue to not use said fancy branding. lol. The other day I saw someone post something about why all self-purported ‘badass’ coaches have awful branding, and I wondered – is that me? Mine is definitely still homemade!! AND I am continually changing it!

Wanna know something?


Hasn’t stopped me making millions and millions 😉

– I definitely still do not know how to ‘woman’ properly. Except that I have let go of the idea that the tidy neat polished girls are the real women and I am not. We ALL get to be, duh. This is who I am. Yeah, I have a LOT of fancy stuff now. And I love looking all done up. Just not every day.

I do not understand a world in which every day clothing is anything other than gym gear. Why the fuck would I put on a dress or skirt after I do my workout and shower. Obvs I’ll put on more gym clothes! Or denim shorts and a tank and no shoes. There’s still a part of me which feels insecure about this. Now, more so about man stuff. Is it true I need to act more flowy and feminine to call in a high-level man? BULLSHIT! I choose that this is bullshit and that I am enough just being me, just how I chose that it is bullshit I needed to be all fancy to be a multi-millionaire and one of the TOP women online, and SO IT WAS DONE.

– My sales pages and program content are STILL all ‘homemade’. We just do it on WordPress pages. No templates. VERY simple. I like it. IT HAS MADE ME MILLIONS, AND SOMEHOW I NEVER GOT AROUND TO TRICKING IT ALL UP LIKE SO MANY PEOPLE I LOOKED UP TO WAY BACK TOLD ME I HAD TO. And now I prefer it my way!!

– I STILL always feel like my body is not quite good enough. I just wanna be that little bit leaner … always. Just that now, for a long while now, I have stopped letting that stop me from fully showing up or claiming my place at the top. I can see that it’s my own shit, and maybe it will always be there in some way, that little girl who feels not pretty enough, not cool enough, not like the other girls … and I just chose to start doing the things the CONFIDENT AND BADASS VERSION OF ME would do anyway.

Listen –

6 years ago, I honestly thought that to get to the level of life I play at now I would have to become an entirely different person.

It felt exhausting and complicated, but it felt like ‘those are the rules’.

But look at me.

I’m sitting here with no makeup, in shorts and a sports bra, a bit stinky ’cause I have a rule you have to earn your motherfucking shower in the morning by working out first (#fact!!), and I’ll go do that next –

My website is all done in-house and fancy branding fully thrown out the window –

And it is BETTER that way!

– I STILL shy away MASSIVELY from photoshoots and being on camera, I feel SO awkward, even my photographer laughs her head off at some of my weird clumsy moves and at one point told me to try and walk like a human haha (said with love!) … and I just do a new photoshoot each month anyhow ’cause I GET TF OUT OF MY OWN WAY –

My closet is to die for but I pretty much ignore everything in there and wear the same clothes on repeat daily –

90% of the time my hair is a scrawly frizzy sweaty mess –

Pretty much everything in my biz is ‘thrown together’ at the last minute –

And basically, if I am in a room with the ‘top entrepreneurs’ my fear mind SCREAMS at me that I’m not cool enough, good enough, polished enough, or like them!



Without having to change ANY of me.

In fact, even outright OWNING these parts of me!

Let me tell you something straight up:

Your soulmate people –

Business –



There is nothing you need to change about who you are, to make it. Unless it is aligned and soul DESIRED for you to do so, and I’ve certainly done that in a few areas.

What you DO have to do though is stop lying to yourself that this shit matters –

And unapologetically own your so-called mess.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

But you do have to let us see you.

And you DO gotta claim what’s yours, NOW, or it’ll never fucking happen.

So drop all the damn conditions you made up –


Didn’t you come here to run this thing?!

WELL then.


Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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I so deeply believe and know that women (and men!) like us – we just CAN’T do it in the normal way. We’re never going to fit in the Internet Marketer box. We don’t want to fit in the box! And even if we could fit in the damn box we’d blow that shit up! It’d be messy AF … and often IS.

It’s just not going to get us the results we want, because for those who are so soul-led, like you, like me, and have that whole crrrrrraazzzzzy creator thang going on (with a hefty dose of chaos!)

We gotta do it a different way.


Being that person, the crazy creator soul-led one, can all too commonly result in work, yep, the actual ASSKICKIN’ work that needs to be done for YOUR empire to be created to, well –

Not get done.

The crazy ones have a tendency, from time to time, to get so caught up in ‘I gotta FEEL it’, that they don’t necessarily ground, plant, DECIDE, and make shit happen.

You may have noticed 😉

Maybe because there’s fear there of having to conform! And knowing from experience or just ’cause you KNOW, that you’re not going to, you won’t follow their rules, and so why even try.

Yet at the same time you know:

I have to lay myself on the line.

It’s time to back myself, but FULLY.

I gotta dig my damn heels in and DO the darn thing now!

This? This is what Rich Hot Empire, and the work I do with you as a private client in this 6 week time together, is all about. It’s a time to really get into the structure and strategy in a DIFFERENT kind of way. To go behind the scenes of how I’ve done it, to build a multiple 7-fig per year biz which breaks all the rules, lets me be me, and yet is also highly structured … without at all feeling that way!

It’s a pretty cool thing, to realise you figured out how to unleash ALL your madness, but fully, and NEVER compromise on what feels fuck yes and fly for you, and yet know you got your biz shiz sorted!

Guess what??

You get to have that too.

In Rich Hot Empire I take you fully behind the scenes of how I do this thing, and I help you to craft and also implement and FULLY action all the ins and outs YOU need to grow your soulmate tribe, and activate low right through to high end income streams, so you too can create the empire you dream of, FULLY ON YOUR TERMS.

You do this in a mastermind with my other private 1:1 clients, and you get to keep all content, all BTS of my biz, all templates, ‘how we dos’ (all based on being the crazy creator type), you name it, it’s all right there for you for life, showing you exactly what to set up, and how! I’ll give you a detailed rundown of that 6 weeks when you message me.

AND! Alongside the mastermind you’re simultaneously doing 6 weeks 1:1 with me. All in. You and me. Completely tailored. Daily conversation flow. Alignment and asskickery to infinity, baby.

We dig ALL the way in to your belief stuff, mindset stuff, energetic alignment and ability to receive, everything INTERNAL that is stopping you from already being where you know you should and could, and what to do about it.

Rich Hot Empire gets such incredible results for people because it marries these two areas together. Full alignment to that next level identity you KNOW is waiting for you –

And full asskickery to do what you know you gotta do, with me right there by your side showing you how to do that, how to find the exact way that feels good and works for YOU.

Ready to dig those damn heels in sister, but for real this time??

Message me for the full overview. Do it now. You don’t need another fucking person who will NEVER think like you telling you how to do shit you’d rather fork your own eyeballs than do. Even if it’s your own fear mind haha. You need someone who has done it for real from crazy. From madness. From flow. From SOUL. And can show you how to go all in on yours.

It’s motherfreakin’ time.