When you’re feeling frustrated at your progress, or as though shit is blowing up in your face just a TAD too much, when you’re finding yourself starting to question if you even know ANYTHING at all, and whether you should even be here, the very first next move you need to make is to reconnect to your core.

It’s not going to be helpful, when tossed around by the stormy seas of life, to start flailing about dramatically, imbibing vast amounts of salty water, whilst simultaneously shrieking on and on about how the sky is falling.

(at the very least, close your mouth and stop the damn shrieking, so the water stops getting in!)

It’s ALSO not going to be helpful, and this bit is perhaps less obvious, so listen up, and be honest with yourself around whether you do this, to just get into ACTION in order to try and course correct.

Maybe if I do this! And this! And then this too! How ’bout that over there! Let’s add a dash of EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE MOTHERFUCKING THING THAT COMES TO MIND OR APPEARS TO ME IN A VISION OR DREAM OR THAT THE REST OF THE INTERNET SEEMS TO BE DOING! Surely SOMETHING has to work!

Us A-type badasses, when found with our back against the wall, the grip of fear tight around our throat, the voice of the devil hissing all the worst possible shit that might happen into our ear, we have a tendency, once the initial moment of being frozen in worry, to go into overdrive with our ‘do’.

Have you ever done this? You cheerlead yourself out of the black hole of doom and ‘what if’ and you start making LISTS. Plans! ALLLLLLL the ideas of everything you could or should do! You then feel excited, because you are being decisive! Taking matters into your own hands! Showing life what is up and that you’re not to be messed with! Just watch me dig dig dig dig dig dig digggggggg my way out!

Well, what you’re MOSTLY feeling, really, is the dopamine reaction you get from churning a whole bunch of stuff outta your mind and onto paper and therefore, just through your list-making and ‘quick, let’s do these 59 things before we drown’ type of vibe, you feel like you DID something.

You expended energy –

Hormones got all jiggly –

Dopamine stormed the gates –

Now you’re all happy again, you saved yourself!

Except, no. You did nothing other than drain out the tension which you PROBABLY needed to let build, in order to get to breakthrough.

Because here is where breakthrough comes from, the solution, the answers you actually need to save yourself | course correct | SMASH past the current level and re-write your entire identity at that higher place you’re damn sick and tired of just dreaming about:

Baby girl, don’t you see?

You gotta connect back to your CORE before you do anything | pass Go | collect $200.

So, right now, if you have a SINGLE area of your life where you’re feeling frustrated, stuck, scared, or just over things moving so slowly, just STOP.

Full body pause sister.

Take a breath.

And, feel the noose of fear and frustration and ‘why not me, why not now, why not like I want?!’ loosen just a little, that first little bit of relief to allow some breath through and give you the ability to access the inner strength which is ALWAYS FUCKING THERE and which WILL give you the foundation to spring upwards off, as you remind yourself of these truths:

I always know the answers.

Everything is always as it is meant to be.

What I need to know is available right now.

I can ALLOW myself to be shown.


No breakthrough or aha or heavens opening revelation ever came from somebody running around in Chicken Little syndrome and freaking the fuck out, and nor did it ever come from trying to operate under a shroud of sadness or worry, and NOR did it ever come simply from taking action.

You have to clear the way for creativity, magic, certain soul knowledge of next steps, and flow, to get through.

And the thing is – it IS always there! Everything you need really IS always there! You have TOTAL access, right now, no matter who you are, where you’re at, or despite ALL apparent evidence to the contrary, to the answers to EVERYTHING.


But you do have to be strong enough to opt OUT of fucking with fear, and that is precisely what most people will never do.

They’re too scared to pause for even a second, and so they convince themselves that the answer is push push push push MOREEEEEEE!

Then wonder why, a year or a minute or a decade or a lifetime later, all they’ve got to show for all that action is deeper lines on their face, a more tired and contracted demeanour, and somehow, despite ALL the action and ‘hard work’ results that are pretty much at the same level they were always at.

Set point baby, and reality created only via identity, it’s a thing.

So, if you want things to be DIFFERENT, then get to thinking differently, and think not about what else you have to DO, or even what next you have to do, and instead start to think about how you can shift the clouds of fear in order to access that calm, that certainty, that place of full expansive breathing FIRST, so that then the actions which you are shown to take are coming from the right place.

There might be only one thing you need to do today, to move forward or indeed to flick the entire damn switch in that particular area of your life, or there might be a whole bunch of ’em, but either way you’re best doing NOTHING until you drop back in –

feel your power and strength ignited –

and then are guided from that place.

In the end, it’s very very simple –

You may have spent your whole life hacking away furiously at an entire forest of trees –

But if you didn’t stop AS AND WHEN ALWAYS DIRECTED to sharpen the damn saw –

Don’t be surprised if you never chopped anything down.

Today, I urge you –



Wait for the drop.

And then act as damn well guided.

But if you’re not allowing yourself to be guided,

then what (fear!) in the name of all get out are you acting from??


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