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Recently I had the experience of somebody telling me I needed them in order to continue to progress in a certain area, that I would otherwise continue patterns which were not serving me and that I would not break through to being who I need to be, in order to reach my goals.

I broke off the relationship immediately.

I did so with not another thought because firstly, I don’t ‘do’ responding to fear, it’s akin to negotiating with terrorists and I’m just not available for that no matter how much I may have previously liked or respected the person or found them helpful, and secondly, this:

EVERYTHING I need is inside of me.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, louder –


You don’t HAVE to give it a voice, no matter where that voice is coming from, and also, if you’re serious about creating aligned success on your terms then you should have a personal POLICY of not giving it a voice.

Personal policies make it easy, you don’t have to think about the circumstances or get caught up in the damn emotion of the thing, especially if it’s another person involved and you’re worried you’re being an asshole about it.

It is literally, “oh. You just tried to play on FEAR to compel me to take action. Thank you for showing me who you are. Goodbye!”

So simple.

I want you to promise me, promise yourself, more importantly, that you will not let anybody ever tell or try to convince you that you need something outside of you in order to get what you want, and become the version of you who you know you’re meant to be.

The GREATEST power you have is your ability to look within, DECIDE what you want and what is meant (based on soul, and alignment, please!) and then call it into being, and there is not a single person – learning – text – anything – which you REQUIRE in order to do this.

YES, you may (meaning might, not meaning I am giving you permission haha) hire people who are effective at helping you dig into what is within you, whose very energy seems to somehow help you remember who you are, and then become it, and you may also hire people who have a particular skillset or learning which you’d like to benefit from. Just as you may learn or be coached or guided by various texts, resources, or even the very ebb and flow of life itself!

But NONE of it is the missing fucking link, the magic bullet, the ‘one weird trick’ you had to know, or else!

Let me ask you something –

Do you or do you not ultimately believe you will get to where you want to go?

I was journaling this morning, as I do daily, and after recording various affirmations and musings about what I now CHOOSE, I found myself thinking with a flicker of annoyance about this person from just recently who tried to lead me from fear, and I wrote with extra assuredness the following:

I ALWAYS get what I want and truly decide.

Do you believe the same, for you?

I’ve been fortunate enough along the way as I hope you are too, to have some truly AMAZING and powerful people in my life … mentors, friends, guides, healers, who have gifts not only of this world and who I am so thankful to and will be until the day I die.

People about whom I can truly say – “she changed my life”

But not a single part of me believes that had I NOT met or said yes to those people I wouldn’t be where I am now.

I am where I am and who I am, without exception, BECAUSE I CHOSE TO BE.

Since way before I had any business or life success to really speak of I just KNEW that if I decided and then simply stepped forward, every day in even the littlest way, in faith, that I would get to where I wanted to go.


I just inherently understood, since a young age, and long before I could express it like this, that it was OPTIONAL.

That I could choose to believe in fear, and doubt, the ‘voice of the devil!’, or?

That I could choose not to.

And so I have chosen not to.

Again, and again, and again!

This year is a year of elevating EXTREMELY rapidly across multiple areas of my life. Perhaps you feel the same way too, and have made a similar decision?

I have certainty that the last few years have been laying down some critical groundwork, a foundation from which I shall now springboard like a heavens-sailing motherfucker into the next level, READY inside and out and in every part of who I am to do that.

I can FEEL it coming.

Next level messaging reach.
Next level fame, relevant to that.
Next level income.
Next level relationship.
Next level ME.

And, just as has been the case with every other thing I’ve brought to fruition in my life, it is the knowing and the DECISION that will cause that to take place.

Yes, I will as I always do call on support from key people along the way.

But because I know that everything comes and only CAN come from inside of me, that the blueprint is FULLY within and no place else, I will ONLY allow support or guidance that MATCHES WHAT IS IN ME.

And I don’t know ’bout you, but when I look in?

I don’t see motherfucking fear at the captain’s table.


So I’m sure as heck not going to LET it in, not from another person and not from anywhere else.

And today I urge you –

Be courageous to know that you already have everything you need inside of you,

And discerning, to know who or what to allow into your space to expand that.

I’ll leave you with this.

Fear contracts.
Fuck yes expands.

Follow the damn fuck yes, and also?



Life is Now. Press Play.


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