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I woke up this morning to God telling me “it’s time to be rich now”, and it shocked me.

Not because I am shocked at being rich … been there, done that, got the t-shirt AND the lessons, and also am well aware that what God has planned for me is a call beyond ALL of that.

But still – it shocked me.

It shocked me immediately into realising I’ve been making a case for being okay with less.

I’ve been so eager to be obedient and not hold on to ANYTHING I built in my own self-sufficiency that I’ve a little cautious around ‘whether or not’ God really wants me to expect more right now.

I’ve been so willing to have Him take, break, shake and then wake ANY part of my business and life that I haven’t realised the degree to which I took the truth that “I need nothing outside of God” and almost ASSUMED that true next level overflow was something for further down the track. That for now it was okay to mostly sustain the sort of income I do, and heck – it’s a 1% within the 1% income, so why wouldn’t I – but MORE?

Why would I expect more?
Wasn’t that what the old Kat did?
She who backed her SELF, and then did what it takes her SELF?
She who was running from God for decades literally, and who built not only an empire but a LIFE around using her gifts in a counterfeit way, knowing always they were designed for in Him?

I woke up between 5-6 am this morning, still half dreaming, and heard “it’s time to be rich now”. And “I’m giving you PERMISSION to be rich now”. And “you’re not being who I designed you to be. I DID design you as the high-achiever, the one with many talents, and that childhood story you’ve told so often about reading Tony Robbins at 11 and knowing you were gonna make and impact millions, yeah WHERE DO YOU THINK THAT KNOWING CAME FROM?”. And finally – “I’ve got you now. Whatever you decide to do, you are fully in me now, I am your rock and your foundation, and I’m backing it”.

And all of a sudden,
for the one trillionth time, because you KNOW I love a switch flick moment and every next level wave I ride is always off the back of one,
everything dropped away.

– I realised how careful I’d been being, not wanting to act as though I was just trying to make more or be more for the sake of it. Knowing I wasn’t, yet somehow thinking I needed to make sure God knew.

– I realised how tentative I’d been about moving forward, worrying that I’d get it wrong or somehow accidentally slip back into my old ‘what Kat backs’ ways rather than knowing my strength is ONLY in God now, and I simply don’t believe otherwise.

– I realised how much I’d still been waiting on every next move to be dangled down on a banner from heaven for me, rather than trusting that I AM moving forward by the Spirit of God; I don’t gotta check all the time anymore.

After this series of morning revelations, God led me to read the first Psalm, and in verse 6 of the Passion translation this really struck me – “the Lord embraces the paths of the righteous as they move forward”.

“AS THEY MOVE FORWARD”. That’s what hit me. Not “when they wait and take no action”.

Now don’t get me wrong. Psalm 10:46 (“Be still, and know that I am God”) has been a go-to of mine and one He has put in front of me often for at least 12 months now.

There IS a season for pause just about everything.
There IS a season for things YOU built falling apart.
There is absolutely, on repeat, a time for waiting on God. In fact our entire lives should be about waiting on God.

But waiting is not passive.
Faith has a voice.
And God is always always always leading us back to WHO HE MADE US TO BE.

The high-achiever version of surrendering and resting in God is often ‘show me the checklist of how to surrender, so I can gold star that shiz’, but the next bit you don’t notice quite so easily is ‘I am making SURE I don’t accidentally do ANYTHING that got me into this mess in the first place’, which can unwittingly leading to Jack becoming a rather dull boy.

Or in this case Kat becoming a rather dull girl.

And OMG OMG OMG this just hit me right now as I write and is a CRACK up.

Firstly, this morning’s revelations weren’t out of nowhere. There have been a series of conversations this past week, culminating in quite the spiritual slap yesterday after church from my friend Tahlia (she who took my recent new pics), in which she gave me what for about the parable of the talents and some of us being gifted IN God as high-achievers … those who rest in a DIFFERENT WAY than the rest … oh, only something I’ve said to everyone else for a million years yet was making kinda WRONG now for ME!

Here’s the crack up which just hit me –

All weekend I started to get posts on my Facebook from this random group called ‘dull women’. Actually the posts and the group itself seem quite hilarious, and I was tempted to join. But did not, as didn’t want to come into agreement with being dull no matter how funny these self-identified dull people are. I DID wonder why I was suddenly getting these posts though! Ha! As I write I’m thinking – God was showing me I’m not on fire as who HE made me to be. He was pre-empting His message from this morning.

If this is speaking to you today, I want you to know God showed me almost simultaneously to showing me the message for ME that this message is not ONLY for me.

“It’s time to be rich now”.

“I’ve got you now in ALL that you do, so – YOU choose.”

“You’re not being who I designed you to be”.

If right now you’re in the season of handing over, breaking down and apart, learning what it is to walk from God and hear His voice, this may be prophetic for the not QUITE now.

But if it is for NOW for you, right now you feel a charge and also an EXHALE.

An “omgeeeeeeeee … there’s that GOD permission I didn’t even realise I wasn’t operating in and had forgotten even exists”.

An “omgeeeeeeeeeeee … I’ve been trying so hard to make sure I step right and be obedient that I’ve thrown the baby right out with the bathwater, because actually He MADE me to be that all in ‘what on earth is she even doing’ reach for the HEAVENS kind of gal, and that is just FACTS”.

As I’ve only told you a zillion times … and shared with Tahlia yesterday to her amusement when she was hitting me with the “you don’t need to rest like the rest” hometruths … my favourite quote of my OWN is “you don’t need to slow down and breathe – you need to wake up and live”.


The thing is, and perhaps you can relate, when I came back to God fully, finally gave Him my all fully, one of the things I surrendered was my ability to be rich and to be all that *I* made myself to be.

I was aware how much I’d been chasing things in my own strength, I knew I’d built an altar to my own capabilities, one of the things I heard God say to me as it all came crumbling down was “you still don’t trust me as much as you used to trust you”, and all in all?

I understood it was time to be obedient and hand it all over COME WHAT MAY.

I wanted to do this as well, don’t get me wrong. Sure, I felt uncomfortable … curious … confronted even around exactly what He WOULD take or break when I prayed “take what you need to take, break what you need to break, shake what you need to shake, wake what you need to wake”, but I was THERE for it.

I knew that any life without God fully at the centre of it was no longer the life for me, and if He wanted me to be one of those ‘riches to holy rags’ stories I was all in.

Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t really EXPECT it would be that, but I was conscious that sometimes in the process of self-created identity deconstructed and the NEW thing coming through everything absolutely could get to go.

And plenty DID get to go.

I still made that 1% within 1% income last year, but at the rate of 70% less than previous years FOR years.

I sold a property because I had to. Kept several which God supernaturally multiplied to crazy levels in value. (Thank you Gold Coast post-Covid property prices but you know I am STILL acknowledging God).

I stripped off a TON of stuff I’d been simply hurtling along with. In God’s grace everything which went was something which just wasn’t good in my soul anyway and it was an exhale. Yet still dramatic.

I went from 24 staff to 2.5 over the past 2 years. Which was a gift by the way, as I’d been desperately trying to get back to just me and the art for years, and torn by wanting to grow, thinking more people was how to grow, and also loving my team. Just one of many beautiful occurrences last year was that how this happened was in an only aligned and win win way for ALL.

And I completely quit my 30 million $ ‘success Kat’s way’ business, gave it all to God, and was willing to do NOTHING unless He showed me. Also creatively COULD do nothing for some months, as He put me through the supernatural blender. And then ended up creating an entire new body of work (a membership and 15 or so courses) in about 8 months when that spirit renewal kicked in, yet definitely all still through a lens of ‘CAREFUL NOT TO FOCUS ON TRYNA GET RICH AGAIN KAT, YOU KNOW THAT BECAME A YOU THING AND YOU WANT A NEW THING’.

Unless you have gone through full surrender to God, and your entire life renewed, or are going through it now, I don’t think I can explain to you the vortex and whirlwind and void it is. I don’t think I can explain to you how you simultaneously know that what God has for you is beyond even your wildest dreams, and that is Isaiah 55:8-9 FACTS, and yet you’re somehow talking yourself into NOT WHAT YOU ACTUALLY DREAM OF OR ALWAYS KNEW IT WOULD BE because …

maybe you made that up.
Maybe you added your own flavour to it and God WANTS you to accept a version you are not used to and which doesn’t necessarily rev up the same stuff it used to rev up inside of you.

All of which is kind of valid because … there WILL be changes. There IS a breaking off. There IS stuff you absolutely made it about which it’s not.

So whether it’s with choosing the ‘omg is this them’ partner God places in front of you, or the thing or things you’re here to create in the world and also the way you do YOU, can I just tell you?

It’s meant to excite your spirit.
When it’s from God it will result in you being ALL of you.
Because He is the one who MADE you that you.
And He did.not.get.the bit where you are SO FULL ON and simply able to BELIEVE and create and RECEIVE like that,


But when I say rich?
The God way.
NOT just the money way.
And yes it is a whole NOTHER kind of way to the way made it.
But that doesn’t make the things you knew,
saw and had come through since you were a little girl,
or see when you look inside of you now,

“That vision you’ve had since you were a little girl? That knowing you have now?


And then?

We just say yes God.
YES God.

Now don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.





Permission to be rich the God way?


You know how this works by now, right?

God shows me a thing.
I immediately ACT on that thing.
I immediately put down whatever was NOT the thing.
I immediately exhale again because THANK GOODNESS GOD, YES!

And if it’s a ‘has something to do with you’ thing?

#duh, I immediately act on that thing for YOU.

There are 2 ways in which PERMISSION TO BE RICH is coming through hard right now. (And yeah, obvs. I’m seeing the book as well. No need to tell me).

#1 God-Driven Empire, my signature in Him high ticket / private mentoring container, is for the woman who knows it is time to identify, decide, and PULL THROUGH what GOD would have her do in messaging, money, impact, and more.

Quite literally, it is for the woman who knows she is here to impact and make millions IN HIM. And who is ready to step over that line in the practicalities of her business as well as the wake-up-realities of her identity, all whilst being mentored at the 1:1 / all in / unlimited access + mastermind level by yours truly.

remains unchanged, except what I see and know now (and THANK YOU LORD FOR THE TIMING AS WE DO START THIS WEEK!) is OH so certain. Rock. solid. CERTAIN. Around the whole yeah you did come here to be THAT kind of leader, move at THAT kind of speed, resting in God for your flow is a WHOLE new thing but it’s not BE A DIFFERENT PERSON THING, oh and?

It’s time to actually break some identity chains and make millions, the God way.

Which means we are going to get down to the dot point on the specifics of what needs to be in PLACE for you (yes, from the rockin’ optin stuff to the ins and outs of ALL the offers + online presence / socials / web stuff AND the multiple income streams both live and automated, we are getting HANDS ON),

and also getting VERY guns blazing / in your face real about the ‘who it’s time to be stuff’.







the all NEW home-study + includes-access-to-Kat pack He has given me for you TODAY.

Oh YEAH we gonna do a THING around this.

This is the ‘everyone needs to get it’ and ‘will keep selling for the long haul off my IG but not with the access bit’ thang I know is going to trigger the living daylights outta a lot of people, but not the LIVING WATER TYPE, because guess what?

He WILL prosper the way of the righteous.
Some of us ARE here to impart an anointing of wealth.
It’s absolutely not ABOUT you, as far as your own will or way or self-sufficiency, but that doesn’t mean a lot of money and a big stage is not something you are CALLED for, yet rightly,
in God,
and for,
His Kingdom,

Here is what PERMISSION TO BE RICH, the God Way, includes.

1. IDENTITY switch, the God way. Enough already with the ‘who did I come here to be’ thing. You do know. It’s time to clear the fuzz and SEE what you know. And to remember who you ALWAYS were, in Him, then become it. Think of this as the alignment & activation module, in which we simply SHAKE OF WHAT’S STOPPING YOU BEING HER NOW.

2. Exactly what is going to make you money NOW. This is about – get out of your head. Surrender, OF COURSE. It’s not up to YOU. But also – you get to decide and choose? What is God saying to put your hands to NOW? Let’s find out. And then?

3. READY, FIRE, AIM. Yeah you read it right. Walking forward in FAITH as a high level creator means stop trying to know before you act. Learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit in what you create as well as the how of bringing it to life, from the idea, to the design, to the whole entire thang.

4. The PERMISSION piece. We are going to dig in to why you are hitting ceilings God never said to hit, and what it would take to normalise what HE says. Change your normal > change your life. We’ll also go deep into who it is GOD says you are, and where you’ve been running a counterfeit version and / or scared to just BE.

5. Seeking Him on all things, and knowing He has GOT you. There’s a fine line between deciding to get your hustle on and knowing that the Creator of the universe has a plan for you it’s time to supernaturally FLOW on, but also? You still got to choose. This is where we get you out of your own way and into TAKING THE REIGNS HE GIVES YOU, knowing your rest is IN Him; not something you do.


– Kick fear to the curb the God way
– Remember who you always were in HIM
– Get clarity on your identity and calling for NOW
– Step into PERMISSION TO BE RICH, the God way, and the exact hands on actions that looks like right now in your biz

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Purchase during this week’s launch sale, and you receive included personal access to me to talk through what all is going on with YOU, and be personally butt-kicked aka aligned and activated through the discernment GOD gives me to see and say what is true for you and also give you a blueprint to Psalm 1:6 walk forward with


Seriously, do not sit on it if you know the all in 1:1 / let’s do this full EMPIRE thang together thing is for you. God-Driven Empire is for a VERY particular kind of woman playing a VERY big game, FULLY surrendered to God, and who wants to be supported AT THAT LEVEL to bring every little bit to life., and NO wriggle room to do anything other than ALL He has for you right now.

Obviously you will receive PERMISSION TO BE RICH included. But don’t go hiding if you know it’s time to come out flying.

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