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Yesterday I had hands down the most productive, rewarding, exciting and FUCK yes day I’ve had this year.

It was so damn good that if I could bottle and sell it? It’d definitely be another flow’n’ease 7-figure income stream, and rightly so because people deserve to GIT that shit!

Wanna know where it all began though? With me paying $100 to NOT go to my private Muay Thai training session, because I flaked out at the last minute, texting only 5 minutes before I was due to be there to say I wasn’t going to come.

“I’m getting in flow with my work right now, and I don’t want to break my focus”. 

Boom, small flicker of guilt at failing to follow through pushed aside, on with the show. 

OBVIOUSLY if I’m gonna cancel on someone last minute I pay them anyway, even if that weren’t their policy it would be mine. And sure, at this point of my business and life journey it’s not a big deal to ‘lose’ that money, but do you know what?

I’ve done this shit for years, when the spirit called me to.

Way back when I was broke AF and over 145k in debt I remember doing the exact same thing to my trainer at the time. Yep, I still paid for a trainer … and indeed ALL things I felt important … when broke. In fact that’s where a fair whack of the debt came from; investing in myself heavily despite not having cracked the money code yet!

Anyway, I can remember times way back when it was DEFINITELY a big deal to forego a session and pay for it anyway, and yet of course I did it anyway because here’s the thing –

Your ONLY job in life (I believe) is to say yes to God and soul. Which, when you’re connected in and tuning in, you should find results in one and the same set of directives, i.e. soul follows God.

And I wonder –

How often, as you go about your day, your week, your month, your year, as you create your LIFE, do you actually listen to soul to the point of being willing to FAIL to follow through on things you said you’d do –

To walk away from plans well made – 

To bail on somebody you made a commitment to, whether for a paid appointment like my example here or a personal catch-up – 

To PROCRASTINATE on or altogether ignore things you supposedly have a responsibility to, because your soul suddenly guided you in another direction and you had the COURAGE and also SMARTS to listen?

I was at a study group the other night and someone was laughing about how kids are so honest, and if they don’t want to do something or go to something they just say so, but how as an adult ‘we could never just say “I didn’t want to!”‘.

And I thought – in a group of conscious and very successful adults, how is it even possible there is still a mindset of ‘I have to in any way hide my truth, and it is bad or wrong or shameful to break societal expectations or norms or politeness, never mind admit it!’. How?!

WHY is there ANY problem or possible offense with saying things like – “no thank you, I don’t want to”?

With canceling my session yesterday, I know for a fact (having been a trainer for 13 years and heard ALL the excuses!) that most people would NOT just text ‘I’m not coming because I don’t want to’, which is essentially what I wrote.

Mostly they would make something up.

MOSTLY, in that particular scenario, where there was no actual reason they couldn’t be there except for it NOT FEELING ALIGNED, they would say to themselves ‘oh, I should go … not waste the money … what’s the big deal … I can get back into my writing (or whatever) afterwards … I’ll be glad I went … and so on’.

Well. –

There’s a fine line between knowing when it’s time to follow through and do what you said you’d do because alignment knows you MUST, and so shut TF up with your ‘I don’t feel like it’s’, and get on with it, as opposed to knowing when ACTUALLY –

This is not the priority right now.

For someone as obsessed with fitness and in love with her daily workouts as I am, it’s a big deal and kind of odd to decide NOT to do a planned workout, especially as I teach continually around get your ass in the gym / chair / etc, and do the work, but it’s also not a big deal at all when you look at it from a perspective of FIRST THINGS ALWAYS COME FIRST.

See at 7.40am I was sitting in the coffee shop, knowing I was due at the fight gym at 8am, and I could just feel that little hint of superflow starting to creep up on me.

I knew with certainty that if I stayed in the chair in that moment, I would drop in drop in drop ALL the way in with my journaling –

Probably resulting in unleashing my blog from a place of TRUE soul connectedness (and let’s face it, the feeling of having written from that place is pretty much the #1 vibe I am chasing err day) –

And then would be IN the flow to continue on and finalise details of my new offer which had started to come through the day before.

I could just feel how that moment right then was a moment of choice – and an opportunity to do what every true soul-led messenger MUST find time to do each day, which is to make space for flow and the Muse to come upon you.

OR – 

I could quickly journal for 15 minutes. Go do my workout. Which I would love, and smash, for sure. Feel GOOD in my body. And then, absolutely, go sit down again and get to my work. It wasn’t a TIME issue, you understand. I had the whole day up til school pick up time stretching ahead of me, there was no question that I had time to do the work after the workout, if I followed through on my commitment.

It was a FLOW issue, and a say yes to soul or NO issue.

It was inconvenient, and mildly uncomfortable to cancel the workout. And also very easily one of those things you can talk yourself into saying you’re being a bit dramatic about. What’s the big deal, just do your damn workout you booked and then write after?!


It is literally how empires from purpose or built –

LIVES, soul-led, created –

Or the whole damn thing felled before it even began.

It’s very very black and white:

You simply cannot create a life of purpose, passion, flow, by repeatedly saying no to what purpose, passion, flow, would have you do right now in this moment!!

How the frick does THAT make sense?

It does not.

If you want to live a life you love and in which you are FULLY connected to purpose passion and flow the way it should be, the ONLY way is to live each moment that way.

This requires MASSIVE massive trust.

I TRUST that when I say yes to soul, even if it means being a flake or failing to follow through, that it is FOR MY HIGHER GOOD AND INDEED THE GREATER GOOD OF ALL.

I TRUST that I literally can’t get it wrong when I follow what my inner and highest most self lead me to do.

Fortunately –

Trust is a choice 

And being able to hear what your soul is saying, what God is saying, is also a choice. And a practice. ALL things are a practice. So, what if today you got to practicing? To leaning in. To listening in. To acting, in spite of the fear which may in the short-term try to derail you, as though you trusted that you literally can’t get it wrong when you create your life from what soul says.


But, either you will GET this and then start to LIVE it even before you FEEL it, and thus it will click in and you will be, like me, pretty much ALWAYS connected and have zero doubt but that you know exactly what to do and exactly how to do it in all situations, OR –

You will live your life continually looking around desperately for affirmation, confirmation, RULES, from others.

All while bitching and moaning about having to constantly do shit you don’t wanna do in a way that doesn’t suit you!

Which is it gonna be baby?

You gonna say yes to soul, to purpose, to passion, to flow, to CHOOSING trust and a big no THANK YOU to anything that doesn’t align as being fuck yes in THIS moment – ?

Or you gonna continue to take your medicine like a good little girl, open your mouth wide darling and SLURP it all down, the world has things it needs to feed you and you better lick it ALL the way up – ?

You can’t choose both.

Yesterday, because I said yes to soul, I sat there for hours just as I knew I would, and I unleashed an offer which I originally wrote the sales page for in 2012.

This is the deepest deepest and truest work of my soul, and I’ve known for years now that when it finally came out it would do so in a fuck yes way which is UNMISTAKEABLE.

Not only did I fine-tune my offer and SO many cool bonuses, extras, details, VIP option, follow on ‘behind the curtain’ secret offer, but also I wrote 22 brand new killer sales ideas down –

CRUSHED my blog writing (which just means, got my VIBE on!!) –

Cleared all PMs, all client audios, all emails, all team projects –

Created content for my current paid programs –

Sent several emails out myself ’cause I didn’t feel like bothering my brother with it –

Went back and forth all day in flow with my team on upleveling the details of the new offer to make sure EVERYTHING was on point –

Got my hair did –

Messaged about 100x back and forth with a sexy man –

Spoke to and supported one of my badass Inner Circle clients –

Was at school pick up at 3pm promptly and was then FULLY present with my kids at the park and at home for the evening –

Cooked dinner –

AND EVEN DID A KILLER WORKOUT IN THE END (of course!!), but did it at the time when it flowed to, after my morning brain dump and soul unleashing.

Plus so much more I can’t even remember.

As I got to school to get the kids, I was audio’ing my bestie Linda and I said – I haven’t felt this DEEPLY and COMPLETELY fulfilled in so long. And I hadn’t even realised it. I obviously do a fuckload of stuff each day, and I am FREQUENTLY in flow, getting my shit done.

But this … today was a reminder of what UNMISTAKEABLE fuck yes feels like. About repeatedly being willing to turn turn turn away from any and all things that are not TRUE fuck yes for this moment –

As you say yes to soul –

And let LIFE say yes to YOU.

When I woke up this morning, I had my primary assistant Kelly check sales for me for the new offer. I wasn’t surprised at all to see we’re off to a killer start.

The energy of this entire thing came from a place of ‘I can’t NOT’.

The offer itself is the most unmistakably fuck yes offer for me EVER. And I think you might just feel the same when you see it. You know how you know when you let something out which people truly can’t NOT get on board with? Yeah … I got that feeling GOOD right now!

And what if I hadn’t have listened to my soul yesterday morning, would I not have got the offer out in the end, got my shit done for the day? Of course I would, in a way.

But there is a way in this life in which we manage to just ‘get our shit done’, and sure it’s a way which creates a level of result, because action always DOES.


There is a way in which we learn to be guided fully, always, absolutely, from soul –

Saying a big ‘fuck you’ to even our own rules –

And trusting, that when I say yes to soul:

Life says yes to me.

Let me tell you –

The feeling of unmistakeable fuck yes you get from that is DEFINITE. Don’t kid yourself that your ‘but I got shit done’ approach to life gives you even 1% of the same. Not in energy. Not in emotion. And certainly not in results.

In the end you either spend your life hoping to happen on the damn flow, somehow magically despite the fact that you DON’T FUCKING FOLLOW IT –

Or you become the motherfucking flow.


Purpose Passion Flow Academy has arrived baby! And it’s SO.DAMN.YES!

For the DRIVEN men and women who are called for more –

And willing to now GET it, live it, BE it!!

Our work begins with a 10-Day Intensive on Remembering Who You Are.

Purpose Passion Flow Academy is my brand new monthly (month to month) membership program, designed for driven badass men and women who KNOW they were born for more –

And who are all in on living accordingly.

Each month we do a brand new (LIVE) course together in the Academy, the kind I would typically sell as a solo course for 1.5 or 2x what you will pay to be a member of Purpose Passion Flow Academy! PLUS we have additional PPF only trainings, hotseats, opportunity to be personally coached by me, Q&A livestreams, an ongoing Facebook forum for 24/7 support, weekly guided journaling and Create Your Dream Biz & Life exercises and audio trainings, and so much more.

Basically I’ve created a place where you are LOCKED IN ON ALIGNMENT, ASSKICKERY, and SAYING YES TO SOUL.

And I couldn’t be more freakin’ excited!! Especially as I actually wrote the original sales copy for this membership 7 years ago haha … I’ve always known it was coming, one day!

Pssst .. there are some pretty sweet bonuses and add-ons which you’ll receive right away into your members dashboard when you sign up! $1533 worth of ’em, to be precise!

In the next few weeks I’ll begin advertising Purpose Passion Flow Academy outside of my current community at full price, but right now for this current-peeps-only launch you sign up for fully 50% off of the already low price. AND, keep that foundation members rate for as long as you choose to remain a member!!

Click the link to read all about#PurposePassionFlow Academy, about our first intensive together ‘Remembering Who You Were’, and about a business and life in which you say yes to being all of you –

Doing what you can’t not.

And letting the damn money and other shit come as a result of that.

We get to have it all.

You ALWAYS knew this.

But it’s not going to happen when you fail to say yes to you.

Stop bullshitting yourself that you can create the life you want by putting every other damn thing first.

Purpose Passion Flow Academy: For the Ones Who Are Called For More.

PPS Check out the freaking fabulous gift pack for my Top 20 foundation members! Deets on page x

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