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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been one of those people who if I focus on hitting a particular NUMBER goal with money it seems to make it harder to MAKE that money. It’s almost like I get this tight, contracted energy around it where I’m FEARFUL … holding on … rigidly DEMANDING rather than allowing.

For as long as I told myself I was going to make 50k a month … 80k a month … 100k a month … a million dollars … and my focus was on PLEASE LET ME HAVE MONEY, I continued to stay mostly broke and stuck. Even when I DID make the big bucks I often had nothing to show for it. It seemed to slip through my fingers.

This went on for several YEARS where I was hitting big months in my business a lot of the time but yet I couldn’t seem to get to actual WEALTH .. FREEDOM … having enough.

I invested in the best mentors to learn how to make more, and I DID make more. But it never fully occurred to me at the time that what I needed to invest in?

Was being more. Being ENOUGH.

And allowing myself to receive.

Can I tell you? You can know ALL THE AWESOME SHIT in the world about how to make great money but if your ENERGY, your BELIEFS around money are bound to scarcity, lack, fear, and PLEASE LET ME HAVE IT then your fancy online education means jack shit. Well, at least it does until you sort your crazy bitch head shit out and allow yourself to use it!

See here’s something that neither you nor I can avoid; no matter how hard we might try to push PAST it:

Like attracts like.

Think about it:

Hot fit people tend to have hot fit friends …

Rich people tend to have rich friends …

Spiritual people tend to have spiritual friends …

And so on. Of course it works both ways –

Asshole people tend to have asshole followers …

Lack-minded people tend to surround themselves with those who’ll join them in bemoaning the woes of life and the world …

Those who think that life is hard and you can’t have it all will easily have their beliefs validated by those they surround themselves with.

And so on. All of which is why there’s so much IMPORTANT truth to the concept of surrounding yourself with people you aspire to be like, and learn from. I can tell you for a FACT that when I’ve surrounded myself with people who make more money then me my income has increased FAST. When I go train in an environment where I’m not the fittest most in-shape chick in the room I rev into OVERDRIVE. You will always – ALWAYS – rise or sink to match the surrounds you find yourself in. Maybe not at first, if you’re particularly strong-minded. But eventually? Unless you’re OUTWEIGHING any negativity in your life with so much awesomeness in other areas, then you will absorb and ultimately BECOME the energy you’re filling your mind and soul with.

You think this is just about finding some cool successful friends, mentors, peers who you can posse up with so you can then elevate to their level?

I hear you … and it’d be NICE if it was that simple … I mean heck you CAN do that; it’s not a bad thing.

But here’s just a teeny-tiny potential MASSIVE MOTHERFUCKING PROBLEM with that:

What if your OWN energy is the thing that’s most contracting you?

What if for all that you’re willing to DO and LEARN and GROW and APPLY yourself you have such deep-seated bullshit fucking fears and beliefs about what is possible for you, about what you’re worthy of, about whether you’re EVER going to get there?

That shit’s kind of hard to fight against. Particularly when it’s running like a freakin’ Hanson track on repeat in the back of your mind all day. every day. and WHY CAN’T I GET THAT STUPID SONG OUT OF MY HEAD?!

Can I tell you why?

It’s because it’s what you’re feeding.

Write this down ……..

You will ALWAYS grow that which you water.

So when you sit there.

And you tell me you’re fed up / have had enough / and WHY won’t it work.

And you plead with me or yourself over the work you ARE indeed doing and so it SHOULD be working and wahh! *foot stomp!* it’s not FAIR.

And you really truly REALLY want to know WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.

Can I just –

Ask you –

One –

Small –


Where’s your ENERGY at beautiful? The internal stuff … the way you soul MOVES? I guess a simple way to look at it is so, as I know it can be tough to really know where on earth your crazy soul energy even IS:

Are your dominant thoughts EXPANDED where you totally believe in and FEEL the certainty, the deep KNOWINGNESS of success and abundance being all around you and in you and you just KNOW you’re on track and it’s all happening for you?

Or are your dominant thoughts CONTRACTED? Where mostly, as much as you do try not to, what you feel is fear. Worry. Anxiety. Anger. Frustration. Jealousy and resentment. Why not me? Why not yet? Why not now? PLEASE LET ME HAVE THE MONEY!

I know.

It’s a motherfucking BITCH, but you gotta admit you see the truth here.

So. Here is what else I know. One of the most FOOLISH things you can do (’cause you’re largely going to be wasting your time) when your energy around money and success is CONTRACTED is to tell yourself to think for success! Believe in abundance! Allow and receive!


I can see when you believe it and when you’re fearfully putting it out there hoping that the more you say it the more it might – just might! – one day come true!

Handy hint:

Don’t put stuff out there you don’t believe in; your desperate ‘please’ energy will attract in a desperate tribe also bound by scarcity. Those peeps don’t make for good clients.

Anyway, where was I?

Okay. So here is what you do. You sneak AROUND that bitch. You come up at it from behind. You DROWN IT THE FUCK OUT. Essentially? You actively increase the feelings you want to create around money or success but you do so in EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE AREA, using every possible ‘come at it sideways’ trick. What this does? It fills you up.

With more joy.
With more fun.
With self-belief and confidence.

And eventually, if you keep doing this, bit by bit, new way by new way, eventually that CONTRACTED and FEARFUL energy is just gonna feel like the only loser in a suit at a fancy-dress masquerade and it’s gonna get up in a huff and leave.


Here are 10 ways you can create EXPANSION in order to allow MASSIVE WEALTH AND SUCCESS.


Yeah yeah yeah, the more you serve the more you earn. TRUE, but not if that’s your reason. So stop FOCUSING on what you HAVE to give in order to receive and give for the love of giving. In your business, to your tribe, to your loved ones, to strangers! What can you give today? A smile … some time … a hug … your knowledge … some energy and love sent through the magical vibrations we’re all swimming in?

Give for the sake of giving though. Unselfishly. With no expectation. FIND A WAY TO LOVE TO GIVE.

When you give for the sake of giving you feel EXPANDED, proud of yourself, good about yourself. These are good feelings. And this entire exercise is about expanding good energy to create, well, a general sense of expansion and abundance! Duh!


When it comes to the stuff your SOUL craves, there really doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason beyond that your SOUL CRAVES IT! So whether it’s writing … painting … yoga-ing … dancing naked in the moonlight … reading a trashy novel … whatever! Give YOURSELF the gift of doing what fuels you even if it makes no sense.

STOP telling yourself you don’t have time for that or that you should do something more important right now. You’re essentially saying you’ll never get there and never be allowed to breathe and do what you love. THIS IS A CONTRACTED THING TO DO TO YOURSELF!


What is one thing that ALWAYS expands your energy and confidence and JOIE DE VIVRE?

FUN baby! Stop being so freaking SERIOUS! Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know are total clowns. It almost seems (!!!) as though most of what their business is about is fueling their own fun and enjoyment and putting more of that good shit out into the world! Richard Branson is a great example of someone who just seems to be having so much FUN with it all the time.

Oh, and handy hint? In general people prefer to give money to people they like. People like fun people. So … just let go. Fun and play are not fucking indulgences, they’re things we are here to experience every day and they even help you LEARN faster as well if you want more of a ‘why you should be allowed’ reason!


Doing something silly … pranking your audience … putting a challenge out just for the sheer AMUSEMENT factor (like my current Crazy Bitch challenge in my Tribe of Revolutionary Fucking Leaders) … this stuff creates RAPID expansion.

It’s also a PATTERN interrupt. You’re not selling something, not trying to be all professional, not trying to Show People the Way … you’re just saying hey – this’d be cool! This is a bit crazy! This feels fun and yes a bit silly but let’s do it ’cause I WANNA. I’m applying all this to business but of course you can be silly in your personal life as well – I give you permission!!

Being SILLY and being able to laugh at your own silliness is a great way to bring a light-hearted EXPANSIVE energy to things.


For fuck’s sake, not everything has to have a higher purpose! Stop WORRYING so much about what you should or should not do! You want to do something, you’re allowed to do it just BECAUSE!

Eat the cake!

Make the non-sensical video!

Go to dinner alone!

Take a day off from TRYING to write good posts on Facebook and just write whatever the fuck comes to your mind.

You’re allowed to just LIVE baby. What this is about really is permission to BE, and giving yourself permission to exist sure as heck is an expansive thing to do!


Create more.

Create more.

Create more.

Let it out.

Don’t filter it.

Let more out.


{The TRUE stuff baby not the stuff you think you should create}.

Doesn’t it feel good to just RELEASE? ‘Nuff said.


“I don’t have time” … “I can’t” … “I have to hurry” … “not enough” … CONTRACTION.

“There is enough time … I’m taking time … I’m going to take my time … I’m going to sit with it … I’m going to use some time to just BE even though I have all this stuff on my list I’m going to just follow my HEART for a bit and even do NOTHING” … EXPANSION.


Go to a beautiful cafe or restaurant. Buy the fancy pen. Spend a little more money to buy the REAL book if it feels luxe for you. Go out of your way to sit in that gorgeous park. Replace your old gym clothes.

CHOOSE luxury, indulgence, pleasure, EXPANSION in small ways if you want it to lead to bigger ways.


If you struggle to be able to give with a truly giving spirit … if you struggle to have fun … to let go … to give YOURSELF permission to just be … then make a decision to pour love onto it.

Close your eyes and send love to your tribe … EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT BUYING.

Close your eyes and send love to your kids … EVEN IF THEY’RE BEING LITTLE BRATS.

Close your eyes and send love to all those things you did … all those people you invested in …. all that time you spent … EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE FRUSTRATED YOU DIDN’T GET THE RESULT YOU WANTED.

Close your eyes and send love to you … EVEN THOUGH THERE’S SO MUCH YOU STILL EXPECT OF YOURSELF.

Send love.

Love expands.


The simplest way to create expansion across the board, expansion that will then tip over into the areas that you most STRUGGLE with, such as money, success, looking hot, being RICH, maybe even being happy and at PEACE, is to crowd out the shitty stuff.

This does not mean ‘try and deal with it’, as that’s focusing on it and you get what you focus on.

So let go. Seriously. Just delete off your list the shit you don’t wanna do. Last week I deliberately deleted 150 emails without looking at them and NOBODY DIED. This included my entire freaking task list and NOBODY DIED.

Sometimes you have to make a conscious choice to let go of all your rules … your musts … and definitely of the things you’re investing your LIFE into that you just don’t BELIEVE in or love.

What it’s about is trust.

Trust that you can find your way.

Trust that you can feel good doing so.

Trust that ABUNDANCE and WEALTH and SUCCESS are all around you.

Trust they can be yours.

And then get your sweet ass to work EXPANDING the good in your life.

So right now, really quick, so this post was WORTH your time and not just something to think about, tell me:

5 things small or not so small, from the above list or your own ideas, that you are going to choose to expand.

Comment below.



  1. tash says:

    Thanks Kat. This resonated so well I cried

  2. Kate King says:

    I am expanding……
    My time to do things I love.
    My relaxation.
    My time to work for ME.
    My art.
    My dance skills.

    Because belly dancing is sizzling hot fun and I am sick of being a red hot mess.