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The hardest practice of all is surrender.

The most powerful practice of all is surrender.

The practice which will most allow every level you thought you had to traverse through to just drop away, and you to just drop in to what always was?

Is surrender.

The question is not ever whether or not it is useful for you to surrender. Of course it’s useful for you to surrender, you already know this. It would change your LIFE if you could only learn to surrender, you know this too! You, who holds on so tightly, fists clenched and white from grip grip gripping on to the chains of fear.

What you don’t realise is that the more you hold on, and refuse to let go?

The more the chains themselves start to wrap and twist around your wrists, invisible to the eye but oh so treacherous to the heart, and eventually snake themselves all up and around and through you, until it is no longer you holding on but instead you having ALLOWED yourself to be held –

Imprisoned –

And robbed, is what we’re really talking about, of the life you were brought here to give.

I said give.
not live.
Is it not the same thing?)

Of course the beautiful thing is, at any moment in time, no matter how tightly bound and wound you are, how much of your heart you have closed off, and for how long you’ve allowed fear to take the wheel, you can JUST LET GO, AND YOU CAN DO IT NOW.

In one fell swoop (and please, for the love of God, can people stop writing ‘one foul swoop’ on the Internet, or any other place, was it disgusting?! Also it’s divine, not devine. Okay? Okay.) –

In one fell swoop, you can just decide to HAND IT ALL OVER.

Maybe you, like me, have had a habit in the past of waiting until the shit not only hits the fan but is well and truly sprayed all over the damn place AND rubbed in before you’re finally humbled or broken enough to surrender.

You wanna live in ego, in refusal to say yes to soul?

Life is gonna humble you baby.

You are WELCOME.

And you BETTER be damn grateful for it! You will ALWAYS be grateful for it in the end, because if this is the way you play then eventually you’re going to realise you needed to be broken in order to be set free.



You do not HAVE to be broken down, and apart, and completely on the down and out, feeling as though you’ve been pummelled from every different possible angle and then chucked in the washing machine too, in order to surrender!

You can just CHOOSE, at any moment in time, to do that.

“Oh, but Kat! WHY WOULD I SURRENDER? I am a master creator, I create my reality, I make stuff happen, I am in the drivers seat, I am gonna CONTROL this bitch, I’m not taking my eye off the ball for a MINUTE and I will dictate ALL of it! Why would I SURRENDER?!”


I don’t know.

Why would you?

Because you recognise there is more available to you than the rewards of the effort and exertion paradigm?

Because your eyes have finally opened to the fact that operating only from your physical abilities and only on your own steam is just as ridiculous as if you refused to use your arms and legs, saying you didn’t need help or support or to trust in their ability to get you places?

^^^ refusing to lean on God, on soul, on the supernatural, and on the INFINITE IMMEASURABLE AND UNLIMITED POWER WHICH IS AVAILABLE TO YOU WHEN YOU RELINQUISH THE ONLY-PHYSICAL, is the same as refusing to use your limbs, your eyes, your teeth.

You were given these gifts.
You were given these powers.
It is a part of the very fabric of being human!
You wanna CREATE? You create by allowing through beyond you!

You are not just flesh and bones and the sum of what you do with those things!

Nor even the sum of what you do with your own mind.

You are a part of the great collective! You are a part of the fabric of the very COSMOS! You are a physical manifestation of GOD HIMSELF, the Body of Christ brought to earth is US!


if you want to choose into that.

And no matter what, as a HUMAN, you are SUPPOSED to be operating beyond just the physical.

There is so much available to you. Creatively. ‘Magically’. Spiritually, Energetically. Downloads. Knowledge. Wisdom from the ages which have not yet even been LIVED. Truth. Mad mad mad TRUTH.

And it’s all right there to allow through and FROM you, to allow you to express all of you, gift all of you, live all of you, and also receive all that always was THERE for you, if – !

You open yourself up to that.

Oh, but no, no Kat! I don’t really feel like SURRENDERING, opening up, allowing, or letting go! Imma just be over here holding on ever so tightly to my miserly little bits and pieces and ideas, CLOSING MYSELF OFF SO THAT NONE OF THAT SUPERNATURAL SHIT CAN GET IN.

That’s what you do,

when you refuse to surrender.

You close off the channels of receiving, of abundance, of POWER, of allowing.

You think you have more power when you hold on to it, and try to coerce it? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Your natural but let’s say it as it is largely DORMANT power is expanded beyond measure when life is breathed in and through it. How is life breathed in?

By opening yourself the fuck up for it to be allowed in!

In other words:

Let go.
Let go.
Let go.

Trust in the great unknown.
Trust in the intangible.
Trust in what you can’t see or prove except for in the only place it matters, your soul.

And trust that when you put first things first, everything else will flow from there.

What are first things then?

Don’t play games with me child, you already know the answer to this.


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