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If you’re not consistently getting what you want right now, in all areas, this will be the most important piece you have ever read.

Are you sick and tired of working your tush off and still feeling like you’ve barely moved ahead? Somehow after all these years and SO much output, even with –

monies made
creations created
businesses built, or being built
every bit of your heart | soul | mind REALLY thrown in to the conscious creation of your life

– you still seem to be pretty much exactly where you were way back before you knew anything about ANYTHING or had even really started –

then you may want to step back and look at whether or not you’re being consistent in how you are directing life to provide for you.

At this point you really should have figured out that the effort and exertion paradigm was never going to get you to the highest heights of your dreaming and visioning around what is available for YOU, and you should have consciously chosen to opt out.

Perhaps you have! Perhaps you LONG ago became the person who clocked that the answer had to in some way be flow, and you really do believe this to your core.

Yet the truth which you know you need to admit is that actually, when it comes to DIRECTING and utilising flow, you still have very little clue what you’re doing, and you absolutely do not feel in control of the damn thing.

It’s like you have hold of the string of the worlds most powerful and magical kite, one which could carry you off to any mystical and amazing land you can imagine in your mind, if you dream it then it’s real and this kite lets you go there! So freakin’ cool! But yet you just can’t seem to get the damn thing WORKING.

You pull and push to try and get it moving –
And then you let yourself be carried along –
But neither option seems to really be accomplishing much –
Both feel like you’re out of control, and so you keep switching back and forth –
And ultimately you’re just in a somewhat tiring tug of war with a very strong string, looking down at the same damn grass that was beneath you when you began!

Will I tell you today about directing flow, making it so it HAS to work for you, giving it no choice?

Sure, why not 

But you’re going to have to be willing to back yourself with what you decide, and go all in, or you’ll continue to run in place, flat out, until the day you drop dead.

I’m talking about picking a side.

Choosing what kind of creator you want to be.

And aligning with the ACTUAL forces of life itself.

Let’s use messaging, creating, money makin’ and all things biz-niz-y as an example:

Most likely, if you’re here in my space, you are a natural born creator.

You have a message to share –
It’s always been there –
You’ve known since as long as you can remember and certainly LONG before you could put it into words that you’re here to do something extraordinary and that it will lead to massive (financial) wealth, massive impact, massive connectedness to purpose, passion, flow, and soul.


You would be the one who climbed to the heavens and then ran the whole damn thing from there, a guiding light for those similarly called, and hell YEAH you’ve always known that part of it was naturally gonna be money flow.

The thing is, when you’re not distracting yourself with worries or even thoughts about how to make money –
grow your following –
build your bizniz –

when you’re just IN beingness of you, you are a natural giver.

Just try and stop you! Nobody could.

Since you were a small child your NATURAL leaning, particularly when you are happy | in flow with self | feeling accepted, wanted, loved (which of course has to come from only YOU in the end, just to remind you), has been to give.

This takes place, for you, and of course me too, in the form of:

Reminding | remembering people back
Naturally motivating | inspiring | activating self-belief and personal power in others
Creating, pulling something down out of nothing and unleashing it into the world such that newness is formed
An innate and unquenchable love for people and desire to activate | charge them in multiple ways
Translating universal truths from God Himself | the collective | the consciousness of highest expressed life (you might call this downloading or channeling)
And so on

When you do these things, and you do them purely, you are unstoppable. You are the very force of the entire Universe, personified in human form, and people cannot look away.

Naturally, as a result of this, you receive.

– money, other forms of material | physical energy
– attention
– support in all forms

It’s just how it is, it flows automatically TOWARDS you as a direct response to all that you just being you and allowing all of that ^^^, a natural direct response to the fact that YOU BEING YOU is by its very nature tremendously GIVING. Output results in input, it’s math yeah?

This is precisely how I have for years now ‘made’ millions of dollars per year, just by being me. It’s also how I receive (from God, from life!) easily the body of my dreams, soulmate client and friend relationships, VIFP treatment everywhere I go, every man I encounter only wanting to give to me, and so on.

So, how are you fucking it up? Why are you putting SO much effort and time and energy in, working your ass off to create and be who you’re meant to be, and it all just feels so HARD?

The secret is in two things, two words I mentioned above:

1) The word ‘purity’
2) The word ‘make’

1) Can you hand on your heart truly state that you are doing the above things, the above expressions of you being you, in your natural embodied state, PURELY?

Are you giving | performing | teaching | translating | creating like you did as a child, because you couldn’t NOT, and because it’s just coming out? With attention | affirmation | rewards given only ever as a natural karmic INPUT; a response to what you put out, not because you went looking for it, or you did it FOR the getting?

Or, are you thinking about what you need | want | have to GET, and doing it in any way for or even with the hope of that getting?



2) I didn’t ‘make’ jack shit, as far as making millions, or also making a success pathway that GOT me soulmate clients | friends | peeps | body | anything.

In fact, any and every time I have tried to MAKE money –
MAKE people respond or listen to me or give to me –
MAKE life take care of me –
MAKE myself into something physically or internally –

It’s resulted in a hamster running flat out and not moving on wheel sort of situation, until eventually I got damn tired, and woke the fuck up, remembered who I am, and FLIPPED BACK INTO JUST GIVING.

Are you getting this?

Do you feel me?

You are either a person who is GIVING, who is adding value to the fabric of life, and thus LIFE NATURALLY TAKES CARE OF HER, ABUNDANTLY, BEYOND IMAGINATION

Or you are a person who is seeking to GET, to demand of life, to ‘make’, to force, to attain through grasping, trickery, manipulation, and no, I certainly do not just mean the really obviously bad or at cost of others kind.

I mean as simple as:

Are you trying to get paid?

Are you thinking about what you gotta do to MAKE –

men or women respond to you, give to you
your body conform or perform
and so on

Here is what is most likely happening, and why you’re screwing it up:

You’re flipping back and forth between both, and making it impossible to gain traction.

You’re the kite-flyer who doesn’t know how to control the damn kite, and is flipping back and forth with bi-polar maniacy, oh, now I’m going to LET it fly and allow myself to become one with that flow, oh, no, wait, maybe it’s going the wrong way, now I’m gonna flip back into control mode and TELL it where to go, hang on, that feels like too much force, hmmm, maybe I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, let me just lean back now for a minute and see where we move, see where my natural energy of just breathing and being takes me, oooh, hang on, that’s a bit scary, let’s lock this bitch down again.

No wonder you can’t freaking move off the same spot despite how long you’ve been at it!


So, maybe your ideal lane is to focus on what you can GET, RECEIVE, ATTAIN, BE GIVEN.

You market and create from a perspective of ‘will this work’, ‘will this get me paid’, ‘will they respond | follow | click | refer | buy’. What’s wrong with that, right? You’re still thinking about value! About what to put out to activate people!

Sure. IF YOU COMMITTED ALL THE WAY TO BEING THAT GUY IT WOULD WORK. And, yes you would and could ‘deliver massive value’. Doesn’t make you a bad person, to take the ‘get’ approach; life will ensure you have to give in order to get. It’s all good.

But you’d have to fully BE that guy for it to work.

Problem is –

YOU are not that guy! YOU are programmed to fail at consistently being that guy! You, like me, since you were small, GET OFF ON GIVING.

Now remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.




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It is,
quite simply,

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