Live Your Passion


Whatever you’re aiming for, trying to create, figuring out how to one day be, or already putting out into the world, the level of frustration or alternatively soul fuck yes attached to it, is ALL just a product of your intention.

It’s not about the specifics of it, the whether you use this platform or that, the how you show up when you do, the methods or modes of getting that deepest part of you out into the world.

None of that actually matters, and it has NOTHING to do with whether or not you’re deep in connectedness to and honouring of your purpose work, or dancing in the shallows of a life not even halfway fulfilling.

If you feel frustrated, and aware that you could be – should be! – so much further along by now, playing a different game, dancing atop an entirely different mountain to the one you somehow seem to have appointed yourself as Queen of – don’t look around and wonder what the ‘things’ are which you need to change,

walk away from,


because all of THAT will naturally follow a deeper truth, and the deeper truth is this:

It’s ALL just about your intention.

The place you are coming from within YOU.

How YOU see yourself.

Who you know you are.

Who you’ve CHOSEN to be.

What visions within you didn’t feel ready or equipped to but yet said yes to anyway.

Think about it –

When you know who you are, and you are certain in that knowledge, it’s fact, unquestionable, as ‘you’ as your country of birth or your colour of skin, undeniable, you don’t go back and forth in your mind as to whether building your business in this way or that makes you ‘not really you’.

You wouldn’t tear your hair out over the best way to make sure people know you’re from wherever you’re from.

Look however you look.

It just –


Same too with habits which are so deeply ingrained into who you are that they’re beyond question.

If you’re a ‘fitness person’, and it’s just part of who you are, has been for years and years, ‘everybody’ knows it, and it’s basically so coded into your identity that you can’t even imagine how to get it OUT,

you don’t then worry about where or how to be or in what way to act so that ‘people know you’re a fitness person’.

Or where or how to be or in what way to act so that YOU know you’re that person.

Or where or how to be or in what way to act so that you get the RESULT of being that person.

Do you?

That’d be weird.


Because if you ARE that person, then you ARE that person. It just – is.

The where, and how, and way, the ins and outs of it, the things you do or do not do and the way you do or do not do them, just – are.

You trust yourself daily to make the right moves.

You don’t really think about it most of the time.

You just know that you know how to take care of business in this area, and so you do!

Also you may have certain ‘rules of behaviour’, things that tend to remain pretty steadfast as far as your beliefs and also actions,

but you also have no problem going against them if the mood strikes you, or if you just feel led to a different way.

Why would you?!


and that the actions are a moving changing free-flowing REFLECTION of that identity, not a rigid ‘must get right or else’ things you have to worry about in order to BE in said identity.

How can you worry,

about being what you already are?

And what is identity, really?

It is knowing who and what you are, and being absolute in that.


who are you?

what are you?

what is BEYOND QUESTION about you?

and what is it time to make so?

You get to choose.

Every day, you’re just walking a path to become one thing or another.

It’s no more difficult to become EVERYTHING you see inside of you, a living and breathing embodiment of your deepest purpose work, than what it is to become a faded and washed out greyscale version of something you could have been.

It’s all just identity choice.

It’s all just making certain parts of you so true that it’s beyond question, beyond even the CONSIDERATION of question.

And it’s all just free-flowing from that place.

TRUSTING you can’t accidentally not be you, and so therefore you can give yourself complete permission to make it up as you go, do what you’re shown or what feels right, grant yourself EVERYTHING you see, and KNOW THAT IT IS RIGHT.

Guess what?

You’re doing all of this already, anyway.

You’re already something.

Beyond question.

It’s just who you are.

Guess what?

You’re the one with access to the editing tools.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play! 

Kat x


– dreamer. wanderer. soul led creator. One who was born for MORE.

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