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The fastest way I have learned to make more money, get to (okay: smash all da way past!) that next money level, and also easily STAY there, without feeling like I’m doing more hustle or pushing in any sort of less than flow way, is to elevate my REQUIREMENT for that money.

I’ve said it for years and I’ll say it again: money needs a home. Literally. Where is it going to go when all that extra coin starts coming in? Do you know? Are you certain? Have you figured it out? Have you MADE IT A HOME TO REST AND PLAY IN? You’re not just gonna stash it all under the mattress, are you? It DOES need to go somewhere!

“Oh, don’t worry Kat, you have NO idea how tight I am right now or how many expenses I’ve got goin’ on, I’ve definitely got places for extra money to go, there is no need to be concerned about THAT!”

‘kay, cool.



Where else?

And, where else COULD you put it if you wanted to ‘dial up’ your receiving and ensure that more cashola HAS to come in?

See, I don’t know about you, but for me and also a LOT of peeps I speak to and mentor, there’s this thing of always being able to pay for anything you HAVE to.

I guess some people out there can’t resonate with that belief and repeatedly DO fail to be able to pay for the things they supposedly ‘have’ to, but for most of us the truth is we do always get shit paid. Even if at the last minute! Think about it, look back. Is this true for you too?

For me I have ALWAYS been able to pay for anything I had to pay for, anything I committed to and meant, and that’s been true even way back when I was managing a bar … or earlier than that (in my teens) working in retail… it’s been true at every point along my journey regardless of how much money was actually coming in.

Well, within the first few years of my online business I sort of clued in on this, started to really think about it, and began to test it out a little.

What would happen (I wondered) if I just decided to commit money I didn’t have to things in my business or life which I felt were aligned?

I started to make some small leaps –

And then some medium ones –

And pretty damn soon some really BIG ones – always guided by what my soul felt was right, never just committing money for the sake of it – and without exception I w as ALWAYS able to make the payments. It felt pretty hairy at times! But the more I committed? The more money showed up. And I started to realise, huh – this is actually a thing; this is how it WORKS –

Money shows up for me when I make space for it and it therefore HAS to!

I realised I was creating an energetic channel, magnetizing that money to me because, much like when you redirect water, it HAS to flow where the flow is going.

It has no choice.

Using this system (and, let’s not forget, doing the damn WERK I was guided to do day in and day out along the way as well!), I was able to take my online business from 30k months to 50, to 80, to 100, to 200+, to 300+ and eventually 400+!

Before 30k months I honestly wasn’t even thinking about anything like that, so I guess those consistent 30k+ months came along without any concerted money focus, which on the one hand is pretty badass, but on the other hand didn’t help me much because I never seemed to be able to hang on to it, and just as much always went out as what came in, but never to the improvement of my lifestyle, my debt, or my wealth.

Once I started to purposefully dial up my REQUIREMENT for money I not only increased my revenue month to month, and FAST,\ too, but I also started to increase my net worth.

Bit by bit debt started to disappear.

Wealth grew.

And my lifestyle definitely improved. Not in any sort of flash way at all actually, just to where I was no longer wearing holey underwear and all stained clothes! I had a bit of a self-worth issue for a few years there relevant to allowing myself nice things 

So am I saying that the answer to making more money is simply to SPEND more?


Am I saying that the answer is simply to figure out where more money would go if you had it?

No, not that either.

Let’s be very clear firstly about the ‘where is it gonna go’ bit:

We’re talking PURPOSEFUL directioning of money. Presumably that includes growing assets of some kind yeah? Even starting super small. So no, not just ‘spending’, but yes, definitely INCLUDING spending. Whether it be travel, learning, mentoring, or even some bling bling Chanel, I’ve found without exception that when I spend money on something my soul says yes to?

Life says yes to me, and those $$ are returned to me 10-fold! (Side note: I also have a belief I installed years ago which says that every dollar I spend is returned to me 10x over. You may like to take such a belief on board … it could be helpful!!)

But here is what you really need to know about having this shit work for you:

It’s not enough to just figure out where the money is gonna go.

You gotta lay yourself on the LINE for that.

You KNOW how it works. Leap first, figure out details later.

You want more money flow? I suggest you start making some ACTUALLY LOCKED IN commitments which are gonna mean that oh FUCKKKKKK boiiiiiii, you better now go create that cash or your ass is toast!

Yep, this could be considered a very high stress situation to put yourself into, but you know what? It is EUSTRESS. Good stress 

It’s a push that grows and expands you, and if you can’t get on board with that then I’m guessing you’re in the wrong darn place reading this and you best be getting yourself a normal-person job or else be content with a very modest lil biz that you basically SELL ALL YOUR TIME AND YOUR SOUL FOR JUST TO STAY HEAD ABOVE WATER.

Modest ain’t looking so worthy now, is it?

Not when it means you are costing yourself and also the people you love most your LIFE.

Not when there is a different way which allows you to access the energetic, a world in which results come from who you ARE and what you believe and also show UP for, rather than what you do.

This is very very simple stuff:

The world WILL shift according to what you require of it. IT’S THE LAW. It’s just how it works and can’t not.

But ‘require’ means – actually fucking require!

You get it? Got it? Good!

And now, whaddya need to do, huh?


Sign up with the high-ticket mentor and put yourself in a position where your ass is gonna HAVE to grow into who you said yes to being.

Upgrade your apartment.

Buy the damn purse.

Get the fancy gym membership.

Uber Black ONLY, duh.

Start a little portfolio, just a small amount a week.

Pay your TITHE.

GIVE GIVE GIVE. The more you feel you can’t afford to, and the more you want to hang on, the more you BETTER be releasing from your fearful little claws.

And for the love of God, get the ACTUAL DAMN GLASS OF WINE YOU WANT, not the ‘good value’ one.

These are just a few of the rules that those of us who are truly wealthy from SOUl, live by.

We know that it would cost us GREATLY to NOT spend / give / invest when we get that nudge to.

And we have developed a God-given practice of feeling the fear –

The ‘oh fuck, but what if I CAN’T pay it?!’ –

And then doing what we know we need to do anyway.

Because we CHOOSE to have faith that we will back that shit up and be unavailable not to.

A week or two ago I shared a story online of how I said yes to spending USD 34k upgrading my teeth ‘even though i didn’t have the money’. The same month I spent 30k on 4 weeks in a loft in Soho NYC, and also bought my husband a 10k watch for Christmas. I DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY FOR ANY OF IT.

“But what does that mean”, asked the person. “How did you pay it then?!”

Uh –

I said yes.

And then I threw myself off the damn cliff, spread my arms out and soared like the motherfucking Eagle Queen I am into time and space knowing and trusting and believing and choosing that BECAUSE I SAID YES TO SOUL LIFE WOULD SAY YES TO ME.

Obvs I did whatever damn hustle I was guided to do as part of that.

But as always, the ‘do’ is by the by.

The money showed up because I put myself in a position where it had to.

And because one of my core beliefs is I just can’t NOT make a payment I said yes to.

What are your core beliefs around money?

What could you create if you used them to leverage shit the way I’ve just described?

What core beliefs do you maybe need to take on board, and practice til they is real?

Wanna know what happened the month after I said yes to all that stuff?

I had my first ever 100k income month, cash received.


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