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And this one thing I know for sure, regardless where your journey with God is at and regardless how much inevitably remains for Him to break, wake, shake, from within you –

If you are IN Him.
If you have Christ and the Holy Spirit IN you.
If you have said yes and SURRENDERED –

you are already where you need to be in order to activate the FULLNESS of the authority you have in Him.

– You are completely holy
– Completely righteous
– Equipped AND empowered to walk in BOLD spiritual authority
– You are wholly His child
– You are free, healed, delivered, provided for, signs and miracles are available to you, and you have already received supernatural gifts by the Holy Spirit
– There is not a single hoop you need to jump through for ANY of this to be true,

and none of it is a product of YOU.

This means:

* The mission God is showing you for now IS for now
* The ‘who am I’, or ‘why me’, or ‘but how’ parts were never up to you anyway
* Neither you NOR fear and CERTAINLY not the devil gets to say whether or not you are worthy or righteous when God Himself has made you so

What it doesn’t mean:

* You’re somehow perfect in a human sense, all your stuff is dealt with and will never come again, you don’t feel like a royal hot mess behind or even front of the scenes at times.

What God doesn’t NEED:

^ you to be any of that stuff.

What He DOES need, because by His own laws He will never force you:

– You to say yes.

YES, Father.
And yes.

See the thing is, is that no matter how much war there may be to be waged, no matter how much ground there may be to be covered or rebuilt, no matter how great the terrain is you need to travel in order to possess the land God is giving you …

All YOU need to do is surrender and say yes. YES God, I will. I’ll go. I’ll accept. I’ll walk forward and LET YOU DO THE HEAVY LIFTING.

And imagine. Just imagine – !

What if today were the day you decided that that applies just as much to the really big scary ‘but how and I’m not ready and why would you choose meeeeee’ thing as what it does to the thing YOU already feel equipped for or worthy of?

In fact –

what if the filter were never your OWN perceived worth or readiness in the first place? What of what the Lord has shown you would you not have even CONSIDERED questioning in the way you have?

What would you have walked firmly and boldly into?
What would you have taken authority over?
What would you have said a resounding YES to?
And what previously unfathomable thing would you have simply accepted,

is now for you
through you
and TO HIM?

The thing is …

while you’re busy wondering whether or not you could possibly, and making it all about your own fears or ideas –

God is simply showing you a move for His glory.
And what if –

you just let it be about that?’

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.



The next level is simply NOT about you somehow becoming more structured, organised, ‘proper’. You’ve built and created and poured forth so much and deep down you KNOW that the only way this thing flows to and from the heavens the way it is MEANT to is by you letting go and surrendering to a DEEPER AND MORE FULLY FINALLY GROUNDED YES.

YES I believe.
YES I decide.
YES I choose that NOW is the time for me to simply rip that bandaid and operate FROM the place I dream of, yearn for, wonder about, wonder ‘what if’, and ultimately the place which God has planted IN me –


I’m taking on a small + very intimate group of all in 1:1 clients to begin the New Year. It’s 3 months together, full private, plus a mastermind with my other private clients playing at this level throughout. It is, simply, for the woman who has done and become SO very much,

yet who knows she is holding on oh so tightly to an idea and a fear of what it will TAKE, when the truth is it’s time to simply GO there.

It’s my ‘1st Quarter Supernatural Mastermind’ gorgeous, and the place? The entire game changes for good.

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Not ready for full private, yet desire to go deep together such that you TRULY walk in supernatural overflow in all areas, the way God has WRITTEN it?

Want to also deeply understand and walk out spiritual authority, choosing a way of business AND being which flows from HIS power and not yours?

Supernatural Overflow School is the place to be. New. Live. Signature. Beginning in Jan! Details + your place at

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