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Success Mindset

Who Do You Wanna Be Gorgeous?

Pick an idea, any idea!

Do you like it, do you love it, does it FEEL right?

If so, then guess what; good news! It is YOURS. You can HAVE it. You can DO it. You can make it happen and you can BE it.

Too easy, too simple, too FUN?

No problem, there’s another way –

STOP. Do not pass Go, do not look around, do not colelct $200 and for the love of God do NOT pay attention to what you know deep within YOU to be true, to what your natural GUIDANCE is telling you.

Instead –

Carefully appraise –

Learn the rules –

Make a plan –

Follow the plan –

Even when it’s not working –

Even when it distracts you from the PURPOSE for the plan –

And even – ESPECIALLY – when it just doesn’t FEEL good.

Diligently. Persistently. Repeatedly. Put one foot in front of the other, follow the STEPS and do what you’ve been TOLD.

And one day – if you’re VERY good and VERY lucky – you might – MIGHT mind you! – get to live an average life and enjoy average success.

And one day – if you’re VERY good and VERY lucky – you might – MIGHT mind you! – get to feel some sort of FLICKER of the dreams you once dreamt of.

But don’t forget! –

This work is going to take YEARS, possibly even a LIFETIME!

40 years to work.

Earn your keep.

Pay your dues.

And then maybe – but only if you’re VERY good and VERY lucky – you can relax. Enjoy. Look around. And BREATHE.

But hey … don’t stress … you’re not alone. Everybody’s doing it! This is how it’s DONE. This is how it IS. This is how life WORKS.


Unless –

Pick an idea, any idea!

Do you like it, do you love it, does it FEEL right?

If so, then guess what; good news! It is YOURS. You can HAVE it. You can DO it. You can make it happen and you can BE it.

Too easy, too simple, too FUN?


Here’s a newsflash for ya, or perhaps several –

SUCCESS is not about what you DO it is about who you choose to BE.

[pq] LIFE is supposed to be enjoyable, and you are allowed to feel free. [/pq]

WORK is supposed to be easy, to flow, to feel RIGHT.

Yes there will be challenge, uncertainty, self doubt, and fear.

But no.

There should not be year after year after year of your life given to do stuff you don’t really like doing for people you don’t really care about by being a YOU who you really are NOT.

You have a purpose.

You are here for a REASON.

There is a PLAN for your life.

And the plan is not one that’s created by you, on paper, because you want to figure out a STRATEGY to LIVE.

The strategy is simple.

The PLAN is easy.

Stop FOCUSING on or WORRYING about what on earth everybody else is doing or what they’re telling you that YOU should do.

Stop looking OUTSIDE of you for answers that can ONLY exist inside of you.

Stop being DISTRACTED, misled and misGUIDED by a world that has no freaking clue what it wants or what it’s doing but yet feels somehow qualified to tell YOU what to do and who you should be!

You HAVE all the answers.

You KNOW what you need to do.

You know who you want to be and who indeed you actually ARE.

And the only – the ONLY – way for you to step into BEING this person, this YOU, is to go within.

To listen.


To accept and ALLOW the reality that success CAN be easy, that it can flow, that it can FEEL right. It can come from the heart, it can come from you just doing the things that come NATURALLY to you.

You think that because something just comes so easy to you that you can’t just do THAT all the time? That you should instead suffer, and push, and fight against your very soul? Honey there is a REASON it comes easy for you!

And somewhere out there is a person for whom YOUR ‘hard work that you hate’ comes easy, and it’s all they want to do but yet they’re telling themselves they can’t, it would too simple, too fun, too straightforward.

And somewhere out there is a person for whom your EASY is the thing they LOATHE but yet they are PUSHING themselves to do it because “I have to, surely?”

Well what if we ALL just stopped doing the stuff we don’t want to do and aren’t MEANT to do?

What if our life’s WORK was made up of our life’s PURPOSE?

What if you just LISTENED and then TRUSTED and then also gave yourself PERMISSION.

And the truth is, it’s the permission part of it that’s hardest, isn’t it?


It’s not that hard, for a woman like you, to listen.

You journal, you meditate, you go within. You KNOW what makes you tick, what brings you to life, what you care about so deeply and in a way that you can’t even explain. You know what your SOUL just wants to do.

And perhaps you’re unsure, a little, of the steps you might take to get there.

Perhaps you need help, a little, to push off that ledge.

But this is the ‘by the by’ stuff that we don’t really need to talk about.

Because what you really need – and only you can give it baby – is permission.

You need to make a decision – and you can do it now! – that you are ALLOWED to have success.

That you are ALLOWED to have it be easy.



And in flow.

You need to put your hand up and say yes! I now allow success, abundance, joy and happiness to be MINE, in greater and greater amounts and for the higher good of myself as well as others and according to the PURPOSE for which I was born.

Or something, I don’t know; I haven’t really thought about it before 😉

And here’s the thing –

If you just stopped fighting –

And you just stopped filling your days with SO much stuff –

And you just ruthlessly ELIMANTED anything that is NOT your soul’s work, that you don’t really value, that perhaps someone else could even do on your BEHALF –

Well, the truth is there really wouldn’t be too many things left, would there?

A handful, perhaps?

Of the stuff that truly matters to you.

That makes your heart sing.

And reflects who you actually want to be, and what you care about.

And perhaps, since there’s really only such a small handful of things that DO count, you could ACTUALLY FREAKING DO ‘EM ONCE IN A WHILE.

If not daily.

And perhaps, if you’d eliminated all the other crud, you could even EXPAND the time you spend doing these meaningful things.

And perhaps, if you just gave yourself PERMISSION, your entire LIFE could be based upon you doing stuff that matters and that you BELIEVE in.

And if you then also ALLOWED the success that would come of it, well – !

Do you THINK you might just FLY?

I’VE got an idea for you lovely –

Pick an idea, any idea!

Do you like it, do you love it, does it FEEL right?

If so, then guess what; good news! It is YOURS. You can HAVE it. You can DO it. You can make it happen and you can BE it.

Too easy, too simple, too FUN?

Do it ANYWAY. Let EVERYTHING else go. Step INTO who you were meant to be, do it TOTALLY the way you know comes natural for you, ALLOW it to flow, allow SUCCESS to flow, give yourself PERMISSION to have it all.

Don’t forget –

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


I want to help you, for 30 days, and in actual fact beyond, but let’s start there, sure –

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Transcend the wishing.

Transcend the ‘one daying’.

Transcend complexity.

And most of all?

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Time to get your damn stability, yeah?

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