Success Mindset

Stop Sucking So Hard!

Aren’t you just SO damn sick of your own BS excuses about why you’re not where you want to go yet? I’m freaking OVER it! I’m over hearing my own whiny little bitch voice about the ‘big things’ that still scare me, and I’m over seeing incredible women like you peering nervously around metaphorical doors online when they should be smashing through that thing like the crazy awesome powerful AMAZING bitches they are.

I’m over seeing awesome MEN just wake up, decide what they want, and go get it with never a qualm about whether or not everybody’s gonna like them (‘of course they will; I’m me’, seems to be the general thought process there!), while awesome women who have what it takes to ROCK it are HIDING it under a freaking bullshit bland boring message of ‘please like me’, and ‘I’ll do whatever you want if you do!’.

Honestly ladies, I know we got some cool shit we could pass on to the men but in this area they totally have it over us.

Of course it’s not a man or woman thing, it’s totally a YOU thing I’m talking about here (me too in certain areas, for sure!), so let me ask YOU:

Aren’t you just over it?

Aren’t you fed UP yet?

Haven’t you had ENOUGH already with the same old same old made up blah di blah NONSENSE about why you’ve not yet achieved your dreams?

Let’s take one dream. Pick one of your BIG dreams, something you’ve wanted for a while. Something that’s not necessarily even about short-term income or fame but it goes beyond that. It’s truly BIG SHIT and when you get THERE? You’ll know you’ve made it, according to one of your own highest standards for success.

Now tell me honestly:

Did’jya work on this dream today so far?


This week?

Last week?

This fucking YEAR?!

And when I say work on it no I don’t fucking mean journal about it. Journaling is some POWERFUL powerful shit and yes dreams are made in your made first but sooner or later you need to actually DO THE FREAKING WORK.

So when did you?

And why. the fuck. not?

Guess what? Big dream life shit doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t happen because you’re a good person, or a nice one. It doesn’t happen because you fit IN or play the right game in the female entrepreneur Facebook groups you’re part of. It doesn’t even happen because you DESERVE it.

It happens.


You make it happen.

So pick a big dream, any dream, and get really really clear and simple about it.

Just to make it really super duper easy and simple for you, here are some ways to get started with some typical big dreams that entrepreneurs have:


Want to write a book, for example? NEWSFLASH you need to start writing then. Every day. You need to put a deadline on when it’s going live. You need to plan your launch. You need to learn how to publish that shiz or get someone to do it for you. These are just a few ‘starter’ ideas to get you going. I know, right? They are REVOLUTIONARY! Phew! Lucky you read this blog today or you’d have no idea where to start!


Oh, so you want your book traditionally published? YOU STILL NEED TO START WRITING. Every day. You need to also look at how you can build your current platform so as to be appealing to a publisher. Yep, having a publisher doesn’t mean you get marketed; YOU have to market you for anyone to take you on. You need to research potential publishers who suit you. You need to knock on doors. You need to make connections. You need to have conversations. You need to relentlessly chase those mofos down till you get hold of them and then you need to SELL YOU. Hard work, scary, daunting? Um … der! So the fuck what? You want it or you don’t?


Want to speak onstage at awesome conferences and events, have your brand presented to thousands? Do your reserarch. Make your connections. Have your conversations. PITCH yourself, oh and when you do? Have something real to fucking say okay? Nobody cares about how you want to help people with their health or their business or their relationships or their dream life, what’s your fucking MESSAGE? What’s the message you want to shake the world with? What’s your angle on it; how are you showing up and being the REALLY awesome actual you each day, ’cause if you’re not; if you’re playing it safe? Gonna make it kinda hard to convince anyone why they should publish or present or promote you, y’know?


Want to have a massive community of kickass fans who love you and love what you have to say and are pretty much chomping at the bit to hear it? Re-read what I just wrote – what’s your MESSAGE sister, what do you stand for, are you getting it out there and DAILY? I know this is like, so unfair, but ain’t nobody gonna follow you if you’re boring. And bland. And scared. So … get over it. Are you meant to be here, or not? Step INTO your calling, now!


Okay, this is going to BLINDSIDE you, no doubt about it, but here’s what you need to know about making serious cash in business:

You have to ask for it. You have to have stuff to SELL. It has to be high value and it has to also have an awesomeness factor to it. Educational value is NOT enough. And guess what else? Your first 999 things MIGHT fail. I mean usually it won’t take that long, but it might. You might have the PERFECT sales page, launch process, everything, and a great product to boot but that doesn’t guarantee you success.


It doesn’t matter what your goal or dream is, how complex or big it might be. The only thing that will guarantee you get there is you keep going till you get there. So many people seem to think that just because they followed all the rules and checked all the boxes for a few months or heck even a year that they should now be successful and WHY ISN’T IT WORKING? Well – because you haven’t fucking kept working, that’s why not! You want it then you need to get your ass up every day and do the work both inside and out.

Doesn’t work? Keep going.

Nobody buys? Keep going?

Scared, tired, exhausted, somebody hates you and your dog died as well? Keep. fucking. going.

Too extreme for you, you can’t live like that, you’ve got a family and a life; don’t I understand?!


I do.

I understand you’re never going to make it.

You don’t have what it takes.

NO FUCKING PROBLEM sister, it’s NOT freaking easy and it’s NOT for everyone and only those with BALLS OF STEEL can survive let alone succeed in this game. Now ANYBODY can make that choice to be that person, to grit their teeth and endure the blood, the sweat, the tears, the relentless NEVERFUCKINGENDINGNESS of it all, the God damn REPETITION where you just feel like when am I going to ever escape THIS cycle.

Anybody can choose to never say die.

So, you know, we don’t need YOU to do it. We need people in jobs for the world to keep functioning anyway! Go be one of those people.

Or if NOT, then get OVER all of your reasons-excuses-nonsense. Stand up fucking STRAIGHT. Get that glint in your eye that says that for once in your freaking life you’re going ALL IN. Make up your mind that when YOU set it to something you damn well make it HAPPEN.

And then get your ass up –

Lift your HEAD up –

Wake the FUCK up –

And go make it happen.

Remember –

Life is Now. Press Play.


Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat x


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