Success/Success Mindset


Hands down THE most powerful thing I do, pretty damn near daily since it REALLY freaking works, is to write out my reality.

This is, if you’re not sure what I mean, pretty much exactly what it sounds like, except for one thing:

I’m writing out the reality I’m choosing to step INTO, the reality that I create in my mind’s eye. The focus, when doing mindset work, when doing life work, when doing the work of waking up and being YOU each day, must always be on where you’re going and what you CHOOSE, not on where you think you need to stay stuck or ARE stuck with.

Proactive fucking creation of your LIFE, baby, no REACTIVE putting-up-with in sight!

The thing is, I’m often ‘too busy’ to take the time to write out all my goals and desires each day. The thing IS, I gotta lot of shit to do and sometimes I don’t feel like it! The thing IS, that if I don’t STOP THE WORLD until I write out my goals and desires each day no matter WHAT has to go on the back burner or even slip right OFF the freaking burner, then I am kidding myself and KILLING my future.

And I don’t know about you –

But I know for ME –

My future damn well fucking matters!

And I will do what it takes

No matter what it takes –

To live into it!

The number one ACTIVITY of which, HANDS FUCKING DOWN, plain and simple and also by the way SUPER freaking easy and result BASED?

Decide what you want.

Write that shit down.

Live the fuck INTO it.

So today I thought, rather than go on and on and on and share the general concept of it with you I would just SHOW you.

So here you go.


Every damn day.

And then I look around?

And here I am.

Living it.

September 16, 2016

My goals and desires, created NOW:

I am getting leaner day by day! I have a great 6-pack and I feel amazing. I am super proud of myself for changing my body so quickly! I feel and look GREAT!

I am having so much fun working at my hustle office. I’m really enjoying the whole vibe there and just rocking an awesome time.

I am making more and more money each day, easily and effortlessly and from total alignment! I am pressing the fuck play!

I am now making at least $32,877 each day! Boom! I love it!

I now earn and receive over $32,877 per day. It comes from alignment and flow, and with ease – it comes automatically!

I have a funnel which is built out over 6 months, and I am super freaking proud of it.

I am doing my daily habit tasks each day in full! I feel really proud of myself for that!

I am completing my daily habit tasks each day really quite easily! I’ve found a way to make it a habit and let it be automated, so I don’t have to really think about it

I feel so healthy and fit!

I regularly have over 10k views on my videos!

I regularly have over 1000 people in attendance on my livestreams!

I am improving noticeably each week at Muay Thai training. I feel great about that! I am turning my hips fully when I do my kicks 🙂

I am paying my tax and savings bills / meeting my goals each week with ease, according to what Ashley sets out for me to do. It feels great!

I have invested in my next property!

I have a sense of spaciousness through my days and feel expansive, in flow, motivated, energised, happy. I am ENJOYING my days each day! I am switched on and in flow, and creating in a way that feels amazing!

My program with Chris has over 40 sign ups!

My RCC launch for October 2 start date has over ONE HUNDRED sign ups!!

I am now publishing a new book on Amazon every 2 weeks!

I am spending regular one on one Mummy ‘date time’ with the kids

I always pay my bills before they’re due!

I always have money left over!

I sell out 10 1:1 Hustle Days this weekend!

It’s easy to make money just by being me!

I am in total flow and joy with my content each day, so much just flows out of me, and it feels amazing!

I have amazing girls nights out often!

My clients are superstars who play at an insanely high level, press fucking play, do the work, and they get incredible results! My clients are rich, hot, successful, and super fun to hang out with!

I always travel business or first class.

I stay in the BEST hotels.

I have amazing experiences just fall into my lap often!

I am so supported by an amazing team who bring my every idea to life just like THAT

I always attract my ideal clients, and they sign up to work with me easily and pay in full

I make my first 100k sale!

My activewear line is live, and selling like hot cakes!

My stationary line is live, and selling like hot cakes!

I am featured weekly in awesome entrepreneurial, success, fame related publications, and always in an extremely positive light!

I am on the BEST podcasts and shows!

I am on Ellen!

I am on the James Altucher Show!

I am on the Tim Ferriss Show!

I am on Kimmel!

I am on Fallon!

My email list has over 100,000 people on it!

I have a talent agent and manager who I adore, for Aus and the US!

I am really proud of how I am as a Mum!

I have a daily show, my Kat Show, which has over 10,000 views each day!

My Katrina Ruth Unchained show is weekly and has over 100k views!

I am a New York Times best-selling author

I am famous for being ME!

I take incredible care of my team, my clients, my friends – I love my community and everybody in it, and it’s a joy to serve and support them!

I am doing hot photos every week! I have done a hot fitness shoot!

I have amazing hair, skin and nails! I feel and look classy and SEXY!

I wear clothes I feel fabulous in! I am STYLED, baby!

I am taking great care of my kids and they are safe, loved, happy!

I have done a Ted Talk and ROCKED it

I speak onstage alongside Tony Robbins

So there you have it gorgeous.


Every damn day.

And then I look around?

And here I am.

Living it.