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If you want to make success easy, automated, a ‘done deal’, and simply know that when you say a thing is taken care of then it is taken CARE of and we’re all about to see it pop up completed at any moment now, then you have to find the way that YOU make things non-negotiable.

No matter how much a person understands energetic tethering, accessing results and outcomes from the infinite possibility of the quantum, or even the idea that there is a realm aside from just the physical, EVERY person is effective – excellently so! – at allowing something to be created out of nothing when they fully DECIDE.

For many this only ever happens at the NOT so conscious level, and that’s all it ever will be. Everything that is already in their lives and all that continues to show up is a perfect reflection of conditioned and imprinted beliefs and mindsets, ways their deeper self truly believes the world works, and they will never even awaken to the point of CONSIDERING questioning all of this, wondering if they could change the way life plays out of for them.

For others, and perhaps this is you – it’s MOST driven or, shall we say, ‘somewhat woke’, folks –

You’ve experienced times when you consciously decided to shift, to ‘go next level’, to become that evolved version of you. You’ve laid yourself on the line to create or become something out of nothing, to COMPLETELY revolutionise a pattern or a behaviour or an outcome you decided you were done with. You are one of those people who, in certain areas at least, can say “I used to be X, and now look! I am Y, and you can be too!”

Coaches – this is probably what you sell, and help others with. And even long after you made the shift, you (rightly!) still feel so passionate and excited about it. You can’t HELP but impart the good news to others, “you can change your life, no really, you can!”. You want everybody to understand how easy it is, to, well, let things be easy!

And so you message, and you preach, and you share, and if you’re an online coach or messenger of some kind, you also create products and offers to pass on even more of said good news.


At the same time.

You can’t figure out why in the actual all get out you can’t seem to achieve the same sort of breakthrough results in certain areas of your life.

Why, when you’re so ‘all over it’, in THIS area, do you struggle so much, fall into sabotage or into being led by fear, in THAT area?

When you step into being the observer, or have a quiet moment just you and soul, you can CLEARLY see – and even laugh at! – the way you hold yourself back on this thing. It’s kind of RIDICULOUS, because on a deeper level you truly, but TRULY, know that all things are possible with faith, with certainty, with locking in the outcome, with refusing to let go or back down until the tension builds and bam – !

The thing becomes physical world real.


Well, there is an answer, I have the answer, and now I’m going to tell you the answer. I’m helpful like that 😉

So here we go:

You have to figure out what YOUR particular system of making things non-negotiable looks like.

No, it is NOT as simple as “I decided, I said ‘fuck the how’, and so therefore it HAD to come to fruition”.

Yep, that’s the crux of it. It is ALL just a matter of deciding. Look back at everything you created supposedly out of nowhere and you’ll see that there was a DECISIVENESS which came into play which, prior to that, simply wasn’t there.

So now you walk around deciding to decide all the time, thinking that that is the answer and you must just need to do it harder. lol. Good luck with that. What you ACTUALLY need to do, well, yes, you DO need to decide, but what comes beneath decision? What is decision inherently ALL wrapped up with?


There has to be a reason that, no NOT on a human level, NOT on the level of ‘should’ or ‘that’d be cool’, but on a SOUL level, makes sense to you and is actually, but ACTUALLY –


It’s the difference between, for example, DECIDING to make ‘x’ amount of money per month (which actually, NOT sorry to tell ya, it is VERY unlikely your soul gives a fuck about), and DECIDING to meet certain needs or wants which ARE soul divined and desired, and also happen to cost money, and so therefore THE MONEY SHOWS UP.

Because you put out an energetic tether to the actual fucking thing girlfriend, not the thing you think you should be wanting to want.

Sometimes I just think it’s all a big ass game of letting go of trying to want the shit you think you should be seen wanting!

(There is a lot to unpack in that sentence for those playing along at home who actually wanna go deep).

Me, I will always, but ALWAYS, achieve allowing through money for a specific thing which COSTS money, when the thing is soul aligned and ‘non-negotiable’. I will never, but NEVER, achieve allowing money through just for the sake of it, nor for a vague or even a well thought out idea that ‘x’ should be enough to be safe / covered / cool. I guess some people can make money just for the sake of money, that would be true if MONEY ITSELF is what their soul considers non-negotiable.

What do YOU consider non-negotiable?

Me, with my body, not once have I ever achieved ‘getting lean’ or ‘losing weight’ for the sake of it. But hit certain nutrition or fitness goals because of how those things make me FEEL, hell to the yes. My ‘non-negotiable’ in this area, and therefore what I have learned to tether to, as far as throwing out decisions that actually are decided, and stick, is RESULT based on my FEELINGS. Not my visuals.

What do YOU need to tether to?

Typically what is going on, if you’re a person who has achieved certain things because you decided to, and now you can’t seem to replicate it, is that you’re trying to replicate the general idea of making a decision and deciding that said thing had to be ‘done’.

When what you actually need to replicate is the concept of being connected to a true, and soul-meaningful, underlying motivation.

In the end it’s very black and white and has always been as simple as this:

We will achieve or allow through or become whatever is actually non-negotiable to our soul.

The true thing.
The specific thing.
The deeper thing.

If you don’t have everything you want yet it is ACTUALLY as simple as you’ve been too damn lazy to dig in on what ‘everything’ truly means to you, and letting go of all the surface ‘sorta’ / ‘shoulda’ / ‘should want’ shit.

I’d be getting to that today, wouldn’t you?

Waste of bloody time – stupid, too – continuing to try and take action to achieve a bunch of stuff that doesn’t actually mean shit to the true you.


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